Are you living for YOU?

Are you doing what you love, for YOU?
Or for someone else?
Or because its what you think you SHOULD be doing.
By now.
Or given where you’re at on this “path,” you’re taking the next logical steps.
Careful to whom (or what) you’re committing to in serviTUDE.
Remember: Service is motivated by heart and is completely fueled by love and passion. It’s the key to unlocking FLOW.
And divine inspiration.
Infinite energy.
Effortlessness + ease.
ServiTUDE is rooted in obligation, carries a distinct feeling of heaviness, and feels more like…
Mental, spiritual, cultural..slavery.
What you THINK you SHOULD be doing I promise is different from what your SOUL deeply desires EMBODYING.
Are you listening?
Are you trusting your truth?
Do you believe you deserve to do precisely THAT?
To BE exactly what your soul is guiding you towards?
If not..

That’s why your latest strategies haven’t felt in flow.
Why you have been trying too hard.
Feeling drained.
Why no one has shown up.
Why sales feels like pulling teeth.
It’s just not working.
Can’t you see you’re swimming upstream?
Trying to fit in.
Be understood.
Do what’s expected.
Following someone else’s imaginary map.
Engineering your life (and business, and all of it) from the OUTSIDE-in?
You know you’ve got it backwards.
And it really can be easy.
You’re designed to FLOW.
Whenever you’re not you’re counteracting the natural pace of life.
That’s why it feels so exhausting.
You against the entire universe isn’t how this works.
Can you open yourself to support?
From the infinite.
Prepare to be amazed, beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.
Beyond time and space.
Beyond what your mind can comprehend.
Living from your heart, your body, your soul.
Expanding into multi-dimensional consciousness.
Is where you’ll witness your true potential.
And see that there is no limitation on what you’re available for…
Would you like to know what it feels like to TRUST you?
To relentlessly follow your own perfect map for your most abundant, beautiful, expansive, loving life?
To take back your power in all the areas you’ve given it away?
To put yourself first no matter what.
To experience miracles in every moment.
To leverage synchronicity, FLOW and graceful ease as part of your success strategy.
To see firsthand how it really can be that easy.
In fact its meant to be.
Launch your soul vision.
We’re all waiting for you.
Step into your true authentic power.
Embody your fullest expression of your unique gifts.
Rise as the conscious leader that you’ve always known you are.
Open to RECEIVE in the ways you are intended to.
Like it’s the most natural experience in the world.
And rest easy in the KNOWING that you are perfection embodied in human form.
That you are a walking, breathing MIRACLE.
And that you will never, from this moment on, ever treat yourself like anything less.

Published by Sydney Campos


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