To all my shadow warriors of LIGHT

To all my shadow warriors of LIGHT out there doing major PAINFUL COURAGEOUS SOUL-WRENCHING work at this moment for yourselves and for the collective, because when you heal you’re actually healing SO many other souls around you, beyond time and space, backwards and forwards transcending generations..yes YOU are that powerful.

If you are hurting in this moment and feel like you are lost and don’t know where you’re going, that you’re not sure if you’re in the right place, if there’s even any point to all of this, I see you.

I feel you.

Some serious shit is coming up to BE LET GO OF.
And it may be that material manifestations of that RELEASE are SO CLEAR AS DAY happening in your life RIGHT NOW To give you the perfect circumstances to finally SHOW UP and face the truth. What if this is all happening to reflect back to you what’s really ready to be shed once and for all? You choose.

It will hurt a ton, and it will feel like WHY ME. Why did I choose this path? Does everyone have to experience life like this?

But you know you’re a warrior. And there are no victims.
Know that you’re right on time.

Shed everything in your way of truly being FREE. There’s never been a more perfect moment than NOW and god knows you are SO supported. Trust that you truly ARE even if you can’t believe it or trust NOW this precise truth. Borrow my words if it helps.

You are being asked to REALLY BE THERE FOR YOU.
You are the one you’ve always been waiting for.
Can you trust YOU to show up for YOU?
To be the one to give you all the LOVE you truly deserve?
To be the only one you care about pleasing ever again?
To be the only one you DO anything for from now on?

If the answer isn’t a strong YES right off the bat, queue the tears. Why not? It hurts to admit that even after years of this work and healing there’s still a part of you that doesn’t resoundingly believe YES of course I AM HERE FOR ME NO MATTER THAT and I TRUST MYSELF TO TAKE CARE OF ME.

There’s still a part of you that wants to be saved.
I get it.

But you don’t need to be saved. Trust THIS is part of the divine path guiding you back to YOU. Because you’ve been tricked into believing you’re separate – from me, from you, from god. The grandest lie of all time.

So let go.

Release. The old programs and fear-based limitations AKA EGO that’s driven so much of life thus far, convincing you that you’re not enough UNTIL..

..they like you.
..they think you have it figured out. have enough money. are pretty enough.’re the perfect weight. are smart enough. deserve to be taken seriously. are COOL enough.’re better than the rest.

And operating systems based on unmet needs from childhood.
Deep-set fears from when you were little and didn’t get the love you deserved, or at least it felt like that.
And you learned whatever you learned simply to survive.

You don’t need to survive anymore.
You’re safe.

You were doing your best with what you had.
So was everyone else.
We all are.
But facing the truth takes so much courage.
Are you willing to see the GIFT underlying the seeming wreckage?
Are you willing to acknowledge your blindspots and come clean about your shortcomings and how you could have shown up better?
What were your actual motives?
Who were you really trying to serve?

Who did you really come here to BE?
Give yourself the permission you’ve been waiting for to simply BE that.

I hope from now on the answer can be as simple as this: You are here to LOVE and BE love. That’s it.

Nothing else matters.


Published by Sydney Campos


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