The Whole Point

Don’t you see that all I am here for is love?
That’s it. Just that. Really, nothing else.

After all aren’t we in THIS (life, journey, transformation, experience) for awakening?
Why else?
If everything is a perfect circumstance for my transformation..
Isn’t the whole point: liberation?

I want to be free.
I’m not free until we are all free.

It can feel diluted at times to speak so frequently in terms of MONEY and 10Xing and up-leveling and next-leveling and breakthroughs and activations.

But that’s what your human responds to.
That’s what ignites your mind.
You start paying attention.
Even though your soul craves the real currency underlying that can’t be quantified in numbers or quantum leaps.

At least its a gateway. For now.
See, now we’re talking.
You’re in the door, ready.
To start excavating the real truth, and nothing but..

You already know the answers, all along.
You just forgot to listen.

When you tune into EMBODYING LOVE, your outsides materialize in all the right ways.
Always better than you can ever imagine.
Beyond your wildest dreams.

But I still want you to know why.
Why I am here.
Why you are here.
Aren’t we in this together?

Tell me we’re on the same path.
Even if it looks completely different from the outside.
Can you feel that we are the same?

It hurts me to feel like you see me in any other light than the truth.
But I have to remember it doesn’t matter.
It’s not so important at all.
Whose life is this anyway?
Who are you living for?
Keep returning to you. Keeping coming home.

How can you be the ONE you’ve always needed?
That takes care of YOU in the most perfect ways.
That lives for embodying the utmost integrity.
That moves always with unrelenting commitment to TRUTH.
Whose there for YOU in ALL the ways that no one else can be.
Simply because you know you best.

And then you remember.
The simplicity of it all.
Returning to your core: love.
To center, again and again.
That’s where we’ll meet.
That’s when we’ll meet.

Because you’ll be able to see.
That I am you.
You are me.
How can we be anything else.


Published by Sydney Campos


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