LIVE Mentoring Session 9.13

Another LIVESTREAMED mentoring sesh to break all the rules.
And do what no one else is doing.
Creating the future of social marketing + REAL authentic positioning.
In fact, the truth needs no positioning.
Let your intuition guide you to what’s RIGHT for you <3
Magic Mirror Mentoring with Sydney Campos + Becky Jarrard Schoonover​, Spiritual Transformation Coach, Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer and creator of the Modern Priestesses Community.
In this EPIC mentoring sesh we cover:
+ The recipe for transcending $10K months as your baseline
+ Mastering your energy especially to heal the wounded feminine
+ What’s really in your way of TRUSTING YOU to deliver
+ How you can be your own best LEADER of your life = sovereignty
+ Detoxifying your life to create SPACE through which abundance can flow
+ Why you don’t need a new funnel, marketing strategy, or ad campaign to get you to where you want to be = you simply need to let your INNATELY POWERFUL intuition guide you in every way and RECEIVE your own guidance 1000%
That’s a LOT for 30 minutes – but typical when you’re operating in my ZONE in which we easily collapse time and get right to the root of what’s in your way.
Want to go even deeper?

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