When Someone Tells You that You Bother Them

I had the best thing ever happen last night: someone told me that I bother them and while there’s a lot of things that I make them uncomfortable about they still appreciate me.

I loved this conversation so much – mostly because it didn’t bother me in the slightest to hear that kind of feedback. If I’m triggering someone into discomfort that means I’m doing my JOB. I love being a MIRROR to your TRUTH and an ACTIVATOR for how you can be more in alignment with what you truly CARE ABOUT, BELIEVE IN and LOVE.

It wasn’t always like this, that’s for sure. I used to LIVE for the LIKES (IRL and digitally of course) – I would DO ANYTHING it took for you to like me, for you to shower me with attention, to know that just maybe I was looking good enough to deserve love.

That’s simply how I learned how to SURVIVE. But the thing is – I don’t need to survive anymore. I get to THRIVE and expand and enjoy a completely boundless existence playing with the INFINITE.

And I help my dear clients achieve the same experience in absolute QUANTUM SPEED..because time is something you create after all, didn’t you know?

I see it again and again – you may be doing WELL relatively – making money and looking good – but you can’t seem to break through to your next level (income, impact, intimacy, POWER, health, joy) – you’re stuck and you’re likely struggling with boundaries and co-dependence in all sorts of ways since all of the above go hand in hand.

How does this incongruence show up in your business?

You spend hours looking into setting up new systems and sales funnels and Facebook ads and the like but know deep down it will never really work as long as your personal, spiritual, emotional life is still totally exhausting you and out of alignment in more ways than one. You’re like the blind leading the blind into the abyss of this templated-approach marketing that you know isn’t actually YOU but everyone else seems to be following along so why not you too?

You constantly wonder::

DO I need a Facebook group?
Another webinar?
A client attraction system?
More newsletter templates?
A new business strategy coach?
Someone to help me just with sales calls?

No, not even close – says your intuition (are you listening?). All this stuff is just scratching the surface of deeper-underlying issues that are at the ROOT of why you don’t close clients with effortless ease, why you do so much with out any results, why you feel like you keep hitting wall after wall and ultimately feel like sometimes giving up.


But you’re too afraid to do it. You’re afraid of being powerful. What would happen if you were allowing yourself to TRULY shine like you know you deserve to? And you’re not sure if you believe you deserve any of it.

Your actions haven’t aligned with a belief in your WORTHINESS to live a beautiful, powerful, abundant life.

Instead you’ve been giving your time away in so many precious ways, staying in relationships and obligations that are absolutely draining, and you get this concept of FLOW and EASE but you have no idea how to access it. No, you’ve learned you have to WORK HARD, that life has to be a struggle and can’t be too much fun or else, maybe you won’t be taken seriously.

What you need is a complete REBOOT of your INTEGRITY babe. Authenticity. TRUTH. When was the last time you experienced living life in total alignment with what you BELIEVE, FEEL and ACT? Or have you never had a taste of this sweet FLOW? Welcome to my zone.

When you’re in INTEGRITY at the highest degree – you’ll see what living in FLOW is really life.

Attracting the kinds of opportunities, relationships, excursions, creative projects – you name it – that you’ve always DREAMED OF receiving.

It can be SO EASY. In fact, it’s meant to be.

Oh and we don’t focus on your WOUNDING and trauma – like so many others do, you’ve probably already been through this in therapy and with other coaches. No, we don’t need to LOOK BACK when we’re so set on creating your new future immediately. You’ve done enough of that – it’s time to move forward and CELEBRATE your gifts, and focus in on how to share your unique soul signature even more POWERFULLY.

It’s time to get into your BODY (the gateway to your SOUL). Your body has exactly what you need already – all the answers and the most perfect map just for you – you just need help accessing it and re-connecting to your innate infinite power. No, our work is about PLEASURE and remembering how you’re meant to FEEL every moment of your life: following your next best joyful, pleasurable feeling.

I see you. I am you.

I’ve gone from addicted, escorting, hiding out and playing SO SMALL settling for what I thought I deserved (while still LOOKING GOOD of course) to making what I used to make in a YEAR in just 4 weeks, effortlessly creating $20K DAYS and most of all – embodying my TRUTH and purpose in the most powerful way I’ve ever experienced. That is the TRUEST joy of all – feeling SO fulfilled in my SOUL that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing in the most perfect way, always guided, trusting and listening. Never, ever alone.

What else happens?

I dug deep into my relationships, first with myself and then with others, and revolutionized the entire way I harness my energy and creative focus to ALLOW (because none of this is meant to be HARD) beautiful RESULTS (money, travel, community, incredible relationships) to simply COME TO ME.

That’s how we co-create MIRACLES + MAGIC – collapsing a year’s worth of income into a MONTH or just a few weeks. Maybe a DAY. It’s up to you.

The RESULTS are beautiful but the internal shifts are beyond anything you can even imagine for yourself until you’ve experienced TRUE FREEDOM and POWER (we’re talking about TRUST) first hand.

My clients are the most BAD ASS visionary globe-trotters, thought leaders, powerful ENTREPRENEURS who already see the future we’re gearing up for this instant. We expertly mix spirituality with business. Marketing with magic. Energetics with logic = we’re changing the model across multiple industries BIG TIME. Can you feel it? It’s been a long time coming – CHANGING THE GAME!! We make the rules. We set the new standards. We’re embodying a new paradigm, we’re there already – want to join?

Let’s get ready to FLY 

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