Feeling like you’re not doing what you “should be doing”?
Common consequence of YOU NOT TRUSTING YOU, not living in full integrity and STILL letting others determine your VALUE and VISION.
Chances are you’ve been doing this forever and you haven’t even noticed how deeply your family patterning has informed the entirety of your life and business relationships (and abundance, ease of FLOW and TRUST IN LIFE).
REMEMBER (and can you remind yourself, be the parent you’ve always wanted): You’re safe to be YOU. You are in the right place.
You have a divine purpose and a fucking powerhouse vision to bring forth.
Stop letting other people determine what’s possible for you. Stop letting others decide for you (albeit energetically) what TIMELINE you operate on, what you believe in, what is ALLOWED.
Use your incredible intuition to TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH – just like how everyone needs to hear it FROM YOU.
Stop filtering yourself to be liked.
You’re not being HIRED to be someones friend.
You’re hired to tell them their blindspot in a way that no one else has ever had the courage to do. You’re not here to be LIKED. You’re here to LOVE YOURSELF SO FULLY you never again think about prostituting your own inherent value for anyone or ANYTHING ever again.
THIS is true liberation.
This is when abundance (love + intimacy + $$) flows like the easiest most natural experience in the world.
Still looking for evidence as to why you’re failing? Or not good enough yet? Afraid of the money not coming in fast enough or that it’s just never going to be ENOUGH?
You have a pattern of allowing (and sometimes setting up space for) one thing to go “wrong” and then letting it spiral you into total disbelief in yourself and lacking trust that you’re on the right path – letting other people determine your future.
Stop believing life has to be hard.
Stop believing there’s no one you can trust.
Stop believing you don’t deserve EVERYTHING YOU WANT.
Stop letting your limited HUMAN (victim) consciousness RUN YOUR LIFE.
Decide to take your power back NOW. You’ve always been one decision away from a completely new experience.
Give it to yourself now.
And know this: You’re not here to be part of the TRIBE.
Stop surviving, pretending in all the ways that you do to follow the rules and be liked and ACCEPTED.
We are transcending TRIBES for true AUTHENTICITY and GENUINE UNITY. Intimate connection on all levels.
So, can you please shine your LIGHT ALL THE WAY, full power?
We’re all waiting to FINALLY SEE (the real) YOU.
<3 Syd

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