Why Your Inauthenticity Is Killing You

This used to be me.

But then I started focusing on how I FEEL instead of how I LOOK and what everyone thinks of me = realizing this was what I was looking for all along.

Inner peace.

Radical self acceptance and LOVE.

True intimacy.

No fear of being SEEN.

Being at one with YOU, ME and GOD.

Infinite abundance = that’s it.

I used to think constantly on repeat: how do I look? I could barely be present with people in my life who I supposedly cared about.

Instead I’d be mega distracted scrolling and refreshing all my social channels living for the LIKES when all I wanted all along was real LOVE.

The kind of love that’s only possible when you’re in your full unabridged truth.

When you are illuminating your full power and honest vision of how you SEE it all.

That’s when we can actually connect in the way we deeply desire.

And guess what?

When you’re not pressing pause on or editing down your truth transmission (uniquely powerful intuition that only YOU receive) – you tap into such a divine flow.

Your business runs itself or so it feels like it because..well..you’re just living.

You can enjoy life.

You can enjoy the present moment.

You can finally just BE and BREATHE in the sweet sense of KNOWING you’re safe to be YOU.

You’ll never feel like you have to fill the un-fillable void inside with anything external again because you KNOW it doesn’t feel nearly as fulfilling as the WHOLE truth and NOTHING BUT YOUR TRUTH.

You see, what you’ve always wanted is to simply BE.

Be SEEN. Be LOVED for simply being YOU. So you can feel safe to share the most magical, powerful, visionary wisdom only YOU can share in the most divine ways only YOU know how.

There’s no feeling quite like it.

Why not give yourself the gift of TRUTH?

How about right NOW?

In this moment.

How can you let yourself be SEEN?

I can’t wait to MEET you ❤️💥💕

Published by Sydney Campos


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