Are you awake yet?

Do you ever feel like you’re on borrowed time?

I do. Because I almost died a bunch. I used to want to die. But when I recall the lesson in it all I think I chose (at the soul level that is) to learn the hard way so that so many other souls wouldn’t have to.

A friend and I were discussing this at dinner. We’ve always felt home we were born on the wrong planet. We instantly new when we were even little kids before we could speak that this wasn’t how things were supposed to be. So much suffering, you could feel it in the air. Or we could..little baby empaths that we were. This isn’t what we came here for.

But looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. In living through so much darkness I learned to see and BE the light. I didn’t have a choice really, or so it seemed that way for quite some time. But actually came to realize see..we always ONLY ever have CHOICE. That’s a promise.

But very rarely do you see people CHOOSING what is actually in alignment with their highest GOOD and deepest DESIRES.

Fear, doubt, shame, guilt, self-worth issues always get in the way. This is the beautiful
work we get to learn and grow through in lovely earth school so I love to call it..we picked the hardest school of all..only the most courageous souls made the cut to give it a go…


Your action has nothing to do with your abundance! Your abundance is a response to your vibration. Of course, your belief is part of your vibration. So if you believe that action is part of what brings your abundance, then you’ve got to unravel that. 💜 Abraham-Hicks


Stop doing so much. Consider how your doing is coming from a place of scarcity or distrust that if you don’t do anything nothing will happen because you’re not actually supported by forces outside of you.

Quit playing god.

Ironically you are god (hey, we all are), yes..but you don’t get to THRIVE in this infinitely powerful flow until you do the work to clear your channel and really learn to flex your receiving muscle = TRUST that you are always supported so long as you are living in TRUTH.

Do you even know what feels good to you? Or have you been letting others decide that for you your whole life?

Are you really doing exactly what (and BEING exactly HOW) you love? Or are you just showing up (still..all this time..for lifetimes) based on what you feel everyone else expects of you?

Do you know what pleasure means to you? Are you able to ask for what you DESIRE and actually receive it without any fear – because you know you’re worthy of everything you truly want?

Your desires aren’t random. They aren’t coming to you by mistake. They’re keys to your unique gift – here to lead you on your special path of embodying exactly what you’re here to bring forth on the planet.

You are so divinely guided, can’t you see?

The whole notion that money is outside of you and needs to be created or gotten or more things need to happen to make it appear is an illusion.

Money is a material manifestation of energy which can neither be created or destroyed. It’s actually already within you, because you are love, which is just another representation of abundance.

You already have everything within you, you see – but your problem is you’re not open to receiving that truth. You aren’t believing that you’re worthy of things being easy. That you don’t have to do more or even anything at all except finally believe that you deserve everything you deeply desire. Then simply allow it to flow to you however is best meant to serve you. Receiving (especially for not working so hard) is the challenge.

Could you be willing to believe that you’re worthy of receiving vast abundance at a massive scale simply for being you?

That actually your six or seven figure biz is just one quantum leap away, in between you finally loving yourself fully and seeing how you deserve to command INCREDIBLE value for your gifts (aka your TRUTH)?

Some people are great at making money, sure, even in the high six, seven and more-figures. But so many of them aren’t happy. And because they aren’t actually fulfilled or feeling the depth of meaning they truly crave to have in all areas of their life (relationships, creativity, health, SEX, intimacy and FUN) they actually aren’t even close to reaching their full capacity to RECEIVE even more abundance.

Even these seemingly rich creators aren’t even close to living optimally at their highest possibility.

It’s a shame that collective consciousness is so trained to believe that money is an outward symbol for an individuals value. You can never be valued, you are infinite. You are love. There’s no price you can even put on the impact you are here to share and embody.

But you still get to choose. And your choice is determined purely by how much you are willing to value yourself and know in your soul you are beyond worthy of receiving incredible abundance for the powerful gifts only YOU can possibly share. No one else can decide this for you unless you let them (giving your power away again and again, even in small ways that compound infinitely over time until suddenly you forgot what living in your truth actually feels like, and not only that, you can’t quite trust the whisper of intuition when it tries to get your attention).

How long have you been living according to what you think everyone else expects of you?

Can you see that you have the power to choose to tune back into YOU and what actually matters most = your TRUTH and why you are even here?

Even if you don’t know why (yet), your reason for being here is big, I promise.

And when you’re tuned in to your POWER (your truth and your ability to love yourself so deeply you have absolutely nothing to fear in fully sharing yourself with the world in only the ways you’re meant to), unbelievable abundance simply FLOWS = this is law (not just money, but love, connection, intimacy, creativity and unspeakable JOY).

Everything you deeply desire is actually already HERE RIGHT NOW. Are you seeing it? Are you even noticing it? It’s right in front of you, in this moment. It could all be as easy as you simply choosing right now to RECEIVE IT, or even CHOOSE IT. Decide it’s time for it to be yours. You’ve waited long enough.

Or maybe you’re too distracted worrying about what other people will think, the people you’ll leave behind when you’re actually living in alignment, the change that will surely continue mounting, the new opportunities that will show up, the loneliness you may feel as you say goodbye to the old people, places and things that don’t serve you…or any number of things..illusions keep you right where you are.

Change is the only constant, that’s for sure. You actually can’t stay in the same place for too long, but even within that paradigm lies the choice: to grow towards what you truly desire OR to grow away from playing small, hiding, pretending to be someone else, living life to suit everyone but yourself, living someone else’s story. You know who you are.

Do you know what you came here for? Who are you here to BE? How do you want to FEEL? Do you ever ask yourself such important questions? Do you feel like you’re worthy of receiving your own answers (and trusting your intuition to communicate exactly what you need to hear, right on time?)?

You’re here to have fun. To play. To enjoy life. To experience deep, meaningful, inspiring connection. To expand. To be free. To LOVE.

You are not meant to struggle. To worry. To live in fear. To hide. To feel lonely. To fit in.

Life is actually meant to be easy. And magical. This is what we are wired to experience.

So put YOU first. Start from where you are, before you feel ready. You are so READY, trust me. You’ve been waiting TOO long for permission to simply BE.

Here’s your invitation. I can’t wait to finally SEE you.

Xx Syd

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Let’s FLY ♥️✨🔑🌟

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