Bali Magic Awakening Retreat> New Years 2018

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A multi-sensory immersion in MAGIC.

Let’s ring in the New Year in Bali with sacred ceremony, radiant intentions and luxurious rejuvenation beyond your wildest dreams.

Ready to FLY?



It’s your time to RISE. Awaken to your special magic.

Usher in the New Year with such divine magic and infinite possibility amid the nourishing healing land of momma Bali.

Join me December 29 – Jan 7 for an immersion into MAGIC unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

For MEN and WOMEN ready to FLY and awaken to your deepest expression of magic, authenticity and POWER.

Start 2018 off with your most radiant intentions and a rejuvenated spirit that’s ready to support you in THRIVING in absolutely all areas.


Bask in the beauty of relaxation, rejuvenation, magical healing ceremonies and all the time in the world to simply BE and RECEIVE.

This is your true super power:: BE in your truest expression of BLISS. And then watch all your magic unfold more powerfully than ever before.

When we ALLOW and RECEIVE, the universe shows up to support our grand vision in such miraculous ways.



SAY YES to everything you’ve ever truly wanted. To your heart’s deepest desires. To your beautiful intuition’s guidance. RISE. FLY.

This is more than a retreat.

It’s a journey into SOUL MAGIC EXPANSION AND DEEP DEEP HEALING LOVE AND LUST FOR LIFE. A time to PLAY. To BE. To explore your HEART’s DESIRES and how your INNER MAGIC expresses itself fully.

Prepare to be changed forever.

You will be so filled with love and light you can’t help but go back to wherever you came from SHINING so brightly, illuminating everyone and everything in your path.

You are such a beautiful mirror after all. 


Learn how you can cultivate more of ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Be part of an empowered, inspiring community of new friends for life.

Here are the magical amenities we’ll enjoy:

  • A beautiful luxurious Bali villa in the jungle
  • Beautiful relaxing pool
  • High vibe healing meals (3 a day) prepared by a culinary shaman
  • Luxury spa services delivered in the privacy of our own villa
  • Sacred container for intention setting, healing, deep transformation
  • Space held for silence on New Years Day if desired
  • Connection to global family of like-minded visionaries to support you



  • Daily guided meditation and yoga to BREATHE deep and FEEL amazing each day
  • Expert curated workshops on empowerment, vision and intuition = MAGIC
  • Guidance in life-changing self care rituals and practices
  • Visits to magical local healers, sacred temples and ancient healing lands
  • Sacred ceremonies (cacao and flower mandalas)
  • Hiking in the jungle to waterfalls and beautiful sites
  • Breath-work, Sound Healing, Energy Healing
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • DANCE (Ecstatic Dance and 5-Rhythms)
  • Time to PLAY and EXPLORE and ADVENTURE

Timing + Logistics

  • Arrive Friday afternoon, December 29, 2017 – depart mid-afternoon, Sunday January 7, 2018
  • This retreat is designed for 12, open to men and women
  • Payment plans available. Cost includes everything except airfare (all meals, all transportation, all excursions).

Ready to make magic? E-mail me to secure your space.



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