Make Only Magic Episode #7: Dana Balicki

In this episode of Make Only Magic, meet Transformational Life Coach Dana Balicki as we delve into::

* Her background in political activism through the anti-war movement
* How change-makers can easily go OUT and impact change in the world but avoid going IN to do internal work
*What its like moving from New York City to the Mojave Desert in Joshua Tree, California
*How tuning into your internal vision and really asking yourself what you truly want isn’t the easiest work, it takes so much courage
* What its like to want to be on the ground floor of human evolution
*How you don’t have to help everyone in the world to make change, you just have to be intentional and focus on who you’re here to serve and why
*How our lives are a reflection of what we believe
*How liberation is always an inside job
*What earth magic is all about: how to get internally still, how to get grounded, being in nature, land-based healing and embodiment
*Why nature is the ultimate medicine and remembrance of our true connection to each other and the earth
*How we come home to ourselves and the planet on which we live; to live and act from a place of true belonging
*How to tell your ego from intuition
* What it feels like to see a super old story surface and how to seek support in facing it and releasing it
*How slowing down is the KEY to speeding up



Dana is a transformational coach, changemaker, modern mystic, and wildly passionate ladyboss devoted to helping you remember and become who you really are, not just who you were taught to be. From manifestation training to concrete strategies and tools, ritual, realtalk, laughter (plus other potent forms of practical magic), she’ll support you in finding your juicy clarity and confidence in work, live and love. She works with leading activists, healers, entrepreneurs and artists from NYC to LA…from London to Mexico City. Wherever you are, your life is calling. Let’s get courageous y’all!

Dana’s personal mantra that keeps her pushing forward as a healer: I’m turned onto my destiny to help us evolve.

Her raison d’etre: I’m here to help us see that we belong to each other.

Practical magic worldview: Hurt people will hurt people. And as we heal, the earth heals. We are the earth. We are goddess.
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