Do what scares you. It’s likely the key to setting yourself free.

Ready to have everything you’ve ever wanted? It’s up to you to DECIDE that you can have it NOW. Really, it’s quite simple.

I didn’t always used to feel this way, no way not even close. In fact I might have thought you were nuts if you had told me this even a few years ago.
Quantum leaps might have been possible for YOU but not for me. And I could have given you a million excuses as to why that was true for me.
But everything shifted when I learned the power of DECISION and how actually in my own life, many times, I had used this magnificent power to create rapid LEAPS into completely new states of being.
All my past intimate relationships – I DECIDED to explore what was possible with these new partners that entered into my life for however long our paths traveled alongside one another.

I DECIDED to go to college at UC Santa Cruz, enjoying a total summer camp experience in the mountains slash by the beach.

I DECIDED to have as much fun as possible in college, opting into living in the most ridiculous “houses” imaginable, solely built for parties that should have been recorded in record books.

I DECIDED to move to New York City 7 years ago without a job or knowing really how things would turn out for me – following an intuitive hit to simply LEAP.

I DECIDED to get sober from drugs and alcohol after nearly a decade of suffering and pain beyond anything I could have ever fathomed.

I DECIDED to follow my heart and allow myself to experience living in a place SO nourishing and so like home that I can hardly believe this is my first time here in this lifetime 🙂 #bali

I DECIDED to invest in myself at a higher level than ever before (and then increase that even more) because I DECIDED to drop my scarcity conversation forever.

I DECIDE to show up anyway, even when my mind gets in the way trying to tell me what I need to be afraid of, shy away from, hide, ignore, glaze over. Usually when it comes to money or celebrating myself for my epic wins.

You see the thing you’re most afraid of, what is it really? Now play the tape all the way through. What happens if it really goes down? Where will you really end up? Is it even that bad?

Sometimes in the past when I’ve invested in myself more than ever before, I’ve even felt in my body like I’m going to DIE. It’s an old old feeling of fear and scarcity – like I’m never really going to be fully taken care of. That there’s not enough. That I’m never doing enough to “make it happen.” That I’m going to run out.

This used to be such an old, pervasive tape playing in the background of my day to day existence. Really it was that loud and uncomfortable. The lack mentality is SO like that. It wants to keep you small, playing it “safe” and familiar forever. Change, expansion and freedom are the enemies here.

But the truth is – whatever your deepest fear is and whatever STORY is coming up to block you from having everything you’ve ever wanted – or maybe a single thing thats on your mind in this instant – is the GOLD. It’s the KEY to liberation. It’s the STUFF inviting you to dig deeper and uncover what really lies underneath.

Usually when you feel panic or fear or lack or whatever it is that’s your NEGATIVE tape that turns on especially when you want to do something that matters to you so much you could explode – taking steps in the direction of your big dreams, making a big change of some kind, doing something you’ve never done, you know – the fear will resonate in your body.

Then your mind will simply want to rationalize the discomfort coming up – pain, tension, tightness, you name it – with a familiar story or memory it can grab onto of when you felt this way before. Say you’re finally stepping into your DREAM and starting to take some huge action. This is all very unfamiliar because you’re doing it for the first time.

So your mind is naturally on alert because oh shit SOMETHING’S CHANGING – when it’s job is to keep you safe and familiar and the SAME, essentially. SAME=SAFE, it’s that simple.

Say you feel anxiety because you don’t know how this new action will pan out. It registers as a tightness in your body localized around your heart. Your mind then backs this feeling up with a rationalization that OH NO LAST TIME YOU FELT THIS WAY SOMETHING AWFUL HAPPENED, MUST PROTECT YOURSELF, MUST NOT DO THIS THING THAT’S MAKING YOU SCARED, MUST STAY SAFE, MUST STAY SAME.

Really the mind is that simple. And it’s not even anything to do with being smart of not. It’s just a machine like that – simple input and output patterns that have happened forever due to so much subliminal conditioning and programming, some of which isn’t even ours. #amen

But the beautiful thing is – you can change it all. And it’s way easier than you think. In fact, I’m going to LAY IT OUT FOR YOU bc it’s so effing simple it blows my mind:

  1. Fear/panic/anxiety arises as a story telling you to STOP, or self-doubt surfacing to tell you why you can’t do the thing you want to do, you’re not good enough, no one will love you, [insert your conditioning story from when you were 2 years old and your parents didn’t give you something you needed i.e. love or acknowledgement here]
  2. Pause the FEAR tape. Notice how the fear actually arises in the BODY first and foremost, as a tightness around the chest or heart or head or shoulders. Where do you feel it? Notice it’s origins.
  3. Then observe how the MIND quickly creates a story to rationalize WHY the feeling in the body is appearing. Usually we don’t notice the body part first and instead go right into the mind’s story it’s trying to lure us in with to keep us safe.
  4. This is where mindset mastery kicks in. Observation first and foremost to separate the story from the feeling in the body. Then getting into the BODY to release whatever tightness or tension is going on. Usually your body just needs something in this moment to make it feel relaxed, comfortable and loved. Get a massage, massage yourself with essential oils, call a friend, make some tea, go for a run, do some yoga, do a handstand. DANCE. MOVE. BREATHE. You’ll see the fear immediately dissipate. You can’t feel LOVE and fear at the same time. HUG someone. Kiss them. Have an orgasm. Have 10. And if that feels like a weird direction, you better ask yourself why 🙂
  5. THEN once you feel back to your relaxed state and realize that actually you’re always absolutely FINE in this moment and the fear is only something registering in the past or future, never in the NOW as long as you’re truly dropped into yourself – you can work on the mindset mastery which is all about DECISION and training the mind to support a VIBRATION that is in true alignment with your DESIRES.
  6. So, you DECIDE – what is it you WANT TO CREATE? What do you deeply desire? What do you truly want for yourself? How do you want to FEEL? What is your vision? Have you spent time clarifying what that is? Do you make time to ask yourself what you even want? If not, why? If yes, how clear is your vision? It should be so clear that you can easily DECIDE to CHOOSE what it is you really want.
  7. When you DECIDE whatever it is that you want is ALREADY yours, you better believe that the universe conspires in every which way to support you, so long as you’re relaxed, happy, joyous and emanating a high vibrations that subliminally says: GIVE ME MORE OF THIS GOOD FEELING I LOVE IT.

That’s just a TINY TINY example of the mindset mastery training I do with my clients as well as what I’ve practiced in my own life again and again with incredible results.

QUANTUM LEAPS happen when you DECIDE you’re WORTH IT. It’s not even when you decide you’re ready – it really all comes down to WORTH and DESERVING.

So tell me, do you believe you deserve what you truly want?
Do you know what it is you truly desire?
Do you give your vision TIME to clarity and IMAGINE and EXPAND?
Do you believe you are worthy of LOVE?

By the way, if you’re resonating and feeling the scarcity/lack mentality is a THING for you, then chances are you don’t have an abundance mindset problem, you probably have a self-love, receiving/worthiness problem. Trust me, I’ve been there.

And this is what I am here to teach and guide others through. This is what we are addressing in my 4 week program coming up 5/15. Deets below. It’s getting real. And yes, we’re talking about orgasmic manifestation and the transmutation of sexual energy too – because it’s all part of PLEASURE and POWER and RECEIVING – these are the true keys to abundance, clarity and radical self-love. I can’t believe how much my life has changed, and some of the most radical shifts have happened in a seemingly super short amount of time.

Weeks ya’ll. I know what’s possible, I’ve experienced it first hand and I also get to witness the same happen for everyone I am fortunate to support in their own transformation and liberation.

We are so fucking powerful it’s not even funny. We have been taught and conditioned to play small and STAY SAFE our whole lives and where does that even get us? For me it got me into addiction and a whole lifetime of self-hate and disconnection.

I hope it never has to be that bad for anyone else because it absolutely doesn’t have to be so painful or so dark before it can get better, before you can DECIDE that you deserve to be FREE and create whatever your heart truly desires. This is liberation. This is my vision.

So blessed beyond belief to share my heart with you and be a constant STAND for your greatness and infinite possibility. You are THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, TRULY. You are LOVE, manifested in beautiful human form. Never underestimate what you are truly capable of when you DECIDE you deserve it.

Infinite light and MAGIC for days xx



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