Make Only Magic Episode #4: Lair Torrent

In this episode of Make Only Magic, we learn from Marriage and Family Therapist Lair Torrent as he shares his unique insight and experience on::

** Why the relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one of all as well as our relationship to what we are wanting to create in the world
**What mindfulness is all about
**Why it’s so hard to feel like you are truly deserving of having what you really want
**A moment when Lair chose to listen to his intuition despite fear and resistance getting in the way
** What Lair is working on in his own personal development today and how he finds support
**His big vision for bringing mindfulness and his unique system to be of service to more people

Lair is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who earned his Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Mercy College and was trained in Eastern psychology and thought at The Helix Training program. He has been resourced/interviewed by NPR, the New York Times, and Rolling Stone magazine for his expertise and work in couples and individual counseling. He is currently based in Charleston, South Carolina where he runs his own private therapy practice.


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