Video: Don’t Quit Before The Miracle

Seriously, everything you’ve ever wanted is right around the corner from the FEAR and RESISTANCE popping up to remind you that you’re on the right path, growing and evolving into a new, stronger, more courageous, expansive version of YOURSELF.

Yesterday was one of those days that felt like multiple lifetimes lived in a day. In the best way possible though, not in the way where it used to feel like EXHAUSTING and ugh can this day be over already? No, it was like I didn’t want it to end – and it had been LONG, trust me.

But I was so inspired, I had endless energy to keep sharing, was like writing a BOOK of social posts sharing all the energy I was receiving WOW.

I spoke to SO many visionary bad asses up to absolute MAGIC in the world, what nourishing, powerful convos we shared – whooHooo makes me SMILE so big. Here are some of our key takeaways as a reminder for WHAT IS TRUE::

** Every relationship you have is a mirror of your relationship with YOURSELF

** Everything (absolutely everything) you experience is a projection of a thought or belief (energy) you are CHOOSING to engage with. You are creating your reality moment to moment.

** Pain and suffering don’t have to get SO unbearable before you can CHOOSE to be different and therefore have a different experience. What are you CHOOSING?

** At your core, YOU ARE LOVE. What else were you before you were told what you were allowed to be? Before you were taught what you are supposedly deserving of receiving?

** There is no separation – our (human) DNA is 99% the same, boom.

** Our DNA can also be linked backwards to 300,000 years old, which means there could very well likely be some mega limiting beliefs stuck in your cellular programming that truly aren’t even yours – they could be trans-generational inheritance.

** It’s amazing how we upgrade our iPhones and computer software all the time to make sure our operating systems are up to date but we don’t do the same thing for our belief systems. How strange to think you could be living based off of a program you acquired when you were 2 years old.

** The universe loves to support you in living life to your fullest, most aligned capacity – you are wired to RECEIVE: LOVE, intuitive guidance and divine inspiration.

** You are a visionary creator with access to infinite abundance, powered by a limitless universe that can’t wait to co-create with you. Why would you ever waste time thinking there’s anything you cannot do or cannot be?

** You deserve to have everything you truly desire – what are you CHOOSING? If you’re not choosing to deserve it, why not? What old program are you ready to release in order to let yourself bask in true freedom and LOVE?

Often times when we’re in a STORY of “I can’t” or “I’m not allowed to” or obsessing about what people have told us is true our whole lives we’re simply foregoing responsibility to BE EMPOWERED and CHOOSE to do what it is we TRULY WANT.

You always have a choice. Where are you choosing things that no longer serve you? Where are you choosing to be stuck in a story that no longer aligns with the reality that you want to embody?

How are you choosing to play it safe and play small? Where are you choosing to not stand in your full power and share your gifts with the world? How uncomfortable do you need to get before you’re willing to change?

Everything can change in an instant – as soon as you CHOOSE to say so. Seriously, overnight. Everything.

You never have to go it alone. You always have a choice to start doing things differently which may mean finally asking for help and receiving guidance to learn some new ways to approach your same old actions and stories keeping you stuck.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything my friend.

I feel this SO HARD right now. I even made a video about it in my pool yesterday – check it out and let me know what you’re doing to be a stand for your own LIBERATION and FREEDOM. I’m serious.

What are you doing to create more abundance and openness to miracles in your life? This is what I really care about – this is what I want to elevate you in every way to experience as fully as possible. This is my dream.

So let me know – what are you doing to CHANGE or COMMIT or RE-COMMIT? What ARE YOU UP TO? There’s no time for playing small anymore.

There’s such an urgent call for all of us to step into our full gifts, our full power, our uniqueness and authenticity – you are so powerful. 

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