LOVE vs. EGO = Aries New Moon Magic

LOVING THIS NEW MOON ENERGY SO MUCH! I’m an Aries Rising so it’s kinda in my VIBE to resonate pretty strongly (I’m a LIBRA sun holla!).

I’m feeling the following themes of this new moon EXTRA intensely, do you resonate at all? I just go by what I feel from collective energy and my own experience, I’m not a professional student of the stars as they say :-):::
  • Where are you still hiding behind a mask? It’s time to take it off and SHOW up as authentically YOU. The world is seriously waiting for you. There’s really nothing to be afraid of. We need your unique gifts so urgently. It’s all part of the plan – it’s like THAT.
  • What do you want to manifest in your life to truly live in your gifts and HAPPINESS – to thrive? What do you deeply DESIRE? What actions can you put into motion to help you make steps towards achieving that plan? The universe will support you. Aries moon is all about determination and manifestation – believe it will happen when you start taking a few small steps to map out your actual plan. You can’t just sit around and wait for it to appear – whatever it is you truly desire DEMANDS a plan of action. So, get started!
  • Where are you stopping yourself before you’re ready? There’s really no more time for that – feeling the old call to be PERFECT or be PREPARED falling away? No one cares if you’re perfect, they just want you to SHOW UP finally and share and do the thing you’ve always wanted to do. Make the video. Share the post. Share the writing. Take the risk. It’s not even that scary. You’re so supported as long as you’re following your true heart’s desires.
  • Feeling UNITY and deep connection to humanity lately? Like maybe you woke up one day wanting to be of service and have more meaning in your life? Yes, everyone is WAKING UP like this lately. So listen in. It’s a real call, are you hearing yours? Tune in with meditation and deepening your connection to intuition and your heart – trust they can lead you in the direction of your wildest dreams.
  • Basically ITS TIME TO SHINEEE ya’ll. Stop hiding out in your gifts and unique vision and desires and perspectives – we need you. BY BEING YOU YOU GIVE PERMISSION TO EVERYONE ELSE TO BE THEMSELVES TOO. We are so powerfully connected and able to inspire and radically support each other in incredibly healing ways. WOW what magic can we make when we’re all living in our gifts?
  • Where can you create more integrity in your life? Do you need to make amends? Give forgiveness or compassion to anyone you love/care about? Detox your life from any negativity/people/things holding you back? Integrity means being radically honest and transparent in your VALUES via how you show up every day. Where can you create more HONESTY in how you handle your MONEY, relationships, secrets, self-care? Step it up! The benefits will be reflected back to you TEN FOLD at least.
  • Self-LOVE is the key – hence the note I wrote about relationships above. Feeling so deeply that we all truly want the same things. Love, connection, intimacy and understanding. To BE SEEN. And we’re all so scared of all of the above. Remember, YOU ARE LOVE. And to show up for relationships beyond your wildest dreams you need to first love YOU. Everything is a mirror. How you feel about yourself will reflect in all your other interactions. All of them. So, what are you reflecting outwards?
  • Careful of impulsivity – Aries is all about GET SHIT DONE NOW, and might cause you to feel like you want to do something IMMEDIATE in response to something that frustrates you or bothers you. It’s also Venus Retrograde so careful when it comes to impulsive decisions re: your appearance, purchases or relationships. Now isn’t the best time to see things for what they really are. Better to take it easy and add any ideas/decisions you have about major changes to a list for safe-keeping and revisit it when Venus retro is over on 4/15/17.














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