Make Only Magic Podcast Episode #3: Kate Maree O’Brien

In episode #3 of Make Only Magic, you’ll learn from Kate Maree O’Brien all about:

*Challenging limiting beliefs and conditioning through powerful video content that pushes people to change their perspectives
*Living life to the fullest in Bali with her incredible family
*How we all have a unique path we’ve been experiencing – and it’s easy to discredit our uniqueness and the value of what we’re here to provide
*How it’s crucial to trust in your unique gifts and what you’re truly here to embody
*Remembering to start before you’re ready – you might never feel ready
*Controlled authenticity and what to do about it
*How Kate is helping people take off their masks and uncover hidden parts of themselves
*Liberation and expansion beyond your wildest imagination!

Kate is a visionary and global voice for boldness and truth. She has fought for her life twice and knows first hand what personal transformation looks like. She’s a total stand for whats possible in humanity & collaborates with THE top leaders in our industry, Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, and many more.

Kate’s Inspiration::
“If the only thing people learnt, was to be less afraid of their own experience, that alone would change the world” Syd Banks

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