A Spiritual Approach to Dating


Run as fast as you can towards God, and if anyone keeps up with you, stop and introduce yourself – best dating advice I’ve ever heard c/o a new friend in Bali.

Valentines MAGIC. Love and service baby. Everyday is valentines when you’re in love with YOU and your beautiful life.

Spent the afternoon recording magic meditations with people I am so beyond blessed to know. Wow.

Then lunch with a goddess sister Jennifer Anne who makes me feel so truly seen its healing just to be in her zone. We are going to create so much magic together I just know it!

Now getting an amazing spa pedicure and catching up on all my hilarious Spiritual Dating video comments that are making me smile to big. I love how people resonate with my truth. Being real AF is so healing. More sharing. More vulnerability. We are all craving the same things.

Later today I have a call with my new mentor that I know will be so life changing I already feel it. I am ready to breakthrough the old shit holding me back in the ways I absolutely need to grow through.

I am ready to be FREE. To be more of ME. To up-level my impact. To further clarify my vision. It’s so big it’s not even up to me. I am so clear that I am here to change the world.

And I’m so right on time I could burst.

Did you know, you’re the one you’ve been waiting for? Anything is possible once we drop the limitations we’ve placed on ourselves. We have the keys. We are IT.

And the answer is always LOVE. How can I BE LOVE? What would LOVE do? Live like that at watch everything change in an instant.

Need help getting there? That’s what I’m here for.

Loving you forever beyond time and space.


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