How I Took The Leap To Go Solo

Feeling called to SHARE how quickly everything can change once you’re willing to DO things differently. Here’s a snapshot of my journey over 2016..WILD MAGICAL RIDE! <3

December 2015: Started FINALLY listening to guidance coming through that I needed to make some changes to live in more ALIGNMENT with my life purpose. I had always been a life coach unofficially. It was time to step into my GIFTS and really show up in a more powerful way to HELP.

January 2016: Up-leveled my support team because I knew I needed to make some big changes. This entailed investing more in myself than I ever had before, which brought up all sorts of limiting beliefs..but I did it anyway because I was ready to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. I was SO READY to step up and be of service and BE IN MY FULL LIGHT. Hint: successful, embodied people living in their TRUE potential all have multiple people supporting them – mentors, advisors, coaches, healers. You name it. We never do any of this alone, and you never have to either.

February 2016: Started to create my transition plan away from my full-time job. Magically within a few weeks of taking this action I had TWO new marketing advisory opportunities come into my path without even actively seeking out these new revenue sources. The universe essentially was showing me: HEY YOU, YES you’re supported. Let’s make moves. Especially since money and making a sustainable income to support myself was my MAIN obstacle in leaving to go SOLO.

March 2016: Up-leveled my self-care, spiritual practice, commitments to my creativity and FUN in HUGE WAYS. Booked insane travel adventures to do a 8 day silent meditation retreat and go to Lisbon and Berlin, two places I had always dreamed of going. Also committed fully to going to New Zealand in December – a dream I had always had..which I sensed would be so life changing in infinite ways.

April 2016: Put my notice in at my DREAM JOB and had an amazing convo with my incredible boss who wasn’t even surprised. In fact he KNEW I was going to be leaving and had a running bet going that I would leave by August..I just beat him to it! The funny thing – people usually see before you do (or before you’re ready to admit it to yourself) that you’re on to do something BIGGER and more aligned with who you are. Especially when you’re shining so bright and showing up so powerfully in every other way.

May 2016: Gracefully transitioned out of work and into a full consulting and coaching practice, supporting me even more lucratively than my full-time job! The universe showed up to TAKE CARE OF ME SO BIG that my initial fear was all proven untrue so quickly.

June 2016: Travel and adventure all over, working while traveling – just like I had always dreamed! Got to do an 8 day silent meditation retreat the day after my last day of work. Powerful, ecstatic, miracles, magic. LOVE.

July 2016: Committed to yoga teacher training – something I had always dreamed of. WHY NOT? Suddenly I had the TIME and space to do ALL OF IT! Dreams.

There’s so much MORE I am reflecting on in this moment. Fast forward to December 2016-February 2017 (and it’s barely half-way through the month): I am LIVING IN BALI working for myself and creating a business and LIFE that is completely based in LOVE, lifting others up and helping them SEE themselves FULLY so they can share their LIGHT and MAGIC with the world. We are such revolutionaries.

Living in FLOW and learning so much along the way. Investing in myself in powerful BIG ways. My support team is SO BIG. I have so much help, experts and guides who have been through all of this before. So, there’s nothing for me to figure out. I am so supported and held in my highest. There’s nothing to fear, only the task of: how much more can I bring LOVE into all I do? Into everything I create and EMBODY? Love watching the flow unfold.

Everything feels so integrated. There is no separation, only each part supporting the whole – the high vision of healing, creating more truth, love and light. It can be that EASY. In fact, more and more I feel like this is what we are all meant to experience. And it can happen SO FAST once you’re ready to JUMP, which is really just another way of saying: ALLOWING the magic to happen and then RECEIVING it all.

And you never have to do any of it alone


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