Remembering Who We Are

What if instead of he-who-shall-not-be-named posts about all the chaos brewing, fear-mongering and general negativity we instead flooded our feeds with INSPIRED ACTIONS focused on creating more PEACE, LOVE and CONNECTION. 

So what do we DO instead? That’s what I’m interested in. How can you contribute to a positive shift in a new direction TODAY? Does it start with YOU? Sure does. The new era requires individual empowered action and self-responsibility. We all matter. We all make a difference. We are all contributors.

Some ideas::

** Move your money out of corporate financial institutions, they’re funding everything you disagree with in case you didn’t know. 

** Buy local produce.

** Eat vegetarian.

** Volunteer.

** Organize a rally, charity event, press conference to raise awareness about alternatives to whatever you’re taking issue with. 

** Organize local groups and communities to collectively carry out concerted peace activism, philanthropy and education.

** Stop buying things. But especially from companies that are fueling the machine whose ideals you deeply disagree with.

** Tell the truth. Radically. Especially if you’re afraid doing so will trigger people.

** Do whatever it is you LOVE. Now. Why wait?

** Look for ways to be radically inclusive and more loving and peaceful in all areas of your life. 

** Meditate. Raise the collective consciousness around you immediately by doing so.

** Take phenomenal care of yourself, inside and out. Be an example to everyone around you of the power of self-love. In a society that tells us everything is wrong with us and we need so many external things to fix us, self-love is the ultimate resistance and revolution.

** Be more vocal about what matters to you and in doing so create space for others to do the same. Create freedom where freedom is lacking. Intentionally hold space for radical conversations, truth and vulnerability.

What if the entire way things are right now is the by product of everyone thinking collectively that “someone else will take care of it”? The by-stander effect is quite likely to blame as is our deep social conditioning and education rooted in obedience and self-limiting beliefs. 

Did you know you are INFINITE? Did you know you were born to make magic and manifest miracles? 

Remember who you really are. Before you were taught otherwise.

We are capable of creating absolutely anything we can imagine – feel overwhelming? 

Get used to stepping into your power, that’s what’s being asked of you now more than ever. How are you showing up? How are you contributing to positivity, change, (r)evolution and more meaningful connection? 

Ask yourself each day what you can do to help. 

Together we are unstoppable. We are one.


Published by Sydney Campos


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