It’s Never Really About The Money


I have SO many people reach out wanting help (like everyday, literally), wanting to work together – sensing they’re really ready to make some big changes. They’re feeling super inspired to STEP up and STEP INTO their high vision. It’s time to do what they’re meant to do here. No more waiting around. They’re hearing the call.

But when it comes down to sealing the deal and really putting actual skin in the game, well..that’s sometimes another story. So quickly after experiencing a beautiful wave of inspiration and renewed commitment to one self so many people can immediately forget everything to start listening to an old story of scarcity and fear around self-investment.

I know. I’ve been there myself. I remember the first time I was offered the opportunity to work with a life coach. I couldn’t believe how much she expected me to pay her (by the way a FRACTION of what I invest in myself today), even though she had already changed my life super fast. In a few meetings she already helped me heal and clear old beliefs and energy that I had been working with releasing for what felt like lifetimes.

And even still..feeling the relief and freedom, my fear kicked in so loudly telling me that there must be THOUSANDS of other things I should be putting my money towards. I have student loans..don’t you know?

But you can’t fix OLD thinking with the same mind that’s still in the scarcity conversation or old limiting beliefs that constantly hold you back. The way you show up for anything is the way you show up for everything. So where else was I limiting myself and not investing in myself to live the life I truly wanted? And I’m not just talking about money. Where else was I assuming that there wouldn’t be enough for me to do the things my soul really wanted me to do? Where else was I blocking myself off from love, abundance, support and magic. Where else was I trying to go it all alone and “figure it all out”?

Ultimately I learned a huge lesson and I continue to learn it again and again as I keep growing, expanding and living this life which really truly is an effing DREAM. I can’t believe how much I’ve created in such a seemingly short amount of time. Miracles are real ya’ll – and SO available to all of us. But it took me getting out of the OLD thought pattern and INTO TAKING ACTION in the direction of abundance to flip the script. Even when I didn’t believe it yet, I could ACT my way into NEW thinking. It works.

It’s ENERGY you see. It’s NEVER really about the money. It’s always about something deeper. Usually underlying beliefs like..I don’t deserve to be invested in, I’m not important enough, I’m not actually wiling to change, if I experience success and wealth that means someone else has to lose, then I’ll feel guilty, I don’t believe I’m actually worthy of living a miraculous dream life, or – my personal favorite – I’m afraid of WHO I WILL BE once I am free and actually connected to my divine purpose and power. Then I’ll really have to step up and be vulnerable and deeply connect with people and receive all the love that is truly divinely MINE.

It’s never about the money. But the paradox is, once you get past any of the old thought patterns and click PAY to get your first session with your new support on the calendar…everything changes. You feel an immediate energetic shift. I’m speaking for myself here to this day. Your ego has to suddenly make sense of the new reality that’s being created, and it ultimately has to follow suit and realize that hey, you’re doing things differently. You’re ready to step into a new YOU. You’re ready to shed the old. And then everything aligns to support supremely magical ways.

Truly that’s how it works, every time. Can’t even make it up because this is my LESSON and continues to be my experience working with so many others. Do you feel it? Why is it so hard to invest in ourselves? For me, it’s all social conditioning and deep programming around values and self-worth.

We are taught from the day we are born on this planet that success is all about outward accomplishment and looking good, especially for women. It’s so DEEP. How could investing in INNER work and vision materialize in the same outward ways? It doesn’t immediately compute along the lines of what we’re taught.

But the secret always is: It’s an inside job. Once you do the inner work and get the clear vision, all the outsides fall into place. Every time. Again and again. We have so much power to heal everything we are truly ready to let go of. We are SO supported. It’s out divine right to be HAPPY, JOYOUS, FREE and SUPER EFFING POWERFUL.

I’m so tired of powerful, inspiring, healers, teachers, magic makers and visionaries playing small. There’s absolutely no time to waste. Not in this moment in time. We need everyone. Calling all angels.

So, tell me, what’s stopping you? <3


Published by Sydney Campos


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