How to Release Limiting Beliefs, Like NOW

Hey bad ass magical soul –

I’m witnessing some huge breakthroughs lately, with my own personal work and with my incredible clients.

Huge shifts around money, abundance, energetic alignment, self-
worth. BIG. Mainly: the scarcity story is SO collective and literally something that isn’t even mine. Until I started really delving deep into my own healing, I’ve absorbed the collective story unconsciously for so long. All the stories, worry, fear and negativity emanating from all the people around me, from culture, from deep-set conditioning that I’ve been inundated with growing up in a capitalist society (the most intense one of all arguably). And I didn’t know any better for a long time. That was just reality – the way things were.

The stories from the scarcity/poverty collective consciousness sound like this:: 

You don’t have enough. You aren’t making enough. You can’t make money doing what you love. You will never be out of debt. You aren’t worth investing in – you should use your money for more “productive” ends like paying off debt. There’s never going to be enough for your to feel safe or taken care of. Be smart, manage your money well, don’t spend too much, keep saving. Retirement is 70 years away but start saving up now anyway – you never know what could happen.

And on and on. Any of this ring a bell? It used to be SO loud in the back of my mind. Money was the #1 thing that kept me in jobs I didn’t truly love for so long. In enslavement to my student loans and all these other fancied obligations I perceived to be ruling my every move. That kept me from traveling like I always wanted to.

But the truth is, for years I wasn’t truly ready to be different. For so long I clung to these stories as a security blanket actually. As something I could control – a purpose and something to MANAGE and feel like I could be productive about. Something to channel my get-her-done energy into. Also something I could relate to others with. And underneath this – I used it to relate to others. People can relate to problems right? After all, who can relate to someone who is simply light and love all the time? They must not be human, and that might feel lonely. So much unconsciousness.

Wow there’s so much in here, are you following? Do you feel it? 

The breakthroughs I’ve been witnessing and experiencing are as follows, consider these #revolutionary possibilities: 

  1. What other people think is none of my business. We are here to be of divine service and shine a light bright and proud to illuminate others’ absolute magnificence and highest potential. Period. The universe is always providing for us as long as we are operating from our mission-centered space.
  2. When you invest in yourself to get help, grow, transform, enter new spaces that hold new possibilities – breakthroughs, shifts, deep re-programming happen and very quickly at that.
  3. Money is energy, that’s it. The rest is just stories we’ve made up. What other stories are you unconsciously believing and buying into or perpetuating? Money is actually the ultimate creative energy in terms of manifestation and the power to produce and create tangible things – things that can help SO many and make wonderful, magical impacts in the world.
  4. The more money we have the greater impact we can create – the more people we can help. The more we can touch, move, inspire, empower others and get our messages across to wider audiences. POWERFUL healing happens, magic is made.
  5. Manifestation is REAL and for sure is available to all of us. We are magic makers after all – we can create ANYTHING we want (but we really have to WANT it). Point being: we can’t manifest anything if we are still perpetuating limiting beliefs rooted in scarcity, lack, unworthiness and fear. So what are the limiting beliefs holding you back from manifesting the things you’re dreaming of creating? Let me suggest to you right away that it’s actually not what you may think at first.

Here’s a helpful exercise (and an example) I’ve been sharing a lot lately.

It’s a great way to get clear on what’s underneath your supposed limiting belief coming up – a way to delve deep and really see what kind of space you’re operating from.

With awareness you can change and RELEASE the old to welcome in the new. And you can help change your thinking by taking new actions. This has been central to my growth and so instrumental in the breakthroughs I help guide others through.

How to Release Old, Limiting Beliefs


Fear: I’m afraid to share what I’m really feeling. Then I’ll feel awkward. Then my message isn’t coming across articulately. Then I lose the opportunities I need to be successful in my business such as connecting with new clients. Then I am not even running a business and I’m stuck in my head. Then I’m alone, and I’m not producing anything of value or worth. Then I am worthless and alone. There’s no point to life.

Underlying belief: I’m worthless. What I have to offer isn’t valuable.

Old Action: Giving up. Taking things personally – when I haven’t gotten opportunities I want. Not taking any action in the direction of my vision. Not sharing my value, message or vision. Creating road blocks to action. Self-sabotaging. Withholding, not sharing my truth. Getting resentful when I don’t communicate honestly and other people misunderstand me. Feeling disconnected from others as a result.

Results: Not taking action, avoiding doing the things you really want to do that will help you progress. Not getting what I want. Feeling like I lack value. Self-fulfilling prophecy based in fear.


New belief (how you would like to feel instead): I am intrinsically valuable. What I have to offer is extremely helpful to the world. I am worthy of divine compensation.

New Actions: I connect with everyone around me. I influence people and inspire them to live in their full possibility, connect with their own vision and live more fulfilled, inspired lives. I do this by communicating my message through various channels, authentically and honestly expressing how I feel creatively. I express myself with confidence and honesty in all conversations, always honoring my truth. I receive love and guidance from many relationships in my life. I happily invest in myself to feel guided and supported and to keep the flow of abundance active in my life. I receive incredible acknowledgement from all the people I help and inspire on a regular basis. I am receiving an abundant flow of compensation for my divinely guided work.

Results: In love with my life, work is fun, everything is in the flow. Self-care routine is easy to focus on – especially in the morning because the rest of my day is fun. I am divinely inspired. I am living my dreams. I am in full integrity with my purpose. I feel like I am in the flow of life. I am rested, relaxed and energized all at once.


I would take this a step further in 1:1 work by creating customized tangible actions with accountable goals attached to really help ingrain the new beliefs.

Trust me, it works. There’s no quicker way to changing then really putting your full skin in the game and saying (even if you don’t believe it at first) I AM WILLING TO CHANGE, here’s how I’ll step up to create that SPACE to allow it to happen.


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