The Universe Always Provides

A few more days on magical Gili Air, then off to Jakarta and Singapore to get my long-term visa. At the moment, nursing a killer stomach ache. Bali belly it’s called – official welcome gift perhaps. Grateful for all the people who have offered to help me in the mean time, even if just through sending loving notes and well wishes.
Now for the big news! In a week I’m moving into a villa called ONE TRIBE in Ubud. It has a beautiful pool, large yoga studio, and lovely light-filled vibes. It’s on the edge of the jungle but still close to the city center and all my fave spots to chill. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place really. And it all came together rather seamlessly. The universe always provides #notetoself.
My roomies are healers, teachers, dancers, creators – magic makers! I’m already visualizing the yoga, meditation and epic workshops I want to host in this phenomenal space! I’ll be there for the next few months, possibly making some trips off to Thailand and maybe Oz too, we’ll see what happens. Remember, the less planning and the more openness to flow, the better.
Since I’m facing some resistance at the moment to stepping up in some huge ways I’ve had to up-level my support team big time. This week I am reaching out to many people I’ve resonated with over the past few months to see if they can help support me in embodying everything I am feeling so pulled to create. I never have to do anything alone.
And even after just taking some simple actions to set up phone calls and talk to some of those said people, I’ve already gotten a few new client inquiries! Something happens when I am in the flow of holding myself accountable to being supported. It’s like a mirror effect, making me more magnetic to other people who are similarly seeking support. I love sharing about moments like these because I know hearing about similar ones from other people I look up to deeply helps me.

Suddenly I remember how all of this magic really works. It’s a flow and my job is to keep as many channels open as possible.

Another big lesson lately: rejection is gods protection. Sometimes relationships end to make way for new ones that are in better alignment and carry a higher vibration = more possibility / less limitations. So how willing can I be to let go and instead make way for the new? Even if its unknown how it will BE and FEEL, it’s usually proven to me in the past to always be better and more energizing than before.

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