Ushering in the New Era

Woke up feeling LIGHT.

Reminded by a friend’s beautiful words that we are entering collectively into a new Age of Enlightenment. It’s written in the stars.

A few modern day reminders to celebrate::

** yoga and meditation being taught in schools in lieu of detention – with more adopting these practices everyday
** yoga studios rivaling popularity of Starbucks on city streets
** Headspace app being advertised on NYC subways with powerful user testimonials
** The Big Quiet offering space for 3,000 people to meditate together, often times selling out due to popular demand
** People waking up to truth about crises like Standing Rock
** It’s becoming trending to eat healthy. Gluten-free, vegan, sustainable food options becoming more available and in some places, predominant
** Meditation becoming an industry in and of itself
** Holistic healing events and experiences are selling out at places like Maha Rose among others
** Sober dance parties are gaining popularity worldwide, I see you DAYBREAKER
** Mass movement of money out of corporate institutions and into credit unions
** More people starting their own entrepreneurial ventures than ever before; curious to know stats on this but feels like record breaking amount
** Platforms like mindbodygreen gaining huge readership and notoriety amid mainstream press
** Documentaries like Before the Flood and 13th getting major distribution on platforms like Netflix
** Donald Trump, someone with no political experience whatsoever, being elected as President. Pretty revolutionary.

What else have you noticed that signifies the changing times upon us?

I also feel the shift as a change in underlying energy. It hits me pretty often as a deep, deep appreciation for being alive at this specific moment. That I could have easily missed all of this but that somewhere deep down I chose to be here.

Feels like a reaffirmation and empowering validation that I’m here to help. And that so many others are waking up to their own calling. I can feel so much of the old slipping away to make way for the new.

Imagine a world in which we all operate from a place of: what would LOVE do?


Published by Sydney Campos


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