I’ll Be Your Mirror

Waking up to this beauty.

So grateful for my life at this moment. And to think I was so close to missing it.

Lately I’m working with some incredible new clients these days who inspire me so much!

The first thing we cover when we start working together? High vision.

What is your highest vision for your life? Who do you aspire to be? How do you want to feel? What do you want to feel like waking up in the morning and throughout your day? What kinds of relationships do you have? What kinds of opportunities are available to you? Who are the majority of your texts, emails and messages from – what do they say?

When people describe their experience of you, what words do they use? Most of all, what impact are you creating in the world? Who are you inspiring? How in love are you with yourself and your magical life? What are you excited about?

What does it feel like to know in your deepest heart that you are absolutely limitless and capable of creating absolutely anything you want?

What’s it like for you to consider these questions? How does it make you feel to rise to the challenge – to holding yourself accountable to a high vision? In my experience, to come close to refining my vision and really seeing myself without limitations, I needed guidance and a container to play and explore. The beauty of coaching is that it’s really all about mirroring.

More and more – I’m seeing how my job is to simply be a mirror to your brilliance. A reminder of all that you are already at your core. Of everything that you have at your fingertips, waiting to be brought into fruition. You see, you’re already complete. You have it all. You are ready, in fact, you’ve been ready. And the world is waiting for you.<3


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