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flyyy.JPGAll the things you’ve always wanted. Everything you’ve ever wanted to be. To experience. What is it for you, what comes to mind? I know you’ve got some pretty epic dreams – why else would you be reading this?

Probably for the last two years or so I’ve talked [a lot] about getting to Bali and Australia. I think one winter a few years back I even remember researching pretty seriously the possibility of relocating to Australia. They have a pretty sweet visa deal, especially for those of us under 30 (one more year left YEE).

I even messaged a few friends I knew who had made the move years ago to ask them about their process and experience. You know those friends on Instagram who are posting about being nomads down under, saving the ocean, making sea-shell jewelry and traveling around in hippie busses, surfing and just living the dream? Well I have a few of those and I used to stalk the ISH out of them.

I looked up to them so much. How were they doing it? How was it possible? They must not have had any student loans or credit card debt. They must have money from their parents. They must have a secret online business or Etsy shop that’s generating their income somehow. They must have a sugar daddy. Something’s gotta give. 

Those were the first things that always came to mind. All about the money. That was my biggest barrier to wrapping my head around any of it. I simply couldn’t see past it. After all, I still have quite a bit of student loan debt, and credit card debt too – some of which was even used to pay the student loans at a particular time (and so the cycle continues). I used to feel like I was the only one, like no one else could possibly understand the burden.

I say this all to reflect pretty deeply on how much transformation is truly possible when you put a few practices into motion consistently and with strong determination to release old beliefs, take opposite actions and get free. 

I mean, I’m writing this note on a plane heading to Bali – and guess what, I’m seriously entertaining the idea of sticking around for a few months. After all, I created a life that allows me the freedom to do exactly that. And I just spent 2 weeks in beautiful New Zealand which – truth be told – absolutely looks like The Hobbit holy grail but even more beautiful. I call it fairyland.

The money conversation that used to be such a big block for me still rears its head occasionally, but these days under a different guise. It pops up as a voice reminding me to be responsible, that I should get back to NYC after a month or so because I need to be present for my responsibilities and to just be there to show face. That a month is probably all I deserve – anything more might seem excessive.

Plus I did just get my own apartment and everything – and now I’m off to be a nomad? This just doesn’t fit into my old story of “responsibility” or the conditioning of so many years of being in a job with vacation-limits and other constraints.

So I acknowledge this voice as it comes up. And then I re-confirm with myself and my inner guidance what is actually in the interest of my highest good. The answer keeps coming back as – BE OPEN and DON’T OVER PLAN.

See what happens. Be open to being surprised. You don’t have to know everything at the outset. Be open to everything being better than you can even imagine. Receive. Be taken care of. Let life flow. Do what feels good. 

This is what’s true. So this is what I keep showing up for.

+++ What’s true for you? How can you show up to bring YOUR truth even more to life?

+++ How can you be more in the flow or ALLOWING everything that is yours to come to you?

+++ How can you become a clear channel for guidance to flow through and guide you in the direction of your heart’s desires?

+++ Instead of asking what you can do to be productive today, what can you do that’s beautiful and TRUE?

+++ What do you need to feel as good as you possibly can in this moment?

I’m reading this amazing book called Sacred Economics – highly recommend it if you’re interested into nerding out about global political economy, the history of capitalism and an inspiring perspective on future alternatives.

A big premise I’m resonating with in this book is – instead of asking “what can I do/make that will make me money and contribute to growing the economy” (aka continuing more of the same cycle of limitless growth, scarcity and polarization) – what can I do that is BEAUTIFUL?

What is my GIFT? What can I give that is uniquely of my soul and no one else’s? How can I HELP?

This is how we re-define our economy. This is how we end the scarcity conversation. This is how we see through the collective-consciousness barriers that try to block us from doing what we’ve always dreamed of doing. To take that trip. To travel for a long period. To start your own company. To make art for the hell of it. To volunteer or start a nonprofit. To write a book just because – with no profit motive in mind. To lose track of time doing what you love.

To give it away because you know in doing so it will come back to you ten-fold. To feel more deeply connected than ever before. To return to what is truly sacred.

If this all sounds crazy and you still don’t get how I am working on re-shaping my scarcity/abundance perception and subsequent experience..trust me, there’s been a lot of work involved over time to decondition from society’s deep subconscious programming.

You know what I’m saying. Basically from day one being born into America I feel like I was receiving subconscious programming to think that I’m not enough and that something outside of me – such as make up, clothes, status, money, you name it – was going to be the answer to my completion.

Queue SO many lessons in developing self-esteem, learning to look to myself for validation and love and disconnecting from seeing scarcity and the need for MORE everywhere I looked.

Meditation is a good starting point. To connect to what’s true for you and to strengthen that inner guidance as much as possible helps you get plugged into what’s true for you. And to detach from the collective chatter that so many of us are subconsciously picking up on.

Followed up with focused action and attention towards doing what your heart really guides you to do – that’s the way.

More and more I am tuning into the truth that we need a new way. And it has to start with me. And you. We’re in this together. There’s no time to wait for someone else to do it.

Collectively we transform and create something completely new. A structure that serves the whole instead of just a few. A real win/win, in which everyone benefits and thrives. 

When you thrive, I thrive. And together we rise. Imagine what magic we can make when we believe in our true power? When we all stand in our unique gifts, supporting each other to be as authentic as possible.

This is the future I am excited about living in. Picture what’s possible when we are all clear on our gifts, and we share them with each other without end.

Peace, love, prosperity, creativity and fun. I see you. I love you.

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