The Magic of Loneliness

Sometimes I feel really lonely. And the thing that helps more than ever is sending loving hellos to others I care about. And sharing how I’m feeling. The more I do that, the more I see how similarly we all feel. That we all crave connection and recognition. That we all simply want to be seen. And most of all, we are never, ever alone.

I sent a hello message to an old friend I haven’t seen in maybe years, noticing she’s out and about traveling the world having epic adventures. To my surprise (but maybe not really) she got back to me right away and said she had been thinking of me too! And someday this week we’re catching up – clearly we have some fun things to rap about.

I used to want everyone to come to me. I couldn’t be the first person to put myself out there to even say hi – what if I was rejected? What if I looked desperate or awkward? What then? I couldn’t afford to take such a risk, my ego wouldn’t have it. Can’t you read my mind and know that I need love and attention, and in this specific way?

Then if I didn’t get what I wanted I’d be super resentful that no one read my mind. And guess what, I’d feel even more alone and isolated. So I never actually got what I wanted carrying on this way – but that’s all I knew. It wasn’t my fault, that’s just what my toolbox looked like at the time.

Today I know that connection starts with giving. It starts with vulnerability and putting myself out there. With being the first to offer my hand to help. Or simply sharing a note offering infinite blessings to someone I feel might need to hear exactly that.

This is how I can fill up, warm my heart and be connected. This is how I invite more magic in.


Published by Sydney Campos


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