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DEPTH and MAGIC on my mind. Like more than usual. Lots of LOVE in there too. Some big shifts happening, do you feel it? New MOON on Sunday, just before Halloween – and Scorpio doesn’t play. No, this new moon is known as the Black New Moon – it amplifies intentions and your deepest most intense desires. It’s all about alchemy, transformation, manifestation and extra MAGIC.

So, let me ask you:: What do you want to feel like when you wake up in the morning? What do you look like? What does your home and surroundings feel like? What energy are you immersed in? How does your life nourish you? What are your relationships like? Do you feel connected? Fulfilled? Guided? What does success mean to you? What does it involve? What does it bring with it?

Get specific. Get as detailed and clear about your vision as possible. What do you truly WANT?

This is how we make [new moon] magic. Start from where you are and simply visualize your ideals, particularly focusing on how you want to feel. Bask in the feelings as much as possible and then see what starts to shift. I promise you’ll experience some big changes with continued practice of this simple exercise. I know I have.

So let me just get right to it. I’m SO grateful and blessed to live this life – it totally is a dream. And I get so much love from people telling me how my sharing about it helps them, inspires them, and encourages them to step up in their own lives – which is all I could ever hope to do really.

That’s what it’s all about. We help and inspire each other and lift each other up like its our job. #Elevate

But it’s so important to me to keep it real. And as stakes get higher across the board – my investment in myself and my business, people relying on me for huge incredible support and value, my increased liabilities that having a big life affords such as my own (more expensive) apartment and so many people wanting to spend time with me I can barely keep my calendar open some days – my fear and ego can at times be louder and more demanding than ever.

Trust, for me, is for sure my soul lesson here in this lifetime. Period. Can I trust that I’m taken care of? Can I trust that the same divine power and inspiration that helped wake me up to save my life 5 years ago is alive and well in my life every moment, literally setting me up for success, expansion, happiness and freedom all the time?

For some reason it’s hard to believe 100% of the time that I have my own team of personal cheerleaders with magical, miraculous powers – my own security detail that loves me more than anything and only wants me to live in LOVE. Maybe it’s hard to believe because if I really believed then I wouldn’t have to work so hard.

But HELLO MOMENT. Right now I am totally safe. I’m blessed to live in a country with so much opportunity and access to love and support – it blows me away.

What I am building right now might not have even been possible 5 years ago, you know? But I wasn’t ready 5 years ago. What were you doing 5 years ago? What were you up to even a year ago? I bet a lot has changed. Can you see how the time most certainly is NOW and that maybe for you too, a lot has unfolded in quite divine timing? That maybe, just maybe, you’re like me and feel like you couldn’t have planned it any better yourself?

I think after all that our job is just to keep showing up and most importantly: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Sometimes I LOVE to complicate things and figure out the past and everything that happened so I can rationalize it BEFORE accepting what IS (right now) and ENJOYING it. What if there’s nothing to figure out and really my only job is to find the joy and FUN in this moment, right here right now? Maybe it’s that easy.

Maybe our job is just to have as much fun as we possibly can. That’s when we’re inspired, that’s when we inspire others – that’s when we can be in love and heal people with our mere presence. Isn’t that a wild idea: healing others just by being happy and in love with ourselves and our lives?

What if we lived in a world like that? That’s what I’m here for. Are you in? DREAM LIFE.


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