Don’t Downgrade Your Dreams to Match Your Reality.

Upgrade Your Faith to Match Your Vision.

How good is this? Hurting because my heart is expanding in all directions radiating that magical love-y dove-y goodness. Like I was feeling it so hard I made this emo slow jams playlist that is actually going to be REAL smooth to put on in my yoga class one day soon. We fly like that <3

Trying to get through all this good stuff, which are mainly things I didn’t get to last week because I was able to take time to go on an epic spiritual retreat adventure upstate. I’m so thankful for the flexibility I’ve created to make that possible. And I’m still blown away by the experience. I don’t think I can really communicate what happened upstate with John of God, but whatever happened was magical. I showed up with very little expectation of what was to come. But before even arriving magical things were already starting to align. The broker who initially put me on to this John of God fellow ended up recommending a mutual friend get in touch with me to see if we could car pool to the retreat. It turned out to be a friend I hadn’t seen since we did Reiki training together a year ago!

We got to share an epic car rental debacle and journey which allowed us to catch up for HOURS and share everything we’re up to. Long story short – she hooked me up with a promising venue for my sober nightclub/co-working/healing space – MAGIC! More to come but looks like we’ll be doing the event in early 2017, first as a pop up to test the concept and then hopefully we’ll transition to a hub, a permanent space where all the dream life vibes will be housed going forward – and so on, and so on! #onwards

So the upstate adventure? Well, I’m sure I’m still processing it all. It was beautiful to see people from all over the world of all colors, ages and styles – plus some famous people you’d all recognize and smile at the thought of seeing them there in their whites paying homage to magic and miracles. I felt so connected – like people I met didn’t even need to introduce themselves because we already knew what we were all about. I was again reminded of how simple it can all be if we choose love again and again. That actually that’s what we’re all here for at the end of the day. Strip everything else away and I’m pretty certain we’re all just pure love underneath it all. Spiritual teachings are sometimes so simple that my wannabe-complex mind can’t always process their depth. I want to have more explanation and a grand answer to BUT WHY and HOW. You know? But with this, it seems that it just IS.

The other reminder that kept coming through, especially this week while I’ve been feeling a little busier than usual, is JUST BE. And that there’s nothing more to DO. I do so much! We all do – especially in NYC. Doesn’t it feel like NYC is the epitome of DOING energy? I had this great meeting today with a potential new dream client and he shared about feeling challenged to get anything done with respect to his company’s growth and execution because Bali (where he’s normally based) is all about BEING. He had to consciously make a trip back to Brooklyn and decide to build a team here in order to move forward. His admission made me smile – because he’s so right! I think that’s why I love NYC so much and feel so at home here. I’m such a DO-er but hey, I need to [constantly] remember to re-focus on my BEING vibes – which comes down to balance and allowing and receiving, which is really just about ENJOYING, right?


On Sunday I went to this amazing day-long summit which blew me away. It was hosted byMove The Crowd which is a dope org. dedicated to coaching entrepreneurs and change makers to help them make even greater impacts and reach all the people they’re destined to help. I’ve been stalking them from afar for awhile so it was a real treat to hang at their annual gathering. I met so many inspiring peeps but most of all it felt incredibly supportive and empowering to be surrounded by passionate entrepreneurs following their dreams – such contagious nourishing energy! My main takeaways were “as soon as your story matters to you, it matters to the world” and “my life changed the moment I decided money didn’t stand in the way of me creating what I am meant to create.” BOOM. #micdrop And then as if it couldn’t get any sweeter, India Arie came through (also a Move The Crowd member and coaching client!) to drop some amazing knowledge and share her truth about being a creator in the music biz. She is AMAZING. This song is everything. <3

The conference really helped ask myself some hard questions about my own vision and goals for all the endeavors I’m involved in, which sometimes feels like a lot to explain when people ask. I’m a holistic life coach, a marketing advisor to startups and brands, a strategist, an energy healer, and a yoga teacher. Plus I love to dance and I want to open a sober nightclub/co-working space/holistic healing center and help build connected communities that cultivate empowerment and creativity wherever I go. PHEW. And I can be ALL THOSE THINGS without having to have ONE TITLE. But it is important to be clear on who I am trying to help by not promoting messaging that’s aiming to appeal to everyone. So I added some more detail to my offerings page on my website, which for now feels like a big step in the right direction until I do a more comprehensive update. I’m just learning as I go, but it feels so good to share and be transparent about the journey. I already sense that I’ll look back to this moment even in a month or two from now and everything will be different all over again. Such is the hustle life! And I’m so grateful to share with you, thank you for being a part of my tribe. As always, let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help you! It would be my honor!!

PS: DO THIS meditation, right below. How powerful are those words? How empowered do you feel saying those statements? I tried this with my friend who shared it with me, we each read it to each other as “You have…” etc. and it was beautiful to share. Try it with someone you love and see what happens! Can you imagine what our world would be like if we all spoke to each other like this all the time? <3

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