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First things first – here is a fresh playlist I’ve been putting together this week, pretty much captures how I’ve been feeling lately. <3 It might make you wanna do some body rolls. Get into it.
Anyone else feeling the crazy insane vibes this past week? Maybe manifesting in having trouble going to sleep or even waking up – a general heaviness? Hard time making decisions? Feeling generally fuzzy. Tell me about it. With mercury retrograde in full effect plus Friday’s full moon – it’s no joke out there ya’ll. It’s like an energetic storm turned up to 11 – had to take some extra measures to rest up and take it easy when I could, and just go with the flow when things didn’t go as planned, which happened to be quite a bit. September horoscopes = on point.

Oh and technical difficulties like WHOA. With moving into a new space especially (hay Williamsburg I’m feeling you!) it’s been a little hectic. I want everything to be set up and perfect, like yesterday. But it doesn’t happen overnight. And then the video call doesn’t work. And then sometimes you just realize, it’s not worth it to stress over. Maybe that meeting just wasn’t meant to me. Trust there will be a better time when it all comes together easily like it should. In the mean time there’s always Frank Ocean to blast in the background while you’re recalibrating the calendar.

Perfect example: Sunday morning I had a fun call w/ a friend who offered me a Kundalini session over Skype (cool friend, right?) and we were all geared up to go when suddenly my internet (it’s called Slayers Club FYI) wasn’t working (after working fine for 2 weeks). Then I called #thehomies at Time Warner and they were like – you’re internet was never set up, to which I responded: hmm then explain how I spent an hour on the phone with ya’ll setting it up 2 weeks ago, por favor. Then I remembered – mercury retrograde, this has gotta be some kind of lesson in patience, LOVE and compassion, it just has to be. Side note: I wonder how many people this happens to on the daily.

There were some other fun instances like this that happened but ultimately the lesson is – how ya gonna react? That’s the only thing we have any control over anyways. Even though sometimes I find it hard to admit, I actually don’t have control over anything else. And to keep my reaction grounded, positive and rooted in compassion and patience (ugh there’s that word again) I’ve gotta constantly stay working out. Just like some people go to the gym to get yoked (and others get on our yoga mats to get them gams, you know) – I’ve gotta stay on my workout routine: movement for sure, but also meditation, self-care, prayer, journaling and oh yeah, BREATHING A LOT, to stay ready for whatever gets thrown into my path. What’s your routine? Even if its just starting with a simple meditation or breathing practice, just a minute or two a day can make a big difference. Never underestimate the potential for seemingly small shifts to amount to tremendous results.

MAGICAL STORTY ALERT::: You know when different people in rather separate areas of your life happen to mention the same thing in close proximity to one another and it’s like the sign to check the thing out couldn’t be more obvious. Well that happened. People everywhere kept mentioning John of God, this magical healer dude based in rural Brazil. About 2 weeks ago I started researching flights to go out and visit him next year – plus I wanted to make it out to Brazil anyways since I haven’t been back since 2009 (oh yeah, that time I lived in Salvador for half a year!). Then a week later, I’m on the beach in Montauk perusing my Facebook newsfeed. I see one friend post from Omega Institute, a very cool retreat center upstate I’ve always lurked from afar but never visited. Then a little later on down the posts I see another friend post about purchasing tickets to see John of God. I text her asking how and when she’s going to Brazil, assuming that was the case.She replied saying she’s seeing him at Omega Institute in just a few weeks – and that I better try to snag a spot before it sells out – then I snagged a spot on Thursday 9/29 – magic! 

And that’s what I call – manifestation magic my friends. Can you think of any examples of that happening to you, even if on a smaller scale? I think the more we notice these moments the more they tend to happen! For me it felt like the Universe was saying – oh, you want to see John in Brazil? Why go all the way there, that’s awfully far. How about sticking around closer to home instead. LOVE IT. So we’ll see. I’m going to hang w/ this guy – got my all white everything fit ready to go and maybe a crystal or two to bring to get #blessed, duh. <3


There is a train you are waiting for that is never going to come. Maybe it’s fame; maybe it’s a certain relationship; maybe it’s money. It doesn’t matter. Whoever you are, you deserve to be great, you deserve to live a life that is rare and beautiful — and yet, you must understand that what stands between you and your greatness is the fact that you have not yet mourned the death of some ideal.

Whoever you are, seek out what you still hope will come save you and let yourself fully grieve for it, for it is only by grieving that you will learn how to find a deeper, more dependable happiness. Right now, you stand like a novice chef in front of a fully-stocked refrigerator: you don’t need any more ingredients, just more skill in putting them together. You have, in fact, already felt all the feelings there are — all the love, joy, pride, and exultation this life can offer — but you have not yet learned how to hold these things with a steady mind.

And that is why you must practice gratitude, each and every day, for your life exactly as it is right now. Take time not only to count your blessings, but also to see that focusing on one blessing makes you aware of more and more blessings, till your life shines with a full and real goodness. For the irony is this: when you can love your life unconditionally, without needing anything in it to change, then everything in it will change for the better.

Paul Weinfield aka one of those magical people who just speaks to my soul, like direct hit to the heart every time. He makes beautiful music + meditations too.

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