Support is Sexy: Redefining And Rediscovering Your Magic

For Sydney Campos, it’s all very simple: She wants “people to be happy and to have fun.” It’s what she has wanted from the very beginning, since the time she was a little empathic girl growing up in San Francisco. Today, now thriving off the energy of New York, Sydney has created a business that has a similar vibe with her new company Make Only Magic. By combining marketing and branding support with coaching and holistic practices, Sydney helps her clients — who she calls “conscious creators” — realize pathways to compassion and connection through their brands and within their lives.

On this episode, Sydney talks about how to redefine and embrace the word magic; the shift in the business landscape that now has companies knowing how important it is to have more meaning; and how to create a business that taps into a mission bigger than itself.

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On this episode you’ll learn

  • 3 tips for women entrepreneurs to embrace their magic.
  • Why, if you’re in college, you should take courses that inspire you, not for a job you think you’ll have the rest of your life.
  • How to thrive in the new economy.
  • Why going through recovery was a transformative part of her journey to spirituality and self-love.
  • The power of going into a job, position or opportunity knowing what you want to learn from it.
  • The importance of knowing when it’s time to move on.
  • Knowing that you have the option to say “this isn’t a good fit for me,” especially if it literally makes you sick.
  • Beware of the curse of knowledge.
  • Operating with an abundance mindset.
  • How to have fun, even when it’s scary.

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Email Sydney at for access to a special friends and family offer of $111 for one session (typically 75 minutes) of holistic coaching, private yoga instruction and/or Reiki energy healing (in-person and distant healing available). USE THE CODE: SUPPORTISSEXY

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