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I got this awesome sheet of affirmations from one of my fave Reiki teachers ever – who also happens to be an incredible artist and musician aka total rockstar.  I’ve also been sharing affirmations with a friend for 127 days in a row now – we’ve barely missed a beat, and it’s wild to look back over that precise timeframe and see just how many incredible miracles have absolutely manifested. We share 10 affirmations each day, typically in the AM, via email and share encouraging feedback often to keep each other motivated.

It feels so good to look back and see what’s materialized over even the last 60 days, nearly half the time we’ve been sharing. I remember writing my affirmations while waiting for the bus on my way to my former agency – having some preliminary thoughts about possibly leaving and starting my own thing. Then I started including the vision I had for the business and life I wanted to create in my affirmations – and sure enough, so much of the picture I painted with words has come to be.

From my practice, affirmations work best when you focus on how you truly want to feel – focusing on connecting with the emotions you want to experience and the quality of that experience felt throughout your body and mind. The hope is that with enough practice embodying these desired feelings, they eventually become the default “radio frequency” if you will – and I can tune into good feelings more easily, especially when my mind might start pulling me into anxiety, fear or negativity. Sharing with a friend (really an accountability partner) has helped me stay consistent in my practice – plus its fun to celebrate each others’ wins and watch each other grow and transform. I wonder what would happen if we all put this kind of magic into daily practice! It’s fun to think about <3


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