A Return to Prayer: Putting It To Practice

prayerhandsemoji-990x500And everyone’s invited! YAAASSS. I stumbled across the below beautifully composed prayers in my phone note pad and totally forget where I found them but it’s TOO good I have to share. I’ve recently recommitted to daily prayer and even started writing my prayers down in a journal each day per recommendation of my lovely mentor. And I’ve got to admit that while I’ve definitely prayed consistently albeit sporadically over many periods in the past – it’s always been proven to me that it works, especially when shared with others.

At one point I even had a prayer partner. We called each other in the early AM one morning a week and shared prayers we had written down for that day – prayers for ourselves, for loved ones, for the world. Something about that exchange always set me up to have a better than average day. I felt more gratitude for simple things and seemed to notice more moments of positivity in daily interactions that I might have easily missed otherwise. Plus lately I’ve been thinking about how there is so much power in speaking ideas into existence – and using your words to manifest intentions and beliefs. It’s only been a few days but I’m excited to share all the good stuff that is sure to materialize now that I’ve got my daily prayer party back in action.



May I feel heard. May I feel listened to. May I feel like what I say is important, even when I don’t get it “right”. May I hear myself. May I feel free to voice my opinions. May I feel the songs in me that wish to be sung and may I sing them freely. May I feel free to make sound. May I feel free to make up my mind and change when I have good reason to. May I feel like my mind is my own. 

May I use my talents to support myself. May my passion pave the way for abundance to flow freely into my life. May I feel the sacred sources of my desire. May I do all that is in my power to develop my relationship with them. May I honor my desires. May I support my desires and be supported by them.

May I allow myself the luxury of seeing my work as a sacred vessel for my self development. May I know that every single time I show up for my work I am showing up for myself. May I focus on each of my efforts instead of their immediate outcomes. May I remember that the results of my efforts are not up to me. May I trust that my work will get to the people that need it the most. May I develop the capacity to keep myself from falling into the traps of self-doubt and fear and instead develop a healthy curiosity for what works and what doesn’t. May I trust in my ability to follow what in my work has energy. May I remember that following where the energy of my career takes me is more important than following some external textbook. May I trust my inner guide. May I trust my instincts.

May I allow myself to see my life through a wide lens. May I remember that this is about far more than just my little life. May I remember that my place in this Universe is of the greatest importance and at the same time is one in a bazillion. May I remember that life is long and impermanent. May I remember to live each moment with as much consciousness as I possibly can.

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