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Today is my last day at praytell, my agency of two years, #byeee!

I’ve learned SO much over my time with the recently dubbed fastest-growing-agency-in-North-America, yes indeed. And I’ve got nothing but love for my praytell peeps – they are the absolute best, and we’ll keep in touch, and maybe one day (soon) they’ll invite me in to lead some cool workshop/meditation/morning rave – something dreamy like that, you know. It feels so good to part ways on such positive, grateful terms, wow.

But what on earth am I doing? I did just willingly decide to leave an absolute dream job after all, seriously, the best in the biz. The short and simple version of it all: I wasn’t feeling in alignment anymore – I just wasn’t feeling it! Plus the insatiable urge I’ve always had to work for myself (boss lady life you know) just got so loud too ignore. I’m feeling mega called to start stepping up to the plate.

What-you-waiting-ehLooking back, the past two years have been an intense time of growth and (re)education in so many ways. I got my reiki certification, delved deeper into my yoga and meditation practices, took lots of solo explorations, completed legendary, transformative workshops, strengthened my intuition and worked with fantastic coaches who all hold me to my highest possibility. And I’ve almost completed my year-long holistic health coaching certification program, which has absolutely been a huge part of the shift that’s been pushing me to go out on my own.

The point is, I want to live the life I’ve always dreamed of living, like right this moment. And lately I just haven’t been able to answer “what am I waiting for” anymore. None of my typical excuses seemed to measure up to how I was feeling day in, day out having to show up somewhere that didn’t actually hold my heart’s attention in the way that I absolutely yearn for. And sometimes it can feel scary to think about – I have no idea what’s going to happen! But most of all, it’s exhilarating. Especially when I admit to myself that I actually never know what’s going to happen anyway 🙂

But rest assured, I have plenty of fun plans to announce, maybe more than ever before! I’m super excited to share everything with you out in the open before I go into epic magical silence with great friends upstate for 8 whole days (the facilitators literally take our phones away and hide them in box and then we don’t make eye contact, touch or speak to each other for 8 days, whoohoo!). Get ready for updates galore:
  • First off, the 8 day silent retreat curriculum is “A Meaningful Life” – how perfect? Is this for me specifically? I think so.
  • I’m back in reality the week of 6/6 – we’ll see how long it takes to re-integrate, which is always fun
  • I started my own company – it’s called Real Magic. I offer coaching and consulting for conscious creators and change makers and help them create more magic in their lives. I even wrote a manifesto and developed a 6 month 1:1 coaching program that’s purely EPIC. I’m so excited to share more, get in touch if you or another magic maker you know might be interested!
  • Although I’m actively seeking out clients for holistic life coaching, seems like everyone is eager to work with me for business and brand strategy! So, I’m rolling with it and calling myself a Holistic Brand Strategist. New name, new game. Plus it makes me feel so #woke to describe what I do like that. YAASSS.
  • I’m working with two absolutely epic travel start ups that are both going to take over the world in their own special ways >> For LoKi and SkyHoppr I’ll lead marketing strategy while continuing to help out with some product development and biz dev stuff too. Download LoKi if you’re looking for something fun to do in your city with new local insider friends (just NYC for now but more to come soon!). SkyHoppr will hook you up with unlimited flights for one low monthly price, like REAL low = dreamy! Check em both out, we’re up to big things.
  • I’m also working with a few other clients across marketing, social media, events and biz strategy: a cool media agency, a swagged-out apparel brand and a new movement/creative space opening up soon in Soho
  • More work with my fave passion project team -The Big Quiet/Medi Club – helping with social strategy and content, dreams ya’ll <3
  • June 25th is the first (of many) Dreamcatcher Workshops I’m helping host with Abel Costa (aka dreamcatcher master visionary). I’ll lead the opening meditation and help facilitate the magic making – come join the fun <3 The next one is 7/9 at Lucky Lotus in Fort Greene.
  • June 27 – July 22 I’m doing yoga teacher training with Laughing Lotus in NYC – aka the most San Francisco yoga studio ever, like..seriously..they have a glitter bar. SEE YA ON THE MAT. Excited to deepen my practice and who knows, maybe start teaching and DJing at the same damn time?
  • July 23, I’m off to Portugal for 2 dreamy weeks. I won’t be totally off the grid though as I’ll be work work workin’. I’ll try to get my surf on, plus maybe meet some beautiful people and just catch the rays while eating delicious food and getting nice and rejuvenated. The new normal? Yes please.
  • Oh yeah, I’m going to get the decks out and try to get some gigs at a dance party near you. Just working on my new DJ name – DJ Squidneezy doesn’t feel 100% right but neither does DJ SYD or DJ Squidneez. What do you think? HALP.
  • And..I want to make VIDEOS. About meditation. And weird things that make me uncomfortable that I’ve learned to manage and heal. And maybe even make a podcast..yes I said it..a PODCAST. About REAL MAGIC. Can’t you just see it now?

Past then – well I’m not really sure! But I know it’ll be fun, no matter what. As always, I’m renewing my intention to create more open space for fun, friends, adventures, spontaneity, practice and creativity! There’s still so much I want to learn – tarot, more painting, more work with plants and herbs, ayurveda, numerology, so many books to read – and lots of tea dates with friends I’ll surprise at work randomly, can’t wait! And I know I’ll do it all, in divine timing making sure it all happens perfectly as always.

That was a lot but there’s lots to share! Thanks for being such a magical part of my life, I couldn’t have gotten here without you! Your support and connection means the world. If there’s ever anything I can do to support you please let me know. I love you, I love you, I really do!

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