Ready, Set, Flow: My Top 10

Originally posted this on Facebook as the longest status update of all time, because, why not. All I know is I was feeeelinnnggg it on 5/8 – so have to share again, especially to review all the magical dreams and goals I have cooking up! So much of this was written months ago in another list of intentions, which wasn’t even that long ago. Change can happen quickly if we’re really ready to receive it!

++ A few updates to share in lieu of going out to DA Miami club cuz I’m sun stroked and definitely have some weird burn patches slash tan lines after skipping my base tan like a pro. I am really excited about some cool things brewing in my life these days, like some big things. And it seems like maybe they’re happening all at once because you know how I like to do it big. It feels good to share too so here’s my top ten:

1. Miami dream life comes to a close tomorrow evening so I can hop over early Monday morning to Red Hook for TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016repping LoKi in Startup Alley
2. Next weekend I’m going upstate with Maha Rose to study Akashic Record reading, something I’ve always been curious to learn about and practice! 🌟
3. My last day at what’s been a dream job for the last two years will be 5/26. What a blessing to have worked with such talented beautiful people, watch out world they’re going places 💪🏼
4. The next day I’m going on an 8 day silent vipassana retreat with amazing magic seekers upstate for what will surely be an other worldly experience. The retreat curriculum is called “A Meaningful Life” too because, well, of course 💜
5. I’m launching my holistic coaching program!! I’ve always felt like I’ve had a calling to help people and help make the world a better, more equitable, loving place and I now know what that means for me! Working with gifted coaches has helped me grow and change my life in so many beautiful ways – I am more myself today than ever before, living in my highest vision, which is such a miracle. I’ve learned so much along the way (plus over the last year studying with The Institute For Integrative Nutrition) and I can’t wait to help others navigate their own paths of balance, healing, health and dreams. Oh and I want to get my Reiki Masters attunements so I can teach other people this beautiful practice and share this incredible gift that’s absolutely changed my life.
6. I’m going to get yoga teacher certified over June – July with Laughing Lotus Yoga NY (aka the most SF glitter style yoga studio ever) so I can deepen my practice and maybe even start teaching some hip hop and hot yoga flow classes (WHATSUP Y7 Yoga Studio and Tangerine Hot Power Yoga).
7. I’m going to commit myself to practicing DJing so I can get all up in them parties like I’m supposed toooooo be! DJing has been a dream of mine for so long and I’m tired of being a creepy onlooker at parties and events when I know that could be me on the ones and twos helping people get HYPHY. I’ve been an iPhone/sonos DJ for too long – it’s time to get real.
8. I’m going to Portugal for a week and then Barcelona for another week (7/23-8/8) to live the nomad adventure lifestyle, practice minha portugues and hang in the worlds chillest known chill zones.
9. I want to go to Montauk a lot, and like, stay for a week and work and play and explore and have epic adventures. It’s weird that I’ve only been there once the whole time I’ve lived in NYC. Who’s down?
10. I’m going to start making meditation videos to share with the world because meditating shouldn’t be so hard or intimidating. Maybe I’ll write about it too or create content that helps make it more accessible. I’m so grateful for the chance to help with The Big Quiet and endlessly inspired by its growing community and quite honestly the social movement that’s materializing. Meditation is one of the most powerful tools any of us have access to and I want to help people tune in more comfortably and more often 💗

That feels like an epic top 10 but it makes me think that I should always have big goals and dreams I’m reaching for and building on like these, it certainly feels exhilarating! I’ve set up quite a jam packed summer but it feels so open at the same time, open for lots of surprises and adventures along the way that I probably never could have planned. I’m hoping the universe delivers lots of fun twists and serendipitous magic per usual so I can keep having hilarious laughing-to-myself moments where I look up and think “Really? It’s that easy?” – as everything quickly falls into place better than I could have ever imagined. Ready, set, flow 💗💖💜🌟

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