Dreamcatchers + Meditation 6/25


I first made a dreamcatcher at Camp Praytell when my former agency went on a long weekend retreat to the Catskills. I didn’t really follow instructions, I just kind of went with the flow and created this cool ribbon, beaded, feathered masterpiece. I definitely got in the zone.

The next time wasn’t until almost a year and a half later when I was invited to attend one of Abel Costa‘s workshops in Brooklyn at this adorable shop called The Lab. I remember walking there from the G train, thinking – how have I never been on this adorable street before? The Lab is situated in the cutest area of Williamsburg/Greenpoint, surrounded by awesome restaurants and cafes amid a quiet, cozy neighborhood. Abel’s workshop blew my mind! The entire table was covered with magical supplies he’s collected over the years – everything from feathers to beads to leather strips and all sorts of fabrics (including vintage kimonos from Japan and other fun flower power pieces).

There was something incredibly special about being guided through different dreamcatcher craft techniques. I was able to get into an even deeper flow state and really let my intuition take over, which ultimately resulted in the most beautiful thing I’ve quite possibly ever made:


After that, I knew I had to help team up with Abel to plan the next one. I wanted to incorporate a guided meditation/visualization at the start to get everyone into a deep intuitive state and then follow it up with Abel’s extraordinary dreamcatcher construction session. And then we made it happen, simple as that! We’ll be hosting magical workshops at Maha Rose on Saturday, June 25th and again at Lucky Lotus Yoga Studio + Cafe in Fort Greene, Brooklyn on Saturday, July 9th so save the date!

Sign up to join us at Maha Rose here <3

Some of Abel’s masterpieces:




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