Do you ever write a Facebook status and then publish and then delete it and then do it all over again because you just have to get something out, but it has to be in the right way? There’s something about seeing it live out there for the world to see that sometimes makes me want to change everything about it or just start over or just delete it. Then again do I really need to share? Does this really need to be said? Does it need to be said by me?

Who knows what that driving energy is – the force that compels me to share and not just share bur broadcast my feelings to a wide audience. It’s sometimes really strong and comes over me like a wave, where I have to get the words out like I won’t feel relief until I do. But right now, well I think I’m just overtired. It’s 11:11 and I’m sharing my deleted then re-published then deleted then re-written Facebook post as a blog instead, I don’t know why but it feels good to have it somewhere, even if its not as a declaration in the way that Facebook status updates sometimes feel, you know? So here goes:

BLESSED <3 Feeling mega grat for today for all the magic. When you’re aligned and vibing with the universe, you attract the exact people and opportunities you’re supposed to encounter, or they just find you, and then magic happens. I met so many great people today at TechDay, working alongside the fantastic LoKi team sharing an incredible new app with the NYC startup scene. It just launched today on the app store – check it out by searching for “LoKi Travel” and it should pop up. Browse through dope local experiences you can’t find anywhere else – and you might even see me lurking, boom.

Just 2 years ago I was at TechDay but in a much different context. I had just left an agency that had been quite a challenging experience for me – it simply wasn’t a good fit for me at all, even to the point where my body was essentially telling me to leave by constantly getting sick (I had mono for months). But I stubbornly didn’t listen, thinking I didn’t really have any other option but to stay for at least a year until I checked some imaginary box off of my resume. Ultimately leaving was the best thing ever, and looking back I call it being freed, because that’s what it was like. It freed me up to start working for myself for the first time, consulting with cool brands and companies on creative marketing and strategy projects and eventually led me to Tech Day, where I was schmoozing with potential new clients and meeting up with old friends and colleagues. I never would have thought that just 2 years later I would be there again but as an exhibitor demo’ing the flyest app to hit the NYC scene since, well, ever (I’m #biased but seriously, check it out, it’s dope).

And I couldn’t have planned any of this at all, not even one bit. I could never have imagined, even in my wildest dreams maybe. I’m so grateful for everything that’s come to pass. I was wiped out from standing all day and the ultra-schmooze overload so I cancelled my dance party plans for tonight and instead went to get some 16 Handles cuz you know it’s been like a hot minute since I’ve gotten handled. Then my rewards card I had all but forgotten about magically hooked me up with *literally* a 2 cent bill on a pretty generous helping of froyo (FKA #froyolo). So yeah – feeling the gratitude pretty heavily for everything that’s transpired, in the absolutely most perfect way. Always better than I could have ever planned. Now I’m gonna go enjoy some coconut La Croix cuz that’s how we do #decadence via seltzer and then meditate for a luxuriously long time cuz I’m vibing this full moon magnificence. Dream life. <3

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