Reiki: What it’s all about

Reiki is a healing technique I first found a few years ago while on my first solo adventure to Costa Rica. I was on a 10 mile hike around this epic jungle area of Santa Elena, in the mountains of Monteverde – it was unreal. I hiked down this path into a waterfall valley and wished someone was there to validate what I was seeing. I found a butterfly preserve and even a small Whole Foods bodega-sized outpost and finally stumbled upon a mosaic covered natural health store. Of course I went in to check it out. I chatted with the owner until she eventually admitted needing help with her business Facebook page – she thought I could help. I fixed the bug she needed addressed and in return she offered an energy healing session!

How cool, I thought – I’d never had anything like that before despite growing up with all the granola energy tye dye magic SF had to offer. My experience wasn’t super memorable although I remember feeling relaxed and afterwards I enjoyed a long convo and tea with this new healer friend. She told me she had a garden for fairies and angels in her backyard and that I had a clear channel to universal energy that I could work on tapping into with practice.

The next time I received Reiki was from Rebecca Conran at the recommendation of a friend. I felt like I was carrying around a heaviness that felt like other people’s emotions. My first treatment was profound. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and cleared out – like everything I had been unconsciously carrying around was finally gone. Then on my way home I ran into a great friend I hadn’t seen in forever serendipitously on my same train. I knew I had just had a life changing experience, and it was just the beginning.

About two years later I completed my own course of Reiki, through level 2 in the Usui method. So what is it? The formal definition says that Reiki harnesses the power of universal energy to activate the natural healing processes of the body while restoring physical and emotional well-being. I believe it’s based on the principle that your body has everything it needs to heal itself – Reiki just helps expedite your body’s own natural process. Basically it’s pure magic.

How do my sessions typically flow? Here’s a basic overview of what I like to offer clients, although sessions are customizable depending on the client’s unique needs:

  • Duration is about an hour from start to finish
  • I’ll offer you an oracle card reading in response to a question you have or a direction you’d like answered (lately I’ve been using Goddess Cards by Doreen Virtue)
  • We discuss any intentions you have for the healing session or any things you’d like to address during the treatment, such as emotional blocks, physical tension, pain or anything else you’d like to receive healing
  • You’ll get comfortable on a massage table, covered by a blanket if you prefer and I’ll set you up with an eye pillow so you can comfortably relax
  • I’ll guide you in a short meditation/visualization to get grounded
  • I’ll use a light hands-on method to channel Reiki energy through you. If you prefer to not have touch/no-hands-on that’s totally fine, just let me know – the energy will flow regardless
  • You’ll get treated on both sides of your body, across all major target areas (there are 20+ hand placements I use in my practice), customizing for individual needs
  • Much of the process is very intuitive and I drop into a meditative state to sense where I need to place my hands to channel energy where your body needs it most
  • To close the session I’ll use some aromatherapy to bring you back and likely burn some sage or palo santo to clear the space
  • Typical post-session reactions from my clients include a wide range of experiences – most share a sense of deep relaxation and lightness and some have felt energized and creatively inspired! Mostly you’ll likely be glowing with love and presence. Read about my client’s experiences here to learn more.

Let me know if you’d like to book a session – send me a note via my contact form on my home page, I’d be SO happy to hear from you <3 I have space at Maha Rose in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and typically offer sessions on the weekend afternoons. I also practice at their monthly Community Reiki gathering which is typically held the second to last or the last Sunday of each month. Can’t wait to connect. Reiki is honestly the most beautiful gift and I’m beyond grateful to be able to share it with anyone who might benefit from its magic.


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