Golden Milk, aka The Realest Drink Ever

12744389_10207420594287376_461251067665950479_nThere’s been a lot of hype around Ayurveda and turmeric and all that sort of goodness looming around these days – and I’m totally into it, of course. But it took me awhile to finally try making my own batch of this magical drink I’ve tried just a few times, and I must admit, I think I made an even better version than the ones I’ve tasted at Abracadabra (the spot in Williamsburg that sells MAGIC FOOD, true story). So, if you’re ready to try the realest, most delicious healing thing ever, break out your coconut milk and spices and let’s do this.

ICYMI turmeric milk has been used as a remedy for everything from colds, congestion, headaches to sore throats, arthritis, skin health, digestion, cancer and even depression, imagine that. Talk about versatile. The ancient spice is well known for is anti-inflammatory properties and has been used medicinally for over 4,000 years across many cultures. I’ve been using it for ages in my smoothies but there’s something extra soothing about using it in a warm brew with other complementary spices alongside it. I was feeling a little stuffy last night and was even inappropriately sneezing post-meditation retreat yesterday (weirding people out while also trying to eat at the same time) so I knew I needed a little pick me up. Already moments later after sipping my fresh treat and I’m feeling better! I’ve read that it’s best to drink this bev before bed to allow for the full effects to take action while you rest (plus it aids in relaxation), especially for immune and digestive system benefits. Take a look here for more of the incredible benefits.

Here’s the recipe I improvised on – the realest drink there ever was (all in all it took me about 5 minutes from start to finish to prepare and I made just one cup for myself):

  1. Break out a small sauce pan
  2. Pour about a cup of coconut milk in there, enough to fill your favorite mug
  3. Pour in some turmeric – a few spoonfuls should do (I was overly generous and poured in a whole heap, don’t be shy!)
  4. A heap of cinnamon (seriously, don’t be shy)
  5. A few shakes of cardamom
  6.  A small shake of cayenne pepper
  7. A teaspoon bit of dried ground ginger (which I fortunately stumbled upon in the baking cabinet, random!) – you can also use fresh ground ginger if you have some of the root handy, I’ll try this next time for sure
  8. A tiny bit of black pepper (I read that this helps with absorption)
  9. A little bit of raw honey (might not even need this since the coconut milk is already pretty flavorful/sweet)
  10. Stir all the ingredients in the pan until smooth – you can also blend it but really wasn’t super necessary to do so (if you’re feeling the lazy route :-))
  11. Heat up your fresh magical mixture for a few minutes until its pretty hot (but not boiling) – you wanna be able to take some sips immediately!
  12. ENJOY THE MAGICAL HEALING TASTY REALNESS of the realest drink that ever was, that you made! Get it. <3


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