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It suddenly dawned on me the other day while meditating. I don’t always get clear insights, but sometimes I surprise myself by receiving super clear visions about things I didn’t even plan on considering. Of course I can’t plan it, you never can. Like the other night I sat on my cushion and thought about connecting to love and my purpose – and I ended up having a super clear vision of my own apartment in Fort Greene, almost like I could feel it around me. I could smell the apartment, feel the hard wood floors, and clearly saw my cushion and meditation set up in the new space it would occupy within my new home. That had never happened before. But the vision felt so real – do I want to live on my own finally?

I think this vision was a push from the universe to really go after it once and for all. Even though I sat down with no particular intention in mind other than to connect to my purpose, (doing what I usually do) by asking “How can I be of service / What should I do / How should I be?” – I ended up getting a whole other kind of answer. I feel like the universe is challenging me to expand – and part of expansion means moving into my own space with more independence and freedom. I’ve never lived alone before, in fact I’ve actually tended more towards living with many people in chaotic situations. Back in college (hey, it was Santa Cruz okay?) I even lived in what was practically a co-op situation with tons of people, an incredible garden, secret hammocks, a yurt in the backyard and a huge kitchen that didn’t feel complete without crumbs all over the counter and fresh veggies picked from out front, strewn about.

Living alone! Would it be scary? No, I think it would be liberating. I think I’m ready. I’m creating so many exciting things in my life right now, it would be beautiful to create my own space thats truly all mine to come full circle. Mainly I’m excited about the prospect of creating a serene space that’s truly peaceful and supportive – a refuge from my epic, busy life. A place where friends can come gather too, where I can host coaching and reiki clients, where I can set up my easel and paints, where I can leave stuff out if I want, even though I’ll probably never do that because I like to put things away. But maybe those instincts will change when there’s no one else to be mindful of! Who knows, maybe the truth will come out: I’m so wild and free that actually I prefer to be messy? Doubt it.

Dreamlife Styling came to me in the same sit I described above. I think it perfectly communicates my vision and what I strive to offer as my services. Ask anyone – DREAMLIFE is my MANTRA. Along with BELIEVE IN MAGIC, and DREAM BIG (no, bigger) of course. But DREAMLIFE – that’s what it’s all about. I’m here to live my dreams, and help others realize their full potential to do the same. Sure lifestyle is something we typically think of as a generic blanket term describing how we live – a lifestyle brand, a healthy lifestyle, a balanced lifestyle, you know the deal. What about lifestyle of your dreams? What about the act of styling a dream life, or styling a life that you dream of living! This applies to anyone hoping to gain support in creating a life that lights them up, and also to consulting clients of mine that simply want to create products and services that will change the world (so DREAMY!). I’m buzzing with inspiration today, feeling very supported by the universe (and so much love and encouragement from my friends and guides). Let’s ride this wave the whole way through babes! xx

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