Co-Creating Heaven on Earth

Humanity is ready for a new story..indeed.

Co-Creating Heaven on Earth is a fun one to celebrate and amplify. My guides downloaded it to me a few years ago and its meaning has gotten deeper as I’ve devoted myself more fully to my own embodied ascension process.
All that I am committed to anchoring and architecting revolves around the central vision of co-creating Heaven on Earth..
This body being the vessel..the portal..of heaven into earth..through the heart, through the breath, through this voice, this this frequency. All that I create shall carry this resonance and implicit invitation for others to co-create and share.
It’s not just a saying, a is a conscious choice, a commitment, a devoted a way of being, we attune to in every moment.

There’s no where to get to..only more truly be. As my girl Mary Magdalene says so perfectly..heaven one earth is a place in your own soul.

How are we choosing ourselves, and being at home in our inner sanctuary..more, deeper, here and now?

I had a great call with a new yet old feeling friend it usually goes..and he inspired me by sharing a list of tangible results of creating heaven on earth..initiatives, events..creations.
Feels so good to take in all these examples and celebrate how so many are actualizing heaven on earth in a vast array of unique ways..I’ve consolidated them on my website and would love to ask for additions if you know of any..let’s amplify the new story 🙂

It’s already here. It’s already now. It’s already happening ❤

Here are some tangible Heaven on Earth results from around the world.

•  A police officer in Texas has created a sixteen page manual, Heaven on Earth for Law Enforcement.

•  In Sacramento, CA, a spiritual community group has produced a 28-page resource packet Co-Creating Heaven on Earth: A Resource Packet for Congregations. It’s written for: Christian, Jewish & Muslim congregations. (Interview here)

•  A newspaper in Dehradun, India, The Street, prints DEHRADUN, A HEAVEN ON EARTH CITY! on the masthead of each issue.

•  A woman in Portugal has created a Heaven on Earth website in Portuguese for the 250,000,000 Portuguese speaking people in the world.

•  A man from Gabon has created a Facebook group called AFRICA: A Heaven on Earth Continent.

•  A woman in Austria has created a Heaven on Earth Wiki.

•  People all around the world have joined the daily 7pm Heaven on Earth meditation which was initiated by the country coordinator in Austria.

•  In Santa Fe, NM, a painter has created a video in which she ‘painted Heaven on Earth’.

The Canadian province of Prince Edward Island has a growing group of people who are committed to:  Prince Edward Island, Canada’s First Heaven on Earth Province!

Easy ways to impact the environment with more consciousness + sustainability – DayBring: what you can do to help the environment.

All Four Political Party Leaders in PEI Talk Heaven on Earth

Interviews with other visionaries co-creating Heaven on Earth.

Brewing Heaven on Earth: Tea Time with Heaven Maker Katherine Burnett  (here’s the tea on her website)

A cafe has a Heaven on Earth coffee blend, here.

Martin Rutte, founder of Heaven on Earth asks 3 powerful Heaven on Earth Questions.

Here’s Martin being interviewed by a sceptic.

Martin’s book, Project Heaven on Earth. —> Sign up for Martin’s free 7 day Heaven on Earth course, and also receive a free weekly Heaven on Earth blog post.

Have another project or initiative that’s co-creating Heaven on Earth – want to share, amplify + celebrate? Please connect with us below, we’d love to hear from you::