Episode 2: Paul Weinfield | Visionary Vulnerability, Boundaries + Generosity as Service

“Connect with what you are vulnerable about and connect with that wholeheartedly” – Paul Weinfield

Paul Weinfield has been practicing Buddhist meditation since 1995. He’s been practicing in the Theravada tradition since 2004. Paul is a musician, writer, and former professor of Religion and Philosophy. He received his doctorate from Columbia University and has taught academic courses on mysticism and philosophy there and at Hunter College from 2002-2010. He is currently working on a few albums and a book called The Magpie Art, forthcoming from Green Writer’s Press (Spring 2018).

“Words are important.” 

Paul’s current book shares 365 ways of encouragement, which actually works based on the idea that we are always listening to ourselves. He figured out that what he needed to hear for himself should be the ones he should write about.

In this episode, Paul shares how as a teenager, he wanted something that would give him peace, so eventually, he turned to Buddhism. As he grew, he became more interested in the intellectual side of meditation and shares how he moved to India, traveled to the Middle East, and took up doctorate studies. One day, he realized that he didn’t want to become an academic and decided to take his music seriously and devoted himself to meditation in a way that he hasn’t before. Paul also talks about service and gratitude and says that “love depends on healthy boundaries”.

To learn more about Paul and his work, visit:


If you are in the New York area, Paul is doing tribute benefits at Rockwood Music Hall.

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