Full Moon 12/12 Gemini Magic

I’ve been learning more about energy portals and moon cycles this year – more than ever before. Although I’ve always been interested in the moon for as long as I can remember, it’s been so invigorating to create mindful, intentional practice and rituals to hone in on its magnificent power.

Plus I’m IN LOVE with how many events and experiences are popping up these days too – full moon journeys, ceremonies, meditations, you name it. Speaking of which, here’s a great one happening for my NYC peeps on 12/12 @ WOOM Center w/ Sarah Eve Cardell (my magical Shaman Chef for my LIVE YOUR MAGIC Sedona Retreat this Spring!).

When my friend mentioned this full moon- the last full moon of 2016 – the timing couldn’t have been more perfect to sit down and reflect on some of my deepest desires and dreams. After all, 2016 – what a year! PHEW. 2017 is already shaping up to be INCREDIBLE.

We referenced the book Many Moons which offers tons of insights on the moon cycle and rituals and meditations to go alongside each phase. Here’s what we did to celebrate last night, I hope you’ll give it a try.

All about full moon in Gemini – here’s the jist.

Some of the prevalent themes..and questions to consider for this ritual:
* Who do I talk to and HOW?
* How can I use my language and communication to be in alignment with my highest vision?
*  Now is the time to reach for what I absolutely want and CREATE IT
* Where do you want to be in 6 months time? Including..
* What is it like to wake up in the morning?
* What does your space look and feel like?
* What is your livelihood like?
* Income
* Accolades
* Relationships
* What are your daily activities?
* What are you engaged in?
* Who do you spend your time with?
* Who are you serving and how are you making an impact with what you’re creating?
* What are you affirmations, goals and dreams – and wishes/prayers?

Full Moon Magic Ritual::

Write a letter to yourself, by hand. Describe your answers to the above questions/considerations all in the present tense – congratulating yourself with gratitude and joy for accomplishing everything you’ve set out to create! In 6 months from now – how will you feel when you’ve done it all? Bask in the energy of manifestation – like everything you want to create has HAPPENED – you’re living it.

After your letter is complete, take a photo of it with your phone and email it to yourself with a calendar reminder to dig it up in precisely 6 months and see how much you’ve manifested – powerful check-in! Then burn the written letter as a surrender to the full moon for manifestation! <3

Another fun practice I’ve been working with::

Before bed each night spend some time (at least a few minutes) congratulating yourself for such an amazing day (thinking about all the things you want to create/embody for tomorrow – the next day). Really soak in the energy of happiness, gratitude and excitement for being in alignment with your high vision. Go to bed and dream about it..watch it unfold.




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