Create and completely revel in your most extraordinary life by divine design.
Share your absolute brilliance, your truth, your genius gifts.
Speak your deepest desires into being, actualize your soul vision and heart-fueled service.
Birth the offering that’s wanting to flow through you for lifetimes and taste the deepest fulfillment you’ve ever known, ready?

It’s time to rise and thrive as the radical co-creator you’re meant to be in your very own Heaven on Earth.

M E T A M O R P H O S I S //  is a high-level nine-month mastermind-body-spirit-soul container facilitating your highest evolution in multi-dimensional embodiment, soul-alignment, purpose-power-presence alchemy and accelerated abundance beyond your wildest dreams.

Included in this journey are online components, in-person immersions, intensive 1:1 and group support throughout, nourishment on a monthly basis with curated master healers all included in your investment and SOUL much more.

Feel into this b l i s s….

“Four months ago, when I first signed up for Sydney’s mastermind, I felt very confused. I had been traveling full-time living “the dream” making tons of money, sold my yoga studio and was hosting sold out retreats. But I felt exhausted. I felt like I could never “catch up” with all of the work I had to do, my relationships were draining and I wasn’t really sure what I was creating anymore. My SELF and my brand needed a REBOOT. I wanted to make more money, but didn’t understand why my funnels weren’t converting. I kept spending tons of money on business tools with no results.

Within three weeks of working with Sydney I 10x’d my monthly revenue from $3K to $30K without creating any new business infrastructure but instead by simply following the customized energetic alignment practices Sydney intuitively guided me through.

One month into the mastermind, Sydney invited me to write out my 10 year future vision, which included a detailed image of a beautiful white aerial yoga studio and retreat center on the beach with a spa. I thought this would take years to manifest. A few weeks later, I was invited on a tour of THE EXACT studio I had imagined. I was completely blown away. Soon after I was invited to re-locate to Belize as a core consultant overseeing the studio’s offerings and expansion.

The greatest benefit I received from my experience working with Sydney is that I now speak my truth no matter what. My boundaries are clear and my energy has never felt more focused. I trust myself and own my value. I share more authentically than ever, especially on social media, and I just FEEL GOOD. I am completely me. I am no longer seeking validation from how much money I make, people in my life or material things. I am free.

Working with Sydney is worth every penny and every ounce of uncomfortable work. I manifested my 10 year plan in a matter of weeks and that is MAGIC.”

~ Margie Pargie, CEO+ Founder, Aerial Yoga Goddess, Transformational Coach, Margie Pargie

METAMORPHOSIS is for visionaries…

  •  Ready to start or scale their soul aligned business sharing their absolute genius gifts with radical integrity and masterful magnetism
  • Eager to leave their 9-5 to crystallize their soul-aligned calling and launch their soul-service out to the world
  •  Called to awaken global consciousness while activating authenticity, intimacy and abundance in all moments
  • Craving to serve at their highest possible level while fearlessly sharing their soul truth, shedding all masks and unconscious conditioning to completely break free of the matrix
  • Activated to create the future more beautiful, equitable, sustainable, abundant world we all know in our hearts is here already when we choose to see
  • Committed to leaving a legacy of revolutionary creativity, ecstatic love, unparalleled intimacy, quantum abundance and radical self-expression
  • Urgently called to completely align with your divine blue print to create time, transcend all limitations and quantum leap into your most extraordinary game

 METAMORPHOSIS activates 4/4 – 12/21/19.

With retreat immersions in Mount Shasta August 7-11 and in Ubud, Bali December 12-21, 2019.

As you drop all perceived limitations and commit to living your most powerful impactful loving life ever aligned completely with your soul mission, you avail yourself to receiving, manifesting and magnetizing…

  •  Effortless quantum creation of your dream life business vision and soul aligned offering – launch your new product, retreat, course, platform with ease and flow and magnetism
  •  Increased income, influence and impact as you boldly share your authentic heart’s truth and attract aligned opportunities and new forms of abundance you never could have planned for
  •  Miracles as a natural state of being in which you notice how life is always supporting you in the infinite synchronicities that abound
  •  Soul mate relationships and divine union embodiment within as without – calling in your own beloved with ease and joy ((yourself and/or desired partner, ‘tis a mirror after all))
  •  Your soul family tribe showing up to support you and co-create and collaborate with you – expansive joy abounding
  •  Pleasure, receptivity and ease as your new natural state in which you deeply trust life and feel incredible peace in the present moment
  •  Unbridled creativity to share your unique message and medicine in the ways that feel most nourishing for you
  •  Radiant confidence and fierce presence, increased visibility and ease in sharing and being seen

Words cannot describe how blessed I am for my reading with Sydney. At first, I was hesitant about spending the money, but now after receiving my reading, the cost seems so little for how much guidance she offered! The questions I prepared were answered without me even reading them.

She helped me discover lifelong conditioning that has been blocking me from my purpose and living my full capacity. I am an artist, and she knew that immediately! We went deep into the themes of my artwork, and she helped me see where I was creatively blocked. As an artist that is huge and well worth the investment!

Sydney has an incredible gift, and I am so fortunate she shared it with me. Her healing has already begun transforming my life! Much love, Sydney!! Thank you so much!! ~ Sarah H., Visionary Artist, USA


April → Divine Alignment ________________________________________________

  • Create your unique, powerful mission statement for your life and declare your core values. Who are you and why are you here?
  • Open to channel, open the Akashic Records, create your own energetic mastery practice
  • Create your dream life freedom plan to gracefully set the stage for exiting your 9-5 to start your soul-aligned biz
  • Core Energetics: Trust, Surrender, Faith, Commitment

_______________________________________________________ May → Divine Assignment

  • Activating your soul purpose (biz plan and strategy co-creation)
  • Aligning your mind to serve your soul – energy mastery practice
  • Transcending trauma, vanquishing victimhood – owning your full power and potency
  • Embodied Leadership: sharing your gifts, creating sacred space
  • Core Energetics: Confidence, Magnetism, Divine Masculine

June → Quantum Leap Your Life_________________________________________________

  • Formulating and embodying your quantum leaps in money, pleasure, purpose and power
  • Experience heightened energy and clear sense of focus on soul aligned priorities as you become masterful at receiving and manifesting with ease
  • Alchemizing your wounds into your greatest gifts, transmuting shame and clearing energy drains, detoxifying your life
  • Core Energetics: Radiance, Radical Integrity, Divine Feminine

_______________________________________ July → Sex Magic Mastery + Manifestation

  • Exploring and embodying radical intimacy and authenticity in all facets of life and biz
  • Becoming best friends with fear and resistance, harvesting these energies as fuel to the fire of genius and innovation
  • Emotional mastery, inner child healing and family constellations to dis-charge energetic drains + activate quantum healing
  • Core Energetics: Intimacy, Authenticity, Multidimensionality

August → Accelerating Abundance ________________________________________________

  • Revolutionizing your relationship with and identities within money, prosperity and abundance in all forms
  • Redefining your paradigms and writing new narratives of self-worth, energetic exchange and investment
  • Mastering the arts of receiving and attuning to your deepest desires to unlock effortless flow and limitless living
  • 5D Abundance Activation Retreat in Mount Shasta 8/7-8/11 (Lion’s Gate)
  • Core Energetics: Super-Abundance, Generosity, Radical Trust

__________________________________________ September → Presence + Essence Alchemy

  • Embodied presence, sacred space holding and facilitation
  • Surrendered leadership and the art of allowing
  • Advanced channeling attunement in Akashic Records
  • Core Energetics: Embodiment, Soulful Silence, Facilitation

October → Visionary Visibility, Impact + Influence  __________________________________

  • Increasing impact and influence – PR strategy, creative branding, optimizing marketing channels, soul aligned promotion
  • Visionary partnerships and community building, alliance activation, building your team
  • Philanthropy and quadruple bottom line new paradigm business modeling
  • Core Energetics: Embodiment, Soulful Silence, Facilitation

 __________________________________________ November → Embodying Heaven on Earth

  • Redefining your infinite potential and writing the new narrative for clear 2020 vision – quantum self embodiment
  • Liberating your entirely new paradigms of power, purpose, prosperity and pleasure – living your divinity codes
  • Working with multidimensional guides, angels, ancestors and spirit team to bring forth your next-level soul aligned vision
  • Attendance and special participation within ODYSSEY 2019
  • Core Energetics: Divinity, Celestial Joy, Angelic Grace

December → Quantum Flight ________________________________________________

  • Embodying creator consciousness in all aspects of life in all moments
  • Mastering instantaneous manifestation and 5D quantum flow
  • Embodied wholeness and sacred space facilitation
  • Dreaming awake beyond your biggest, wildest dreams
  • Divinity Codes Immersion Retreat in Ubud Bali 12/12-12/21 (Commencing in Winter Solstice)
  • Core Energetics: Unity Consciousness, Quantum Creator Codes

It has been about 8 months since I began working with Sydney and in that time I have been able to lovingly leave a relationship of 12 years, have the courage to quit my career of 10 years and begin my own coaching business, uproot and clear limiting beliefs that had been holding me back from going after what I truly desire, skyrocket my feelings of self love and worthiness, and get into alignment with my truth.

Sydney created a safe container for me to learn and grow and heal. She encouraged me and gave me the tools and courage to pursue things I never would have done on my own. She shined light on the parts of me I wanted to hide but were essential to uncover for my growth. She was both gentle and strong with her guidance.

My favorite part about working with Sydney was the vibration that she holds is so high that you are automatically upleveled just by working with her and being in her presence. She holds space so beautifully for you to expand and grow just by being herself.

Hiring Sydney was the catalyst for my life completely shifting. And quickly! If you are ready to expand and have someone there who will guide you and help you feel inspired, safe, vulnerable, and powerful all at the same time, Sydney is your girl!”

~ Alyssa Love, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Founder of Thrive School, Thrive With Alyssa, Los Angeles, USA

Included in your Metamorphosis journey

  • One 60-min monthly 1:1 soul session with Sydney Campos
  • One ~45-min weekly training/energy activation + curated expert biz/energetic strategy in curated online portal
  • Two 90-min group immersion sessions (via video call) per month
  • Attunement to the Akashic Records and guidance in channeling for yourself and others
  • Two Akashic Channeling Sessions with Sydney over the course of your Metamorphosis program
  • One 1:1 session (DNA Activations, Light Language, Destiny Mapping, Family Constellations, Gene Keys, and more) with a curated master healer/facilitator each month (included in program investment)
  • Two in-person intimate immersive retreats in Mount Shasta over 8/7-8/11 and Bali 12/12-12/21 (cost of these retreats except airfare is included in overall program investment)
  • Special participation within Visionary Souls ODYSSEY at 1440 Multiversity in Northern California 11/8-11/11
  • Exclusive access to Sydney’s coursework and proprietary materials to support you in your journey, including meditations, energy activations, healing transmissions, masterclasses and more (including access to her select programs Divinity Codes, Mastering Magnetism, Alignment Activation and more)

“I was always seeking others to help me to “figure out” or “heal” me, but since doing the mentorship with Sydney she has really taught me how to go within and seek my own healing and my own wisdom. I love healing parts of myself by myself without having to seek externally.

The journey with Sydney has been so enlightening. I feel like we have moved so many mountains and layers in such little time. I’ve had more resolution in the duration of the course with Sydney than I have with years of conventional counselling. I am so much lighter and I am able to process and deal with things more assertively and at better ease.”

~ Sonia C., Sovereign Soul Guide and Visionary Healer based in Western Australia

METAMORPHOSIS initiates must…

  • Be willing to face, channel and dance with your truth
  • Always honor self and honor others
  • Be willing to make the unconscious fully conscious
  • Operate in high integrity and radical honesty
  • Ask for what you need when you need it
  • Not pander to victim consciousness or illusory energies therein

“When I started working with Sydney my biggest pain-points were mindset and money. I felt like Sydney could specifically help me with mindset because she had been through what I was going through – leaving my full-time job, starting my new company, making myself visible as a coach for the first time and offering my services.

My biggest results from working with Sydney were the confidence to quit my job and believe that everything would be ok. I also took a lot of action with Sydney that I didn’t have the confidence to take alone. She introduced me to what my life could (and would) look like.

To this day Sydney has been one of the more comprehensive mentors of mine.

~   Jenna HillierVisionary Health Coach, Founder @ The Measure of a Woman, CPA, NYC USA

METAMORPHOSIS is not for you if…

  • You’re seeking a get rich quick scheme
  • You’re seeking the solution to all of your supposed problems
  • You’re not willing to do what’s required to face your truth and transcend your conditioning and trauma to realign your energy
  • You are not willing to humble yourself to hold space for deep transformation within yourself and others
  • You care more about looking good than feeling good
  • You are willing to go to any lengths to protect your image

My Akashic Records reading with Sydney a year ago was one of the most powerful energy transmissions I’ve ever received. Using guided healing in the Records and customized practice exercises and guidance, Sydney has pushed me toward massive breakthroughs in my personal growth, money story, business, and relationships.

My main goal for the Akashic Mentoring program was to use the Records to become a more focused and inspired creative (Im a freelance writer). I got that, but I also:

– Cleared past relationship trauma that was creating noise in my current relationship, which let me deepen into trust and mutual support with my partner.
Confronted past sexual shame that’s been a block to asking for what I want, which gave me the confidence to raise my rates and bid for (and win) a huge new contract with a major player in my industry.
– Healed an old wound of worthiness with my mom, which led to forgiveness and opened up space for us to move forward without carrying the weight of the past. (Sydney facilitated this exchange between my mother and I in the Records, and even though I never told my mom it happened, she has been relating to me with a new lightness and ease ever since)
Cut out the “scared to fail” procrastination trap and got focused on what I love, which led me to finally finish a novel I’d been toying with for almost a year
– Rewrote the “not good enough” story that had me stuck playing small in my business, which prompted me to stretch into a new industry with a new offering Im ecstatic about

Considering the depth of the training, the level of on-going support you receive, and the growth Sydney facilitates, this program is an absolute steal. Before I signed up, I was considering this or a more traditional business coaching program. Im so beyond grateful I chose this.

Here’s what made up my mind: Ultimately, I realized I didn’t need a new way to write a business plan or someone else’s marketing funnel. I needed a way to clear out the old junk that was keeping me stuck getting the old results. I needed to heal myself. Now I can. To me, my results from this program are priceless.” 

~ Nicole M., Sustainability Advocate, Visionary Educator, Intuitive Guide


  • Energy exchange is $1,805.50 USD per month payable monthly or bi-monthly or in full $15K USD (save $1,249.50)
  • A minimum $1K USD deposit is required to hold your space upon acceptance 
  • Space in this intimate container is limited to 6 (equal opportunity, open to all identities, orientations, backgrounds)
  • Program enrollment is open via application and an interview process only
  • Energy exchange covers all retreats (except flights), all 1:1 and group coaching sessions, live training, 1:1 healing sessions with Sydney + curated master healers, Akashic Records attunement and ongoing support, expert business strategy and curation of your business marketing, messaging, promotional structures and systems and infinitely more, can you feel it?

“Since working with Sydney over our three month program, my health feels amazing and I feel so much vitality, life and flow in my body and self. I trust myself again and love all of who I am, the shame is all gone. I’ve been on a process of shedding so many layers to get to the essence and core of who I am and feel so much more confident in sharing that side of me.

I have created an incredible coaching program and have been sharing my gifts, strengths and genius with incredible women who are rising as leaders in the world. I have created so much self love that I’m now in a relationship with the soul mate man of my dreams. 

I have become so free of sexual shame and have healed so much with my relationship with my parents and my whole family lineage. The eczema I’ve had all over my body since I stopped breastfeeding as a baby has completely healed.”

Joshua Little, Personal Freedom Mentor, Actor, Singer, Visionary, California USA

Here’s your chance to transform your life and embody the visionary pioneer you’re called to fully show up as and SHARE.

Your soul-embodied, flowing, magnetic life awaits beloved.

Let’s FLY.


Sydney Campos is a Visionary Mentor, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. Sydney has guided hundreds of visionary leaders to live in alignment with their soul purpose while embodying next-level power, pleasure and prosperity.

In addition to being a seasoned Business Strategy Advisor and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sydney is also a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Energy Healer, and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. Sydney shares her multifaceted inspiration through 1:1 visionary mentoring, self-mastery courses, transformational retreats, intuitive readings and her Visionary Souls Podcast.

An avid adventurer, Sydney is likely to be found in Bali, Venice Beach, San Francisco or anywhere in Mediterranean Europe. Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine.

See what Sydney’s clients are saying…


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