Giving Back

It’s time to embody the new paradigms we’re always talking about creating.

Starting with offering 8+ hours of pro-bono consulting hours to organizations and visionaries dedicated to actualizing Heaven on Earth and opening space to mentor 2 young visionaries under 18 who are awake and aligning with their soul purpose-path (particularly if they are seeking support in refining + integrating their psychic gifts, multidimensional consciousness, etc.).

Also opening the conversation to those called to contribute (as consultants, strategists, creatives, healers and mentors) to anchoring this new playing field – co-creating a new template for sharing, strategizing, giving freely, amplifying resources, building new connections, activating our Heaven on Earth dream team.

Apply for Pro-Bono Consulting:

Apply for Young Visionary Mentorship:

Join the New Earth Odyssey (NEO) Network Team as an expert, advisor, consultant, mentor, healer, creative:

This came thru as I was reflecting on my own journey till now and yet a new vision piece is percolating around the collective journey we are all on..remembering how good it feels to give, because in the giving we remember how grateful we are to have such potent gifts to giving we receive ourselves fully.

This is who we are.

I look forward to co-creating with you.

Please share this message with any organizations, young visionaries, Heaven on Earth activators and the like that you sense could benefit from these offerings as well as those who would be great partners and contributors for anchoring this field and emerging platform.

It’s time.


“I was drawn to work with Sydney because from what I knew of her – she is energetically gifted and successful. At the time, I reached out with support not knowing if we were on the right track with our plans and strategies and not knowing how to access and make the best choices. I wanted assistance with these things.

The shifts I experienced were profound multi-faceted transformations. We seemed to get in an energetic flow of positive outcomes that were reached more effortlessly. Our staff, volunteers and board of directors experienced transformations in how we interacted with each other, with our own roles and with our goals. Most everything seemed to be flowing better, aligning more and we all had more fun doing our work. We attracted amazing new volunteers to work with us, we reached our fundraising goal and we found ourselves having to put less effort into things.

What surprised most was the energetic shifts that seemed almost like magic – longstanding issues that seemed to diminish and fade away into the backdrop as we all enjoyed our success and flow. Historic struggles were energetically released and a new sense of possibility unfolded. We met our fundraising goal with a brand new event in spite of the pandemic and other global challenges.

Our container was a beautiful and powerful combination of energetics, intuitive wisdom, practical expertise and magic.

The One Consulting Package we received was – well – magical. We are enjoying living in a whole new realm of possibility!”

~ Marilyn Levin, Director of Development, Play for Peace

A Return To Service

I’ve worked since I was 13. First as a babysitter and then as an intern at an early iteration of an SF Dept. of Public Health non profit focused on youth advocacy and public health awareness and education. At an early age while still in middle school I was sitting in meetings outside of city hall SF discussing legislation to prohibit smoking in public entry ways (in partnership with SF Tobacco Free Project).

In high school I was president of Moving on Racial Equality (at a mostly all white elite private school that hosted very few minorities of which I felt more connected with than my private school counterparts – but knew I was there to bridge worlds and consciousness therein), an organizer for Latino Club (in my elite high school I’ve never felt more Mexican or identified as a person of color in my life – my father is the son of a Mexican immigrant and the first person in his family to graduate high school and the first to go on to get post masters degree education) and eventually I was VP of Diversity focused on garnering awareness and engagement around equal opportunity, educational privilege and outreach to diverse communities.

I was only able to attend the school which now I think costs upwards of $40K per year (more than most colleges) by receiving a nearly full scholarship due to abnormally high test scores  and performance reports. It was a cultural initiation indeed and showed me first hand what money can really buy.

I am thankful for the lessons and all the healing that has come forth since then. I miss feeling agitated to catalyze movements and engage controversial discussion around the inquiries that invite us to explore what it means to be human and to see the world thru such diverse lenses.

In college I double majored in political science and Latin American studies with an almost minor in social entrepreneurship at UC Santa Cruz. I learned about grant writing, studied revolutions and social movements, political theory with a focus on global political economy, world systems theory and post colonial thought.

My two theses were on the MS13 and transnational migratory patterns of “the worlds most dangerous gang” and all social-political-economic dynamics therein; and “reggae: a post colonial critique of capitalism” investigating how a musical modality was developed as a social revolution and response of diaspora to infiltrate mass capitalist consciousness with messages catalyzing social change, spiritual reconnection and identity reclamation.

In New York City while working at top ad agencies and PR firms I served on the boards for Defy Ventures, United Women in Business and the Lower East Side Girls Club plus served on host committee for the Seeds Of Peace annual Peace Market. All the meanwhile I was heavily involved in service and sponsorship in 12 step communities and helped organize and lead in some cases the creation of events and conferences attended by 100s-1000s of young people in recovery.

At my last agency I led campaigns as senior producer and account managers for brand like Hyatt, ShockTop, Estée Lauder, Logitech and Barnes and Noble to name a few. My proudest accomplishment was spearheading and overseeing the development and launch of the agency’s grant program (The Praytell Passion Project) that awards $100K+ in creative and strategic services to non profits (grantees) in need. The program is still an active part of the company’s culture even 4 years later – so grateful for the chance to contribute in this way.

Invitation to Play

I am offering ~8+ pro-bono coaching + consulting hours per month to companies, leaders and visionaries desiring holistic and strategic support relating to their vision that is designed to benefit humanity at this time.

Here is the form to request a spot:

I would also love to open space to mentor 2 young people (free of course, the exchange is met in witnessing + supporting the unfolding into their destiny) below the ages of 18 (with parent permission) who are awake and eager to align with their soul path and purpose. I envision these being long term partnerships that foster immense growth, healing and expansion.

Here is the form to apply for mentorship:

If you would like to contribute as a mentor and be paired with aligned causes, visionaries and conscious companies that would love your support in actualizing their vision + mission AND/OR you’d love to be paired with a young visionary to mentor and support on their path..please fill out this form to be kept in the loop as the NEO NETWORK develops more fully: ​​​​

In celebration of our collaboration, co-creations and collective dream weaving into new paradigms and potentials of Heaven on 🌏.

Thank you ❤️


Create the world and all the ways of being in it you wish existed.

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