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x Syd

Why Your Inauthenticity Is Killing You

This used to be me.

But then I started focusing on how I FEEL instead of how I LOOK and what everyone thinks of me = realizing this was what I was looking for all along.

Inner peace.

Radical self acceptance and LOVE.

True intimacy.

No fear of being SEEN.

Being at one with YOU, ME and GOD.

Infinite abundance = that’s it.

I used to think constantly on repeat: how do I look? I could barely be present with people in my life who I supposedly cared about.

Instead I’d be mega distracted scrolling and refreshing all my social channels living for the LIKES when all I wanted all along was real LOVE.

The kind of love that’s only possible when you’re in your full unabridged truth.

When you are illuminating your full power and honest vision of how you SEE it all.

That’s when we can actually connect in the way we deeply desire.

And guess what?

When you’re not pressing pause on or editing down your truth transmission (uniquely powerful intuition that only YOU receive) – you tap into such a divine flow.

Your business runs itself or so it feels like it’re just living.

You can enjoy life.

You can enjoy the present moment.

You can finally just BE and BREATHE in the sweet sense of KNOWING you’re safe to be YOU.

You’ll never feel like you have to fill the un-fillable void inside with anything external again because you KNOW it doesn’t feel nearly as fulfilling as the WHOLE truth and NOTHING BUT YOUR TRUTH.

You see, what you’ve always wanted is to simply BE.

Be SEEN. Be LOVED for simply being YOU. So you can feel safe to share the most magical, powerful, visionary wisdom only YOU can share in the most divine ways only YOU know how.

There’s no feeling quite like it.

Why not give yourself the gift of TRUTH?

How about right NOW?

In this moment.

How can you let yourself be SEEN?

I can’t wait to MEET you ❀️πŸ’₯πŸ’•

Do Your Dreams Summit – Speaker!

OH HAY my long-ass talk comes out TOMORROW!!

I’m a featured speaker in the β€˜Do Your Dreams Summit’ – A Virtual Summit showcasing 8 Transformative Speakers from all over the world, inspiring you to take the final leap towards the life of your dreams that you so deserve.

Register for FREE Access here:

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Summer of LOVE Upstate NY Retreat Aug 18-20

“Intensity-seeking is an enslavement of our own perpetuation.
When we step out of the delirium of always seeking someone new, and meet the same old sad and lonelyΒ childΒ within, our healing journey begins.
Exhausting ourselves with novelty is a defense against our deepest pain, one that we cannot outrun.

But once we stop and feel our losses, we can begin our healing journey and be the authentic, joyous person we were born to be.”

~~ Alexandra Katehakis, Mirror of Intimacy: Daily Reflections on Emotional and Erotic Intelligence

Who were you before the world taught you WHO/HOW TO BE?

When you believed in magic.
When you had total faith that you were taken care of.
When you were simply here to PLAY and explore and have fun.

This is your little you. It’s time to say hello.

Have you ever interacted with this part of yourself before?
If it’s the first time even considering this possibility – are you ready to know YOU in this new way?
We all have this part of us – that’s WAITING to be acknowledged. Waiting to be SEEN and HEARD.
Your inner child might also resonate as your soul or higher self.
This energy is the essence of your DIVINE TRUTH.

You’re invited to meet YOU at a very intimate level.

Perhaps for the first time.

Acknowledging your inner child and opening a dialogue with this part of you is an incredibly profound stepping stone on the path to self-love, healing and a transformed relationship with TRUST.
Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of FEAR.

Ready to step FULLY into LOVE?

Join me for a special weekend of DEEP CONNECTION and HEALING.

Reconnect with your innate unshakable faith that you are always taken care of, and let the miracles (abundance, love, intimacy, FUN, creativity, POWER) begin to unfold.

This retreat is SPECIFICALLY for VISIONARIES who are ready to STAND IN FULL TRUTH + POWER. It is for YOU if::

  • You are deeply desiring to become fully embodied in your power – to stand up as the RADIANT leader that you know you are
  • You are ready to ANCHOR INTO your SOUL PURPOSE and live in alignment with precisely what you came here TO BE (and all you came here to GIVE)
  • You’re DONE with letting your OLD PROGRAMS acquired from ages 0-3 run your life, such as: codependency, abandonment, low self-esteem, comparison, perfectionism, scarcity, lacking self-trust and lacking trust in the universe, negative self-image, chronic disempowerment, addictions and inability to intimately connect with yourself and others, inability to listen to or TRUST your intuition, addiction to worrying and unmanageability..etc.
  • You’re READY to live an abundant life full of love, EASE, grace, JOY and divinely inspired creativity. You are committed to living a LIFE of EXAMPLE and BEING a ripple who goes forth to illuminate SO many others in your path.
  • You are deeply dedicated to service and TRUTH = you’re feeling the call to release the deep-set blocks in your way from being in your full capacity of LIGHT.
  • You are committed to integrating the immense upgrades you will receive throughout this powerful retreat experience in your everyday life, following a disciplined practice of implementing new tools, actions and OUTLOOKS going forward.

If you are 1000% willing to DIVE into this work with me, and if you FULLY receive what is on offer, you will absolutely feel ACTIVATED to your full potential, experience life ALIGNED with your soul TRUTH, you will become immediately OPEN to receiving divinely inspired GUIDANCE and new forms of ABUNDANCE and most of all, you will FEEL more ALIVE than ever before.

When I dove deep into this work I TANGIBLY….

…I availed myself to deeper intimate experiences and connections (new relationships and healthier boundaries on friendships and professional connections = no more drains).

…I got a BOOK DEAL without even trying.

…I 5X’d (and then 10X’d shortly thereafter) my prior average monthly revenue because I healed my abandonment WOUNDS which had been blocking my ability to RECEIVE and TRUST (guess what: life CAN be easy).

…I started speaking my truth like never before – launching programs I’ve dreamed about launching, creating MAGNETIC content, opening up to my true channeling abilities.

… I attracted BAD ASS clients who are at a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. No pandering to anyone’s wounds or scarcity story to be liked or validated.

…Stepped fully into BEING the MASTERFUL coach that I am whose not afraid to make people uncomfortable and activate them into LIFE CHANGING transformations.

And I’m just getting started.

What DO YOU WANT? What’s POSSIBLE for you when you drop your old programs?

E-mail me if you’re ready to FLY ❀

Where:: Woodstock, Upstate NY
Investment:: $777 all-inclusive (food, activities, materials)
**You’re only responsible for transportation to and from retreat space. However, this will likely be easily arranged via bus pick up and/or carpool from NYC.
  • Beautiful accommodations in a gorgeous country estate in Woodstock area
  • A long weekend of rest, rejuvenation and PLAY in a beautiful, magic-filled upstate nature paradise
  • Play alongside a visionary group eager to explore intimacy, creativity, FUN and a deepened sense of connection to SOUL
  • Daily guided movement + meditation plus experiential activities spanning::
    • Authentic relating, conscious communication and intimacy-building to strengthen your connection to yourself and others
    • How to harness and empower your intuition
    • Getting to know yourself on a deeper level, remembering who you ARE before you were taught HOW/WHO to be
    • Inner child healing to cultivate self-love, FUN and emPOWERment
  • Solar Eclipse Ritual/intention setting in preparation for theΒ Aug 21Β Great American Eclipse
  • Delicious high vibe vegan fare blessed with LOVE prepped by local artisan chef
$350 Deposit required to secure your space with full balance due by or before 8/14.

Catch Me If You Can

Stop pretending you’re just a human. Remember you’re a SOUL. Built to EXPAND. Built for MAGIC. And ENDLESS INFINITE QUANTUM LEAPS. Period.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 1.07.52 AM.png


SO MUCH MAGIC IN NYC these days..and this week in particular. I figured I should send out a list sharing where I’ll be over these next few weeks in case you wanna catch up! Plus I have to SHARE some of this GOODNESS going on…there’s just TOO much..see you on the DANCE FLOOR xx

Thursday 7/20:Β Stanton Street Yoga Sound HealingΒ #resonate

Friday 7/21:Β Radiant Heart Breathwork

Saturday 7/22:Β Cacao Ceremony at Saks

Sunday 7/23:Β Deep Sit Meditation All-DayΒ at BoweryΒ 10am-3pmΒ mini vipassana practice YAAA #DROPINDEEP

Sunday 7/23:Β Cosmic Alignment Sound Bath @ Maha Rose

Tues 7/25: I’m LEADING YOGA FLOW withΒ SOULGAΒ at Urban Outfitters’ SPACEninety8 in Williamsburg. $10 donation, bring your own mat, LIVE DJ + MUAH –Β RSVP here

Thurs 7/27-8/2: I’m in CHICAGO at theΒ Fear Paradox SummitΒ speaking on QUANTUM LEAPS and how to INFUSE your VISION/TEAM with CREATIVITY and endless INSPIRATION ❀ Use my comp code COMPSYDNEY for a VIP ticket x

**If you’re in Chicago (OR NYC, SF or LA during the dates I am there) and wanna schedule a 1:1 Intensive VIP day with me to REVAMP YOUR ENTIRE VISION, BUSINESS, LIFE, LOVE = whatever matters most to you, but trust its ALL connected = message me to set up your custom IMMERSION.**

Sun 8/6:Β Club Soda @ McCarren HotelΒ SUMMER DANCE PARTY YAAA

Weds 8/9: Passion + Purpose Workshop withΒ United Women in BizΒ @ WeWork City Hall! Use my promo code CLARITY for a discount x

Thurs 8/11:Β The Get Down @ House of Yes

FridayΒ 8/18-8/20:Β Upstate NY Retreat in Woodstock I am leading on HEALING YOUR INNER CHILD AND RE-CONNECTING TO JOY. Three spots remain for this special experience. Message me if you’re resonating and want to join this magical journey.

Aug 24th–I’M OFF TO SF..then Burning Man..back to SF, then LA, SLC, SEDONA, Grand Canyon…

Oct 9-10:Β FREE THE GODDESS RETREATΒ in MYKONOS, GREECE:: I’ll be leading yoga, meditation + sacred ceremony alongside some of my FAVE goddesses ever and 30 of our new best friends <3:::


Dec 29Jan 7: MAGIC AWAKENING LUXURY RETREAT in BALI ❀ Still a few spaces left for my DREAM RETREAT in paradise…$3,333 for 10 days WITH me for the adventure of a LIFETIME x

xx Syd

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How does it work?

I typically offer these sacred immersions ONLY to my private premium mentoring clients..but since they are SO life-changing, I’m guided to offer this special engagement on a wider scale.


You + me.

Creating a custom-tailored, intuitively channeled, strategic MAP for your LIFE – to up-level in QUANTUM leaps in all the ways you truly desire.

You’ll leave with a CLEAR actionable PLAN to CREATE the vision you’ve been sitting on forever, launch your business (finally), start or UPGRADE your relationship(s), increase your financial GAME big time, unblock your energetic receptors for RECEIVING, get activated to stand in your FULL truth and FULL power.

You will be forever changed.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to do?
Let’s make a plan for it to happen..seamlessly..effortlessly, with so much grace and FLOW.
Why wait?

We’ll take 4 hours at a BEAUTIFUL location I’ll specially curate for our experience. We’ll enjoy a DECADENT meal and incredibly peaceful, luxurious scenery to support the work we will share over the course of the day.

Before we even start you get an INTENSIVE intake process (a multi-dimensional look at your life, health, wealth, business, emotions, energetics, JOY, etc.) to fill out that helps me to create a map of what is MOST important to prioritize for our time together.Β 

Then our actual meeting includes (and everything is fully customizable depending on YOUR unique needs but can include ANY or ALL of the below services)::

  • Akashic record reading. An intuitive reading to tune into your souls history – past present and future. What’s in your way? What do you need to know at this moment? What’s most important to focus on? How can I best help you on your path IN THIS MOMENT?
  • Customized guided meditation catered to your needs and desires = how do you want to FEEL
  • Reiki energy healing to remove blocks you’re storing in your cells. Expedite your body’s own natural ability to HEAL on every level.
  • Intuitive guidance and mentoring on clearing your blocks, setting your fear free and becoming RADICALLY empowered to embody your truth in every way.
  • Strategizing, launching, re-imagining your VISION (relationship, business, side hustle…YOU name it)
  • Getting clear on your Next level..and creating a crystal clear INSPIRED map for how to BE THERE NOW
  • Celebrating yourself and cultivating deep love ((and most likely forgiveness)) for all you’ve experienced thus far = alchemy
  • BREAKTHROUGHS in radical acceptance, LOVE, intimacy and ABUNDANCE ((plus whatever is highest priority for you, the program will be uniquely and divinely curated to best deliver whatever your BEAUTIFUL SOULS DEEPLY DESIRES))
  • All of the above happens in a MAGICAL location of your choosing for an EPIC ALL DAY experience we co-create together. LIFE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS BECOMES REAL, NOW.

YOUR keys to the QUANTUM LEAPS you’ve been waiting for.

A total jumpstart in all the ways you’ve ever wanted.

The biggest gift you could possibly give yourself.

A huge deep dive into self love and radical freedom.

Remembering who you are and why you’re here.

Deep connection to your purpose and LIGHT.





E-mail me to schedule yours today before my calendar fills up ❀



The summit is a two-day experience designed to remove friction from the path of innovation, to inspire and lead women closer to their fears, through the anxiety abyss, pushing paradoxical fearlessness to a new level of success.
Hosted by Ms. Tech and The SimplyBe Agency, a couple of queens, a clutch skeleton crew and band of stars – together cultivating a community, a collective and an alliance with women entrepreneurs, futurists, artists and technologists from across the country
Use my code SYDNEY50 for 50% off GA tickets ❀ ❀

WTF is a QUANTUM LEAP (and how do I get one)?

CAUTION: This video is highly likely to ACTIVATE you into your next quantum leap πŸ™‚

Always remember your heart

Whenever we say…

IT MUST BE A MIRACLE (my fave..)

It can of course feel like a celebratory thought or go-to way to give gratitude for how effing epic your experience is..

BUT subconsciously any of those go-tos are actually disempowering. They take away your rightfully deserved power by not giving credit where credit is due..


OTHERWISE where are you expecting it from?

As long as you expect it from outside’re making your JOY/LOVE/ABUNDANCE contingent on external factors when all of the above come from SOURCE which is fundamentally WITHIN YOU.

What I’m inviting you (and all my friends, family, clients..anyone who will listen) is a completely new paradigm.

Divorced from anything we’ve ever been conditioned to believe.
Going DEEP to remember what’s TRUE.
Removing all the blocks to TRUSTING what you’ve always known to be the realest deal of all..


Your heart. Your gut feeling. Your innate energetic intelligence. Your ability to tap into flow. Divine synchronicity.

Yes, miracles are happening everywhere all the time and they aren’t actually rare.

Just like QUANTUM leaps aren’t INSANE.

THEY ARE THE SANEST THING THERE IS. They are OUR truth. They are what we are here for.

Your soul wants to expand.
To thrive.
To enjoy life to the fullest.
To create.
To be at complete peace.
To ascend to higher frequencies and elevated consciousness.
To literally MAKE/EMBODY/RECEIVE only magic..

So no, miracles aren’t rare. They are our birthright. They’re what we are and what we are here to experience moment to moment.

This is actually the truth of life that our entire society is build to counteract and make us forget (or maybe it’s designed this way so we have to first forget in order to remember and appreciate the MAGIC all that much more…)

Miracles aren’t rare.

What’s rare is for you to actually notice them. And listen. And allow yourself to TRUST and be guided.

So..we have work to do obviously to REMEMBER. But it’s less than you think.
And it doesn’t have to be scary at all.
In fact it can be easy. It’s meant to be graceful.
You have the whole universe working FOR you at your command.
And angels galore.

Stop delaying the inevitable.
You are here for greatness.
You are here to shine.
You are here to love so greatly and connect so deeply it might make you want to cry with family gratitude just thinking about it.
We are here for each other.
We are here for embody divine union within each and every one of our cells.
We are absolute miracles.
We are infallible.
We are infinite creators.

Anything else you believe is simply a lie.
A story you were taught to keep you small.
To keep you safe.
To keep you from standing in your full light.

And just like that you can let the story go.
When you decide to TAKE ACTION aligned with THE TRUTH.
Inspired action towards your highest joy and excitement.
This is how we alchemize our UNTRUTH, pain and resistance into PURE DIVINE POWER and infinite possibility.

Thank god for people that have walked this path before you, before me..before my mentors.
We are all holding each other’s hands on this path back to ourselves.
As we remember our light.
As we remember why we are here. Our truth. Our radiance. Our unbelievable power.

You are so supported, can’t you see?

And I know you know that YOU are the only one you’ve been waiting for.
The only thing in your way..
You’re the one you’ve been waiting for…

To ask for help
To RECEIVE guidance
To allow yourself the GIFT of having a MIRROR to remind you of who you are
To speak your truth powerfully
To accept all parts of yourself
To shine impenetrable light on your shadows
To release your shame
To clear your entire conscience of any guilt
To stand fully in LOVE
To create what you’re here to bring forth
To be a channel of divine inspiration
To create and ENJOY heaven on earth

Paradise has been here all along.
Whether or not you join is up to you.

Xx SydΒ πŸ’œπŸŒŸπŸ¦‹πŸŒž