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JOIN US: https://www.tulumcryptofest.com/

Tulum Crypto Club: Speaking on Startup Journey with ASCEND

🌴 Every Wednesday at 1-3 PM at @cleo.tulum
💸 Free entrance, all are welcome, no sign up required

I’ll be sharing about my journey with ASCEND – launching a new social media app into the world..and much more.

More info: https://www.instagram.com/tulumcryptoclub/?hl=en

I’m Ascending, Now What? with the Girl Gang in Tulum

Learn how to heal your nervous system and recalibrate your energy to deepen in authenticity, own your power, embody your truth and magnetize your desires. Learn how to become the conscious creator of your reality and powerfully align with the soul purpose you’re meant to enjoy.

– Feel deeply fulfilled and aligned in your purpose
– Connect with your true self and your deepest desires
– Clearly discern and trust your intuitive guidance
– Cultivate deeper intimacy within and with all
– Attune to more ease and peace through presence
– Learn tools to transform traumas, wounds, and shadows into your greatest gifts
– Be guided in reclaiming your power and feel fully alive, energized, and present

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of life’s demands and find yourself wishing that peace, calm, and clarity could be your natural state?

Welcome to Embodied Ascension.

It’s time to see what you’re really made of and experience the infinite possibilities that await when you choose to become the creator of your reality. When you learn to live authentically, you embody your power and magnetize what you are meant to receive.

Join energy and embodiment expert, best-selling author, global business strategist and psychic energy healer Sydney Campos for an enriching, interactive, deeply transformative experience that will leave you feeling connected, empowered, embodied and inspired to create your very own Heaven on Earth within and with all.

About Your Guide

Sydney Campos is a renowned author, speaker, spiritual teacher, business coach and co-founder and CSO of the new social media app ASCEND. She is known for her work in the fields of spirituality, conscious entrepreneurship, and personal development. She has authored several best-selling books, including “The Empath Experience” and “I’m Ascending, Now What?”

Sydney began her career in the corporate world, working in international business development and strategy for various Fortune 100 companies. However, after experiencing a profound spiritual awakening, she left her corporate career to pursue a path of spiritual and personal growth.

Since 2012 she has since dedicated her life to helping others awaken to their true selves, heal past wounds, and live a life of purpose and abundance. She uses a holistic approach that combines spirituality, energy healing, and practical business strategies to help her clients achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives.

Sydney has been featured in Forbes, New York Magazine, Bustle, Refinery29 and MindBodyGreen. She hosts the “Visionary Souls” podcast, where she interviews leading spiritual teachers, healers, and entrepreneurs.

Nomade Tulum: Tent Takeover – The Empath Experience

Nomade Tent Takeover March 16th

The Empath Experience

We will gather for an intimate co-creative immersion into energy mastery, intuitive development and embodied listening. Come to receive nourishment, contribute your presence, and explore new dimensions of your true self, presence, intimacy, discernment and intuition – through practice, reflection, sharing and play.

We will explore practical tools for managing and optimizing your energy to more easily trust and discern your intuition and amplify access to your higher guidance. We will calibrate our nervous systems and develop core stability in real time to feel connected to ourselves and our inner knowing regardless of what’s happening externally. We will cultivate a clearer sense of discernment and will explore the distinction between boundaries and agreement fields.

Part of this practice is also connected to awakening greater depths of authenticity and intimacy, which often inevitably derives clarity into one’s true essence, purpose and unique gifts.

Feel free to bring your questions and present explorations on energy, intuition, authenticity and more so we can dive in during our transformative time together.

You will leave this experience feeling empowered, connected, enlivened and deeply connected to your intuition, desires and purpose. Let’s play <3

In this multi-sensory immersion we explore the following:

* Learn how to become fully empowered in your own energy
* Cultivate presence, personal power and embodiment to listen to and connect with yourself and others more deeply
* Find out how you can start amplifying your intuitive super-powers
* Learn how to maximize your vitality and attune your nervous system to flow more presence, power and feeling
* Understand ways to cultivate emotional and energetic mastery
* Learn how to deepen intimacy with yourself and in all of your relationships
* Get inspired to create your own sacred rituals and spiritual practices
* Receive a special guided meditation and exercises to empower you
* Co-create, play + express with fellow visionaries, amplifying our collective field of healing + transformation

About Your Guide
Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Psychic Energy Healer, Strategy Expert and Best-Selling Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. She is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of ASCEND and host of the Visionary Souls Podcast.

Sydney is devoted to creating Heaven on Earth in all moments. She is a sought-after expert in the fields of embodiment, sexuality, intuition and leadership. Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine. Her new book I’m Ascending, Now What? comes out in Summer 2023.

Instagram: @sydneycampos
Web: www.sydneycampos.com

The Quickening: Embodied Feminine Leadership LinkedIn Series

Join us next week on LinkedIn..switching it up!

Weds March 15th at 1pm EST..will be expansive – nourishing – insightful.

Connect to Join Us

Quantum Leap Summit | Into Soul Success + Divine Wealth

Honored to be in this beautiful co-creative field anchoring consciousness + embodiment support for quantum leaps..

in living into + receiving more of our hearts desires.

in embodying divine authenticity + potency we are designed for.

in sharing our greatest gifts + soul essence..

to receiving, emanating + expanding into more love, power + purpose.

I had SO much fun in this exchange..and happened to channel in from Sedona, of course where I had hosted a Quantum Leap Your Life Retreat 4 years ago..so synchronistically aligned. And my transmission comes out on the 3.21 equinox – even better!

More than anything..meeting Sigrid Van Heerwaarden felt like reuniting with an ancient Lemurian – Lyran soul sister who really touched my heart..in feeling how she channels insight and information..very similar to the way I access the quantum field + higher realms.

You’ll love the energy we explored + templated here..don’t miss it!

We will be live March 20 – April 9..portal open!

Register to join us for this special experience: https://sigridvanheerwaarden.com/sydneycampos

PS: So fun to see other soul fam and former clients / collaborators in this crew – I had no idea we’d all be contributing to such an epic field weee..ready to FLY.

Register to Join Us

Celestial Souls | Sedona Immersion

An intimate field is called to converge amidst the sacred Sedona vortexes for a 7 day deeply nourishing adventure in grid work, quantum healing, high frequency embodiment, connection with ascended masters and exploring celestial cities.

​Our experience is designed to allow for deep listening to the moment and spontaneity as we will surely be guided by numerous beings assisting us.

​We are called to explore the celestial cities and particularly the one above Sedona which is home to many ascended beings that wish to connect with us now and share wisdom and activation of healing and our multidimensional capacities and gifts.

​New expressions want to come online and new energies want to anchor into earth through our hearts. We are called to receive deeply, to allow profound release of all that no longer serves from former dimensions still lingering even if subtly, and to expand into our most authentic, present, powerful embodiments of divinity.

​Let’s explore all we are invited to receive through surrounding ourselves with soul family support, expert care and guidance, daily connection with the beautiful land and the most powerful energy vortexes on earth, playing thru daily movement and meditation, exploring and sharing quantum healing and practicing our new and ancient abilities within a highly attuned supportive field.

​This 7-day immersion includes:

​- space for 7 participants and one main facilitator

​- daily meals provided by private chef

​- luxury accommodations in a pristine red rock view location

​- guided practice in akashic records, multidimensional channeling, ascended master communication, somatic healing, nervous system attunement, breathwork, yoga and more

​- quantum healing in groups and 1:1

​- guidance to vortexes for grid work, meditation, channeling, energy healing and group experiences

​- deepening in your psychic and intuitive healing abilities and discernment

​- healing cellular structure and recalibrating the energy field to receive higher dimensional light and support more sustainably

​- special gifts and surprises with local friends, expert healers and guides that may join in to assist and amplify our experience

​- lots of time to rest, integrate, reflect and decompress

​- one 60-min bodywork-massage session per person included

​Energy Exchange (includes all above mentioned benefits except airfare + transportation from airport to retreat location in Sedona):

​$3888 per person

​*price slightly lowers if you are sharing a bed or a room (two beds in room)

​Apply to join us in this retreat: https://forms.gle/52LYj1CuRN8Rc1BL6

I AM ASCENDING Virtual Retreat

Amazing invitation to connect with visionary soul fam all weekend…and upgrade/update/expand/play/RECEIVE…

I’m so happy to be a part of this epic co-creation with so much of my Tulum soul family. Come play with us!

Virtual Retreat

I am Ascending!

February 24th & 25th, 2023

Join Us

Have you been looking for the right practitioner but don’t know who to trust? Are you looking to dive deeper into your healing path? Do you feel like it’s time to invest in your mental and physical wellbeing?

On February 24th and 25th you have the opportunity to connect with 16 expert holistic practitioners for FREE. We are offering this free virtual retreat because we have a genuine passion for sharing the healing practices that have helped us ascend and improve our lives.

Our intention is simply to help you and as many people as possible heal from the thoughts, emotions, and traumas often weighing us down. Our true mission is to help heal humanity and to raise the frequency of the planet. In our desire to really make a difference in the world we want to share this information with as many people as possible.

By signing up for this experiential retreat you are not obligated to do anything other than simply join us from the comfort of your own home. Come experience all the healing and magic these 16 carefully chosen experts are offering.  It is an amazing opportunity to learn about different healing modalities, reconnect with your soul’s true calling, and get out of your head and into your heart with the support of these experienced practitioners.

Please give this incredible gift to yourself. You deserve it!

What to Expect: 

  • Learn from 16 expert facilitators
  • Try out 14 modalities
  • Discover new practices
  • Experiential exercises
  • Connect from your own home
  • The gift of peace and relaxation
  • A weekend invested in growth

Register to Join

February Quantum Healing Ceremony

The Embodied Ascension Academy is a modern mystery school supporting visionaries devoted to embodying their best selves, living their purpose and leading extraordinary lives anchored in ascension, self-mastery and love.

Join us for the Academy’s February ceremony on Monday Feb 27th from 530-7pm EST where we will gather ((in zoom)) to: 

>> Anchor into our intentions, dreams + visions

>> Soak in the nourishing, healing energies of quantum healing in an amplified field

>> Receive a guided quantum-akashic healing transmission + energy attunement

>> Connect + share with visionary community from all over the world

>> Learn energetic practices + nervous system support tools for body-mind-spirit optimization/harmonization and visionary soul-embodiment

>> Receive 1:1 support and reflection – fill your cup and remember who you are and why you are here

Register to join us for this special event: https://embodiedascensionacademy.podia.com/february-quantum-healing-ceremony

✨ It’s time to fully own and embody your true self and live your divine mission.✨

The Embodied Ascension Academy is an monthly mystery school program designed to support you in…

🔑Embodying your true self

🔑Living your purpose

🔑Cultivating unconditional self-love

🔑Developing an energy mastery practice

🔑Activating intuitive super powers

Join the Academy to see for yourself: https://embodiedascensionacademy.podia.com

Monthly ceremony is included for all Academy members. 

See you soon ❤️❤️🥰🥰🔮🔮

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