Bali Embodied Entrepreneur Immersion

The Bali Embodied Entrepreneur Immersion is December 12-21, 2019.

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EMBODIED ENTREPRENEUR // Bali Immersion is your invitation to fly into self-mastery, soul embodiment and full activation of your power to create your own Heaven on Earth, now.

It’s time.

Revolutionize your entire relationship with life, especially with your power, your purpose, your prosperity and of course your pleasure.

The Embodied Entrepreneur Immersion is a living transmission of healing, transformation, mindset alignment and embodiment activation curated masterfully and facilitated gracefully in full service to you living your best life, now.

Here is your invitation. 


Reap from last year’s Awaken + Ascend New Years Retreat in Bali…

Bali holds an extremely special and dear space within my heart. When I arrived in Bali for the first time I knew I had landed somewhere extraordinarily magic that carried within it so many hidden mysteries and healing treasures waiting to be unlocked.

This is why I had to create a retreat here, in the so called heart center of the world! The accelerated transformation, nourishment and sheer alchemy on offer within this sacred retreat container is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to be missed.

Odyssey || Visionary Souls embodying Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth is here..

When we choose to see. This is the essence of ODYSSEY: a four day multidimensional mind-body-spirit-soul activation for visionaries, leaders, heart-centered creators and healers creating Heaven on Earth in this now. It’s time to converge and write the new narrative for human-unity and liberation into power, purpose, pleasure and prosperity.

It’s time to embody our infinite potential and fully rise into our soul expression of divinity that we are. It’s time to align our minds to serve our souls and see everything as a gift as we re-orient our world to serve the highest good of all.

Let’s create the future, through imagination and aligned, committed action to usher into being the most beautiful world we all know in our hearts is possible. Beyond our wildest imaginations.

It’s time. Will you take the leap?

Your ODYSSEY journey entails…

Four Days of multidimensional soul-embodied programming in the premier zen center of the Santa Cruz mountains, in absolute Heaven on Earth paradise alongside 300+ of your global visionary soul family. Imagine yourself playing and expanding all day, feeling your absolute best, nourished mind-body-spirit-soul, completely inspired and supported by the most incredible light leader tribe fathomable – a SOUL’D out conference unlike anything ever created before, channeled straight from source.

Together we are dreaming awake Heaven on Earth, writing the new stories we crave to align with especially in the realms that tend to capture the biggest shadows and greatest wounds of all: power, pleasure, purpose and prosperity. How do we create the new narrative of human-unity we are called to usher in amidst the most potent energetic upheaval of ascension in human history?

What is the more equitable, joyful, loving world we are called to usher into being? What actions are required of us to allow this aligned embodiment to not simply exist but to completely thrive in all possible ways? What’s it like to imagine a new vision for our collective future devoid of conditioning, scarcity, separation or any other linear constructs that would try to deter us from embodying our truly infinite nature?

And most importantly, what’s your contribution? How do you fit into the future creation you’re called to activate and co-create? You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t hear the call likely quite a long time ago, right?

Here’s your invitation to rise.

It’s time to FLY.

The Venue


““We are all here to contribute our gifts toward something greater than ourselves, and will never be content unless we are.” ”

— Charles Eisenstein, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

ODYSSEY Convergence Flow


2PM-5PM: Settling in to 1440 Multiversity Campus
5:30-7PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Dinner
7:30-8:30PM: Opening Ceremony + Visionary Keynote Transmissions
8:30PM: Ecstatic Dance
10PM: Sound Healing Journey with Special Guests


7 – 9AM: Visionary Soul Family Style Breakfast
9-10AM: Morning Embodiment Practices with Special Guests
10 – 11AM: Intention Setting + Keynote Transmission
11 – 12PM: Breakout Sessions, Activations, Healing Sanctuary Opens
12-2PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Lunch
2:30 – 3:30PM: Intention Setting + Keynote Transmissions
4 – 5:30PM: Breakout Sessions, Activations, Healing Sanctuary
5:30-7:30PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Dinner
8PM: Evening Ceremony + Dance Experience
10PM: Sound Healing Journey with Special Guests


7 – 9AM: Visionary Soul Family Style Breakfast
9-10AM: Morning Embodiment Practices with Special Guests
10 – 11AM: Intention Setting + Keynote Transmission
11 – 12PM: Breakout Sessions, Activations, Healing Sanctuary Opens
12-2PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Lunch
2:30 – 3:30PM: Intention Setting + Keynote Transmissions
4 – 5:30PM: Breakout Sessions, Activations, Healing Sanctuary
5:30-7:30PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Dinner
8PM: Evening Ceremony + Dance Experience
10PM: Sound Healing Journey with Special Guests


7 – 9AM: Visionary Soul Family Style Breakfast
9-10AM: Morning Embodiment Practices with Special Guests
10 – 11AM: Intention Setting + Keynote Transmissions
11 – 12PM: Breakout Sessions, Activations, Healing Sanctuary
12-2PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Lunch
2:30 – 4PM: Intention Setting + Closing Keynote Transmissions


ODYSSEY Co-Creators

All who are called to attend ODYSSEY are invited and initiated into being valuable facilitators and vision holders within this space, in service to a truly collective mission at hand. Everyone is invited to give their sacred gifts as an infinitely potent activator of Heaven on Earth in this now.

Within this kind of earth-transforming, soul-awakening convergence, what’s it like when there are no spectators, and no preferential treatment or VIPS; when instead everyone is genuinely invited to share and be fully expressed in their uniquely valuable genius? Drop all conditioning as to how you’ve learned to operate within typical summits, convergences and masterminds – you’ve never experienced anything like this before.

The only transactions present throughout ODYSSEY will be in the form of sacred gifts (currency is included in each ticket investment so everyone has equal energetic exchange with which to play) in which each co-creator to award fellow co-creators, facilitators and space holders however feels best. Hence, we will all practice and embody the tenets of sacred gifting in which everyone is empowered to use currency as a representation of celebration, generosity, empowerment and unconditional love – rewriting paradigms of economy and money moment after moment, living it, together.

Imagine you have a highly activated group of 333+ of the world’s most luminous leaders, visionaries, heart-centered creators and soul-family who are fully committed to embodying Heaven on Earth in this now – what do you feel called to share with this extraordinary group to support their high vision and full alignment with their divine assignments? What gift will you give? If there was one or more sacred offering(s) you could contribute to this space to be in service to the healing, transformation, elevation and expansion anchoring fully for the entire planet, what would it be? There are numerous opportunities for speaking, leading a keynote session, guiding embodiment activations and morning practice, offering live art and music, teaching a breakout workshop, demonstrating new technology in our Healing Sanctuary and offering your healing gifts also in the Sanctuary throughout our convergence. Share your intentions below and let’s PLAY.

Ready to co-create and play? Let’s FLY.


Sacred Soul Immersion // Mount Shasta Recap

Embodying the new paradigms we most desire experiencing requires complete and total presence, surrender and allowing for the divine to surprise us, amaze us, expand us to receive that which has always been ours to hold and remember.

Our nature is love, presence, patience, healing, unity, compassion.

Fear, contraction, dis-ease and separation are learned conditional behaviors that can easily be unlearned, deprogrammed, pattern interrupted as soon as you choose. 

When held in loving space with divine mirrors always reminding you of your true essence simply by looking in their eyes – you remember you are creator and creation at once, dancing in truly infinite possibilities in one quantum leap after the next, deeper into this now moment.

More yourself than you’ve ever been. Tasting your love and presence deeper with every breathe.

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Feeling the miracle of this body and this soul choosing to be here in this heavenly experience we are so blessed to explore.

Words that don’t resonate with the highest truth and integrity no longer resonate with the high frequency reality you know you’re always creating.

We require new language to birth this New Earth, and we do it together in presence, coherence, thru expressing our authentic present experiences and felt insights.

We do it through BEING and FEELING together and simply allowing the divine intelligence orchestrating all to give us the perfect medicine in the most perfect ways always in perfect time.

So we grow, evolve, expand, remember and embody all that we are and all that we’ve always been meant to be.

Heaven on Earth is here, are you playing?

Infinite gratitude to my soul family tribe who said yes to this cosmic call to activate such a magnificent portal together this last week. I’m honored to know you and walk with you and be with you again on this pioneering journey of re-sanctifying all that we feel to be true and utterly real: angels, spirits, earth guardians, ancient wisdom, magic and miracles; the stuff of cosmic royalty, of gods and goddesses, of infinite power Embodied in divine human form. 💎

I love our love, in all the ways our hearts love to sing 💕

As one 💎😇

August 7-11, 2019 <3

Hive Global Leaders Summit


Five years ago, we had a dream to build the global community for leaders. Today, after hosting 26 major events and hundreds of gatherings, Hive has grown and the dream is becoming real.

Today,  Hive has over 2,800 members in 130 countries and chapters in 22 cities globally.

Every year, we call the diverse and global Hive community together for a big annual event focused on leadership, purpose, and connection. We welcome Hive alumni (those who have come before) as well as new first-time attendees.

We have rented out 1440 Multiversity, a beautiful retreat center in Silicon Valley just 30 minutes from San Jose, California — for three days and nights of living and learning together.

We bring the best of leadership training, personal growth, authentic relating, and meaningful community connection to CEOs, leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are building the future and working on creating a better humanity.

The theme for 2019 is “Living Your Purpose.” We’re focused on transforming your life within the 72 hours. The gathering is focused on helping attendees get clear on why they are alive and create a clear action plan for achieving their dreams–while building a lifelong bond among those who attend.

This year we’ll be focusing on the topics of integrity, health, human connection, presence, purpose, play, community, and accountability.

Inspiring leaders and Hive alumni from the first 25 Hive Global Leaders Programs, Hive Africa, Hive Europe, Hive Pakistan, Hive Canada, and Hive India plus new Hive attendees will be in attendance for our second annual summit.

If you are a leader who is committed to creating a better world, you are invited to join us this August 15-18, 2019.


1440 Multiversity


Inspiring purpose-driven CEOs, leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators, philanthropists, activists, elected leaders, artists, investors, and social entrepreneurs from over 60 countries are coming this year including leaders from:

Afghanistan, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, the United States and many more.


What Type of Event is This?
The Hive Global Leaders Summit (GLS) is a transformational leadership program for leaders who are committed to creating a better world. It is designed to be as a cohesive curriculum in which each component builds upon the prior part–and with a defined end result. This is not a “conference” in which you can choose which parts of the program to be at, but rather an experiential and participatory leadership program in which you must be in attendance at each session in order to continue on to the next session. The curriculum for 2019 is entirely new.

When will I have free time?
The event is structured such that from 10am until 11pm each day you will be “in the program.” There will be very little free time, if any. For your own sake, please arrange your schedule so that you can be fully present during this transformational leadership experience. Your participation is required in all activities and is necessary to support your buddy, small group, and team.

Early Bird Ticket Cost
Tickets cost $800, plus the cost lodging. Ticket prices will go up on June 1. Tickets are $250 off for Hive members and alumni — see your email for the coupon code for members and alums.

Lodging Cost
Lodging at 1440 Multiversity costs between $140 and $465 per night depending on room type. All lodging is on-site at the retreat center. After purchasing your ticket, you can book your hotel room here. You can also book nights before or after the program if you’d like to enjoy an added rejuvenating time in the redwoods. The cost of lodging is not included in the price of a ticket. All attendees must either stay on-site or purchase a 1440 Multiversity Commuter Pass upon arrival for $105 per day, which covers the cost of meals and access to 1440 Multiversity facilities. If you wish to extend your trip and have time for additional relaxation and reflection, you may wish to come a day early (on Aug 14) and depart a day late (on Aug 19).

Event Venue:1440 Multiversity, 800 Bethany Dr, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Available Room Types
Pods – $140/night
Shared Basic Room – $175/night
Private Basic Room – $190/night
Shared Deluxe Room – $220/night
Private Deluxe Room – $330/night
Shared Suite with Fireplace – $330/night
Private Suite with Fireplace – $465/night

These rates are per person, per night and include three farm-to-table meals made with care by the executive chef, Kenny Woods. The above prices do not include taxes. For shared rooms, you will be assigned to stay with a person of the same gender, unless you request a specific roommate. Note that these prices are from 1440 Multiversity and are per person, not per room.

All meals are included in the cost of lodging. They are served on-site at Kitchen Table, an award-winning restaurant that sources, prepares, and serves a full menu including local and organic vegetables, organic and local rice, grains, legumes, lightly seasoned local chicken, fish, and tofu. If you stay offsite you’ll need to purchase a Commuter Pass for $105 per day from 1440 Multiversity to have access to campus facilities and meals.

Logistics Page
You can see the 2018 Event Logistics page here. Logistics the 2019 event will be sent out in July 2019.

Campus Amenities
Additional campus amenities include the Healing Arts infinity soaking tub, ping pong, the fitness room, daily meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong classes, and miles of redwood hiking trails.

We recommend flying in the San Jose International Airport (26 miles away) or the San Francisco International Airport (61 miles away). It is a 35 minute Uber or Lyft ride to the 1440 Multiversity retreat center from the San Jose airport. We recommend taking an Uber or Lyft, which are about $40 each way from San Jose Airport. If you have a car, on-site parking is available at 1440 Multiversity at no added cost.

When to Arrive
Please arrange your flights and transportation so that you can be onsite at 1440 Multiversity between 12pm and 2pm on Thursday August 15, 2019. As Hive is a transformational leadership program in which each component of the programming builds upon the prior experiences, those who arrive onsite after 4pm on Thursday August 15, 2019 will not be allowed to enter the container of the program. The “doors will close” at 4pm Thursday and if you are not there you will not be able to enter the program this year. Should you wish to come a day early (on August 14, 2019) to ensure you are on time for the start of the program you may. Simply book an extra night at 1440 Multiversity before hand.

When to Depart
Program graduation ends at 3:30pm on Sunday August 18, 2019. Please do not book any flights prior to 6:00pm on Sunday August 18, 2019. Should you wish to stay an extra night at 1440 Multiversity to relax, reflect, and connect with others from the group, you may. Simply book an extra night when you reserve your hotel room.

Does Hive offer refunds on tickets?
Hive does not offer refunds on tickets, except in the case that your United States travel visa was denied. However you may exchange your ticket with another person or receive a credit toward a future Hive event.

Can Hive provide a visa invitation letter?
For those coming from outside of the United States, we can provide a visa invitation letter upon request to any registered attendee.

Where do I purchase tickets?
You must apply first before you can purchase a ticket, unless you are a Hive alum or Hive member. If you already a Hive alum or member, check your email for the link to register.


Ep.72: Jason Estes | Embody Your True Self + Lead a Legendary Life

Jason Estes is a wayshower and founder of Activation Station. He is a spiritual teacher who brings his students through a consciousness course and assists them in discovering their true, authentic selves.

In this super soul’d out episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • How the world that we know and understand is falling apart but we are not
  • As a gamer, he looks at life at a perspective of a game
  • If we define ourselves as the world, we will only know chaos and if you want peace define yourself as you, playing a role in the world
  • How the truth is simple and from the heart
  • Odyssey is an essence and a community of passionate creators, devoted in embodying their true selves and leading legendary lives
  • How Odyssey is a journey and a mission to coherence
  • How it can feel lonely when you’re going in depth of yourself and how you grow in your aloneness

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Jason:

Instagram: mtvoteam
Youtube: MTVOteam

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

Listen to more episodes of Visionary Souls on all the channels, everywhere.


Sacred Soul Immersion // Mount Shasta Retreat 2019

S A C R E D  S O U L Immersion  Mount Shasta

Lion’s Gate  8.7.19-8.11.19


Re-member, restore + embody your sacred soulfulness in your..

 Sexuality + powerfully owning your heart’s desires
 Divine assignment + your soul-aligned calling
 Prosperity + masterful receiving with effortlessness ease

In this sacred journey we will be activating and practicing advanced meditation, energy healing, grid work, soul mapping, embodied leadership + facilitation, Akashic Records attunement and channeling, mind-body-spirit-soul alignment and all the magic in between.

This retreat is programmed to instill within participants quantum leaps in self-confidence, radiance, soul sovereignty and amplified magnetism to receive their soul’s desires. In other words, this retreat offers a crash course full of fun, joyful, soul-stretching activations to guide you in creating your very own Heaven on Earth and embodying your multi-dimensional creator consciousness.


Learn more + apply here.

Ep. 71: Alison Lea Sher | You Can Change the World, But You Don’t Have To

Alison Sher is a generational expert, an organizational consultant and the author of The Millennial’s Guide to Changing the World. She is passionate about personal and political transformation and using spiritual principles to catalyze societal evolution.

In this super soul’d out episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • Our cosmic meeting in Asheville, NC earlier this year
  • Her research and goals for her book The Millennial’s Guide to Changing the World
  • Describing and exploring the new paradigm of Millennials
  • Her journey and the process of how she came about to write her book
  • Alison’s experience in a refugee camp and what she learned volunteering there
  • How being part of the Joyful Revolution changed her frequency and made her realize that love will prevail and all we need to do is be in the present moment
  • Dropping the victim and martyr complexes for good
  • How restoration happens; rest, relax and receive truly
  • How we can live Heaven on Earth

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Alison:

Instagram: @all_listen_sher
Facebook: Alison Sher
Twitter: @alisonleasher

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

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Ep. 70: Cedric Bertelli | You Can Heal. How About Now?

Cedric Bertelli is the founder and Director of the Emotional Health Institute. Cedric is of French origin and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over ten years.
He began his training in Emotional Resolution in 2009 in France and has continued this work in the United States since 2011.

Cedric’s expertise is to resolve disruptive emotional patterns with clients using his understanding of how the brain constructs emotional difficulties and how it can permanently release them.

In addition to working with clients individually, Cedric trains mental health professionals and educators across the United States on Emotional Resolution.


In this super soul healing episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • How he transitioned from being a chef to creating an institute for emotional health
  • How the conscious and subconscious brain works in relation to trauma
    Every time we feel an emotional difficulty is an opportunity to update/upgrade and how we should do it
  • How we should pay attention on our physical sensation at the peak of an emotion and knowing that we are completely safe
  • The distinction between resonance and coherence
  • His personal philisophy why people have fear, the soul journey and human experience
  • His growing edge on his personal path; to resolve his fears and not be lead by them by observing
  • What his training is all about

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Cedric:

LinkedIn: Cedric Bertelli
FaceBook: The Emotional Resolution Effect
Twitter: @CedricBertelli

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

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Ep. 69: Robert Kandell | Allowing True Intimacy In Every Moment

How to live an authentic, unHIDDEN life…

Robert Kandell is an interpersonal communication expert, speaker, podcaster and the author of the bestselling book, unHIDDEN: A Book for Men and Those Confused by Them. He has been described as “part football coach, part loving dad and part slightly crazed drill sergeant”.

Since 2002, Robert’s mission has been to help people find their internal power to lead more authentic, unhidden lives. He has helped over 10,000 students, in over 400 workshops both domestically and internationally, to up-level their communication and exist in a more balanced, connected and purposeful state.

Robert also brings his enthusiasm and passion to his weekly popular podcast, Tuff Love, which has an audience spanning over 80 countries around the world. Each episode Robert puts his compassionate, hard-hitting insight to work helping people move forward in their lives with clarity. He discusses subjects around relationships, intimacy, sex, communication and gender dynamics.

Robert is a seasoned podcast guest with over 100 records under his belt. He did a compelling interview on male shame on the Time Magazine’s Top 50 podcast, The Gender Knot, Tripp Lanier’s The New Man, Satori Primes’s Have It All and Travis Barton’s Living The Dream.

Robert has dedicated his life to understanding and teaching three things:

  • How to break free of the outdated and destructive gender roles society expects of you, so you can become the person you are meant to be without shame or fear.
  • How to look past the programming that’s been installed in you since birth, so you can look back on a life in which you met your full potential.
  • How to love and be loved, fully, deeply, and freely; and how to turn every conflict into an opportunity to grow together instead of apart.


In this super soul fam episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • Robert’s first awakening moment; attending Burning Man in the 90’s where he had a very honest talk about sex with his first wife
  • How we are trained to not pay attention to ourselves, we are trained to take care of others before ourselves
  • How everything is an inside job; it’s not the circumstance, it’s you
  • Second awakening moment; he attended a class on sexuality where he realized how little he knew himself and how he was really treating his first wife, Carol. This became the doorway for him to understand himself, his partner and women
  • How he loves who he is today, the relationships he has and all the amazing things he has done in his life
  • It is possible for everyone to up level their lives to one degree, five degrees, a thousand degrees if they are willing to do the work
  • How he experienced and listened to his intuition and embraced his feminine side
  • How his current wife, Morgan, teaches him patience
  • Parenting is a selfless act
  • His understanding of intimacy as it relates to purpose and living in alignment.
  • What sex really means to him and men

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Robert:

Twitter:  @Robertkandell
Instagram: @robert.kandell

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

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Ep. 68: Dayana Mayfield | Defining the New Paradigm of Sales and Marketing

Dayana Mayfield is a professional copywriter who works exclusively with B2B SaaS and tech companies, helping them acquire more customers with on-point messaging and copy that sells. Dayana is also an aspiring novelist working on a book about three female business owner friends living in Boston. She lives with her husband and their two daughters in Northern California.

In this super soul fam episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • How our friendship started when we were in college
  • Dayana’s genius and how she’s serving her soul in her epic life + biz
  • How she invested close to $10,000 for a coaching program and realized that the program wasn’t what she thought it was – and all the lessons therein!
  • My time being part of a PR agency and how I decided to go on a different direction
  • How there is no template on how you create your own business or your life
  • The distinction of “having enough” within abundance consciousness
  • If you are in tune with what you want and living your purpose, abundance is always readily available to you
  • Ways to support yourself to hold even greater expanses of abundance

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Dayana:
Twitter: @DayanaMayfield

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

Listen to more episodes of Visionary Souls on all the channels, everywhere.