Akashic Awakening

Twice a month we are gathering in shared sacred space to explore the Akashic Records.

This is an intimate transformational journey for visionaries called to….

  • Become attuned to the Akashic Records + amplify your access
  • Connect with spirit guides, masters, teachers + loved ones
  • Become confident in discerning + trusting your inner voice
  • Receive guidance + affirmation on current inquiry + challenges
  • Receive potent transmissions of energetic healing
  • Practice exploring your gifts and play with soul-family
  • Deeply restore and rejuvenate your mind-body-spirit-soul
  • Continue activating with soul family in our WhatsApp portal

When we journey into the Akashic Records we can receive…

  • Guidance on our purpose, path and divine assignment
  • Clarity on any looming questions or concerns present in living the life we truly desire
  • Affirmation of truth we already sense within
  • Soul strategy for our current path, business, vision, relationships, karmic patterns, past lives, ancestors, etc.
  • Strengthened connection and affirmation of intuitive abilities and spirit guide awareness
  • Amplification of intuitive abilities and multidimensional awareness
  • High frequency energy transmissions to clear our fields, heal core wounds, amplify magnetism, enhance our gifts, and more

These sessions are empowering, healing and revelatory.

You will have a recording of the entire session (video + audio) to revisit over time as your transformation deepens and continues to manifest over the weeks and months to follow. New insights will arise as foreshadowed events and learnings materialize after our session.

All who sign up to receive this offering will also receive a custom protocol containing resources for integration plus unique energetic practices curated for you based on what guidance emerges in our session.

If you are an awakening, visionary soul on a mission to show up in your authentic truth, align with your destiny, embody your genius and receive guidance and affirmation regarding your unique contribution, let’s play.

Sliding Scale Energy Exchange to practice generosity and abundance attunement. Invest what feels most beautiful for you within the range of $44-144USD.

One you register you will receive additional details via email for how to prepare for our retreat experience.

Learn More Here!

Allow me to re-introduce myself

Visionary Souls Podcast intention re-birth, let’s play.


Visionary Souls · Episode 00: Re-Introducing Visionary Souls


Awaken Your Full Potential

Here is a powerful interview I got to share with my friend Lee Davy as a part of his Awaken the Potential Within Summit in April 2020. Here we explore how to awaken to and embody greater authenticity <3

THE e-volve SHOW: 21 days of learning how to pump up your confidence

Learn how to build self confidence in 21 days

I want you to meet one of my friends, who is also all about helping women to have an extraordinary life.

Her name is Belén Díez and she is the founder of an online company that connects millennial women with professional coaches that can help them create the life they have always dreamed of.

She is hosting an interview series all about building self-confidence.

It’s called, “THE e-volve SHOW: 21 days of learning how to pump up your confidence.”

Since you are in my community, I wanted to share this opportunity with you because I know how valuable self confidence is to keep growing and working on yourself.

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend. You can register here! 

Let it be just that easy

Aloha sweet soul …

Welcome to May. Feels like another super charged month – which feels funny to say at this point because in our ascension everyday brings a new expression of potency and new energy to work with, doesn’t it? As we fall out of time and into pure presence..we can’t even describe (logically or with words that is) what we’re really experiencing which is calling us deeper into feeling and sensing and pure being.

I feel like I called this quarantine time in, do you too? Like all of us maybe, I needed a break. I needed a rest, a major reset, a huge re-evaluation period to shed a lot of skin…to reveal the truth underneath..to reveal what wants to be lived into instead of all the heaviness that I was carrying like an invisible backpack I wasn’t even aware of until I finally let it go.

I’m loving being off social media too – I can only imagine how chaotic that space must feel right now 🙂 Sometime I’ll return perhaps – who knows – but for now its an important energetic recalibration for me to be off there completely while I get into a really centered, healthy space from which all interactions and sharing come from true essence without any agenda, codependencies or otherwise murky energy.

For now it feels good to share here, intimately and directly with more clear intention to exchange..you know?

How are you navigating this month so far? What’s present for you?

Its an opening for more self-reflection and introspection..maybe deeper into some newfound layers this time around, perhaps more of you is ready to be revealed and met and expanded into. Perhaps more about your divine purpose is here ready to be received now. Perhaps more illumination is here ready to shine light on relationships and dynamics you really have no choice but to let go of in order to stand tall in your new embodiment, feeling your best, fully supported.

I had some big news last week I’d love to share – celebration time!

I was almost complete in writing The Consciousness Code – ready to turn it in a few days later when I got an email from the contracts dept at Simon and Schuster (my publisher) saying my book deal was cancelled due to internal budgeting / scheduling issues. This came as such a relief to hear actually because I had felt some resistance – in hindsight I realized I was feeling the stress of the team and wasn’t feeling totally supported in bringing this project home – funny how I didn’t let myself feel into that in the process though. This book project has been such an initiation indeed.

So within a few days I was asking friends about exploring the prospect of working with an agent – something I had never considered since I had been working directly with the publisher from the beginning…I knew it was time to up-level my support and learn more about this new path to share. One friend suggested putting me in touch with his friend Lissa Rankin, an incredible author who I actually quote twice in my book, saying she might be really busy right now but could be a good resource for exploring an agent or at least being an endorser.

I continued scheduling talks with a few other friends and their connections..then the next day I was on my friend Sherianna’s podcast Emotional Detox and told her what had happened – she immediately put me in touch with her agent Steve. As soon as I checked out his website I noticed him and his wife (the agency team, love it!) are Lissa Rankin’s agents!

The synchronicity here is so tangible..I love it when the universe throws the evidence of how abundantly supported you are right in your face like this 🙂

A little piece of me – after talking to Steve and feeling like working together is a HELL YA – was wondering: well, shouldn’t I talk to other people and consider other options?  Can it really be that the first possibility is the perfect alignment?

You know..that part that perhaps is conditioned to think we have to have tons of options to find the best one..that actually doubts that it can be that easy after all.

Ultimately I remembered: Let it be easy. Let it be simple. Trust what comes naturally and effortlessly as likely what is meant for you to receive. Yes, it really can be that easy – everything. All the time.

So I am celebrating the new process unfolding – writing a proposal, working with an agent whose really an advocate for me in so many ways I wasn’t even aware of before – learning a lot in the process and probably revising the book to feel more even authentic with where I am at now. Couldn’t be a more perfect time to share this message – a recovery program for your higher self..yes please, thankful for the opportunity and gift to do so..wow.

What are you celebrating right now? What synchronicities are presenting reminders to you to be grateful for all the support and abundance flowing constantly in – around – through – as you? I’d love to know!

I am loving connecting with soul family in our intimate WhatsApp containers of late..it feels so much more intimate and loving to share in this way and I wonder if that will be the new way that I prioritize going forward. It didn’t make sense to check 5 platforms constantly for all the incoming messages – I mean, shouldn’t we have another solution by now?

I sense a new platform is emerging and perhaps we are creating it now energetically simply by prioritizing the ways in which we share 1:1 and in smaller intimate groups and councils..the energy must land fully before the material manifestation can birth.

I’m also celebrating the re-launch of the Visionary Souls Podcast – with a fresh episode out today. Check it out: Risk Everything To Be Yourself.

We will have 2 episodes out per month and hopefully be back to 4 per month once we can get some more support on Patreon.

Check out new ways to play there and let’s co-create a beautiful amplified field of infinite possibility in Heaven on Earth. Lots of fun ways to play and be a producer of the show – ask questions for me and our guests, and receive shoutouts and more acknowledgements. This feels EXPANSIVE and I’d love to know any thoughts you have for ways to support the show and Patreon as a whole..I like this as a template for a new way of co-creating outside of social media, will you come explore with me?

On the podcast we’ll be exploring a lot of shadow dynamics and energies in business and predominantly within the coaching industry that have led to a lot of trauma loops, resentment, guilt and all sorts of energetics that are in some cases still being resolved years later.

I am blessed to be sharing 1:1 with some of my former clients / soul family sharing about what we’ve learned and how we are called to anchor in new ways of being and co-creating together – new paradigm leadership + soul service. Listen in to learn more.

If you’ve been reading these for awhile you’ve probably seen my language and energy fluctuate a ton as I was trying on new ways of playing..over-selling, using marketing templates, driving home different tactics for you to quantum leap and all the other catchphrases I’d use with a somewhat aggressive tone..definitely peddling an agenda at times.

I am grateful for the contrast and grateful to now feel more in my own center than ever. I can feel how my true self wants to communicate and I notice myself feeling more expansive than ever before as I let go of all the layers of this deeply embedded conditioning that ever allowed me to place myself on a pedestal or to be seemingly separate from you.

I’ve talked about THIS lesson for months – my first breakthrough awareness about over-charging and being complicit in a pyramid scheme in the coaching industry came last September..thats when so many walls started breaking down. But all the meanwhile I was still afraid about lowering prices, about changing my offers, about really surrendering. There was still so much healing and uprooting and realigning that needed to happen.

Now I invite you to play with me in a new space – I hope it feels as roomy, expansive and loving for you as it does for me.

Together I hope we co-create the new economy of soul service and spiritual expansion that is based in the honoring of our truly priceless exchange that we activate in our shared presence. I talk more about this in the podcast too so definitely listen in to share.

All my offerings are now updated according to newly aligned levels of energetic investment and I have open space to support you in any way that feels beautiful:

Intuitive Soul Session (75 min) – My signature offering of Akashic Records guidance and multi-dimensional healing. $188USD

Intuitive Soul Session (40 min) – $111USD

1:1 Support Session (60 min): A 60 minute session via Zoom to support you in expansion and exploration, offering intuitive and energetic healing and guidance. – $100USD

Quantum Healing Transmission (33 min): These are remote energy healing sessions I channel to amplify your desired manifestations, high-self embodiment or different dimensional aspects of self, activation of our spiritual gifts, purpose alignment and greater clarity on your soul path. Learn more here. – $88USD

5D Visionary Strategy Intensive: 45-Day Mentorship with Business Strategy + Energetic Optimization Focus, includes Intuitive Soul Session, Deep Dive Strategy Session, 2 45-min strategy calls, WhatsApp + email support. Learn more + schedule here. – $1,111USD

5D Visionary Mentorship: Curated for visionaries ready to live their soul purpose and embody authenticity, presence, deep self-trust and emotional-energetic mastery in all aspects of life. Offered in 3-6 month containers and completely customizable (including pricing) to your needs.

We start with an application and an exploratory call which you can book here. I support 5 1:1 mentees per month and have a few openings for May onwards.

If you’d like to play in-person with soul family as we expand and leap into new dimensions together..our next Akashic Awakening Retreat is this Sunday – it’ll be a special group of course as always and I’m loving our connection continuing in our WhatsApp portal in which we share support and reflection and pure play..would love to have you with us.

Scroll down to see some more fun events I am a part of and ways you can receive loving support. You can always tune into my events page on my website too to stay in touch about offerings + events.

Alright thanks for playing family – love you so much and honor your presence and attention deeply, thank you for choosing to co-create in this space and for beaming the light you beam..you high beamer you!

What a magnificent moment to BEam..thank you infinitely….

xx Syd


Coherence Consulting + Harmonic Systems Design

I am offering consulting for conscious companies and leadership therein seeking to cultivate a culture anchored in authenticity, coherence, transparency and overall impeccability – anchoring the foundation required for visionary innovation, scaled impact and overall effectiveness.

Key offerings:

  • Comprehensive Audit + Insight Analysis
  • Organizational Surveying + Data Synthesis
  • Stakeholder Interviews + Presentations
  • Akashic Records + Intuitive Guidance for Corporate Strategy
  • Energetics-Based Audit for Organizational Strategy
  • Operations Design, Strategy + Implementation
  • Human Resources Design, Strategy + Implementation
  • Technical Tools + Resource Recommendations
  • Efficient Empathetic Communications Design
  • Consultation on Intuitive UI + Empathetic Web-Digital Design
  • Strategic Connections to Key Team Support roles + resources
  • Recruiting + On-Boarding Process Design + Implementation
If this feels of interest to you and your conscious company, I’d love to explore working together in bringing your vision of what you know is possible into fruition.

Clients include MTVO.orgPraytell Agency, Estee Lauder, Barnes + Noble, Hyatt, Soundcloud, Logitech and more.

Please schedule a call here.

Fresh new episode – solo to start plus some new music you’ll probably notice – out today…check it out.

If it resonates, and you’re inspired to support, please consider supporting the show’s production as a co-producer thru Patreon. Check out all the new tiers here – fun, creative, loving ways to play + co-create!

I’ve funded the show myself for the last 2+ years and I’m presently asking for support in funding it going forward because I can really use the help PLUS it feels fun to co-create in this way as I explore new ways of offering my services + soul support.

You can also help by leaving a 5 star review + actual written review on iTunes/Podcast app if you wanna help spread the love.

Join me this upcoming weekend on Sunday May 10th for our next Akashic Awakening Virtual Retreat.

Our last one was such a beautiful healing container – you can catch the first part of it to see if its for you here.

Grab a spot and let’s co-create a loving, nourishing, expansive retreat together that leaves us feeling uplifted and deeply connected for weeks to come.

I’m loving our community building here and how we stay in touch and support one another in between our retreats.

unnamed (1)
Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 9.33.13 PM

Coherence Consulting + Systems Design

A consulting service for conscious companies and leadership therein seeking to embody and evoke authenticity, coherence, transparency and overall impeccability – anchoring the foundation required for visionary creativity, genius innovation, expansive impact and quantum leaps in effectiveness.

Key offerings:

  • Comprehensive Brand-Vision-Values Audit + Insight Analysis
  • Organizational Surveying + Data Synthesis
  • Stakeholder Interviews + Presentations
  • Akashic Records + Intuitive Guidance for Corporate Strategy
  • Energetics-Based Audit for Organizational Strategy
  • Operations Design, Strategy + Implementation
  • Human Resources Design, Strategy + Implementation
  • Technical Tools + Resource Recommendations
  • Efficient Empathetic Communications Design
  • Consultation on Intuitive UI + Empathetic Web-Digital Design
  • Strategic Connections to Key Team Support roles + resources
  • Recruiting + On-Boarding Process Design + Implementation

We will see it as soon as we believe it and become it.

If this feels of interest to you and your conscious company, I’d love to explore working together in bringing your vision of what you know is possible into fruition. 

Please schedule an exploratory call here.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 7.54.27 PM

Akashic Facilitator Training

Here we are, again.

It’s an honor to see you, here and now. It is an honor to share this potent transmission with you – the Akashic Records and all the multidimensional explorations therein have been life-altering for me in infinite ways over the years and it is the highest privilege imaginable to share this work with you so that you may feel its transformative healing and revelation in your life and share it with still others.

Since re-membering my gift of working in the Records in 2015, I’ve guided 20+ facilitators in stepping into their calling as wisdom keepers of the Akashic Records while also supporting hundreds of visionaries all over the world with 1:1 guidance sessions and reflections to assist them in their ascension, embodiment and soul-purpose alignment. I have left every 1:1 session and every mentoring container forever transformed as a clearer, more present, more loving version of myself.

I wish the same for you a million times over: it is the greatest gift you can possibly ever hope to receive.

Now is the time to gather in a sacred journey as a group – together we will co-create an amplified field of coherence, magnetic manifestation potential and absolute quantum leaps into expanded consciousness and liberation into our true selves.

What a divinely timed moment to meet again, of course. I am infinitely grateful for our resonance, for your trust in your calling and for the incredible potential we weave together in paving the way for a new era of embodied presence, possibility and power in soul-service to Heaven on Earth in this now.

xx SydScreen Shot 2018-03-17 at 11.14.20

In our journey into the Akashic Records we receive…

  • Guidance on our purpose, path and divine assignment

  • Clarity on any looming questions or concerns present in living the life we truly desire

  • Affirmation of truth we already sense within

  • Soul strategy for our current path, business, vision, relationships, karmic patterns, past lives, ancestors, etc.

  • Strengthened connection and affirmation of intuitive abilities and spirit guide awareness

  • Amplification of intuitive abilities and spirit guide awareness

  • High frequency energy transmissions to clear our fields, heal core wounds, amplify magnetism, enhance our gifts, and more

This program is a Facilitator Training and Certification program initiating you into depth, presence and devotion to your spiritual growth, expansion and embodied leadership.

You are invited to commit to a daily energetic practice, energetic mastery protocols, meditation, sacred study and rituals to support your refined discernment, clarity and embodied leadership.

Learn more here. 

There’s a Field. I’ll Meet You There.

Aside from honoring our ancient wisdom, genius and unique soul signatures, the Akashic Records are the clearest pathway I’ve come across for learning how to cultivate embodied presence and masterful energetic discernment, to step fully into your authentic power as a leader, guide and conduit, and for understanding creator consciousness and magnetic manifestation from a truly multidimensional perspective.

For me the Records have always been a high frequency energy containing all the information of all that ever was, all that ever is and all that ever will be. It is a dimension transcendent of time and space and truly is a portal to infinite possibility in which all guidance is delivered in the essence of unconditional love and healing.

Everyone has a different style through which they can access this energy. Some tune in more with spirit guides and ancestors or other dimensional aspects, whereas others may tune into more vivid clairaudient or clairvoyant wisdom with specific messages depending on who is being supported in the moment.

Are you ready to re-member your unique expression of intuition and recall your own authentic style of sacred space facilitation?

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 11.14.20

My commitment to you..

I will share all the tools, techniques and guidance I’ve enjoyed along my path thus far in addition to all the resources and curated practices I’ve utilized in supporting all the facilitators I’ve trained over the years.

Trust there is an abundance of insight and support for you to tune into and receive, probably more than you will take in fully at first. Know that you are embarking upon a life-long journey which may lead you in what appears to be at first a surprising direction only to later reveal itself as the path your soul had chosen all along.

Life is truly magical when you commit to deeply listening to your spirit.

Always remember this journey is about you, your highest good and choosing what feels most aligned for you. This is how you become a clear channel: by regularly attuning to your own vibration, following your desires and curiosity and by taking extraordinary care of yourself.

This work really is a lifelong relationship you are beginning, its all yours and might very well be unlike anything else you have ever experienced.

Look forward to feeling and receiving the unconditional love that you are, which is so readily available to us in every moment that we decide to tune in.

Our 9-Week Akashic Facilitator Training entails:

  • Our opening call is on on Thursday April 30th at 4pm Hawaii Time/6pm PST/9pm EST in Zoom. The program runs officially till July 2, 2020.
  • Five 90 minute Zoom calls (held every other week) in which we explore 1:1 channeling,  instruction, practice and energy attunement with live guidance from the Akashic Records plus live Q+A. Keep all recordings.
  • Three private 1:1 Akashic readings + attunements with Sydney within the 9 week program – keep all recordings for study and later reference.
  • Remote energy healing transmissions encoded throughout our journey to amplify intuition and clear discernment amongst other intentions the group holds for collective manifestation and embodiment
  • Support via WhatsApp for sharing insights/voice memos, etc. throughout this highly engaged, intimate, activating process in which you will receive direct guidance/support + access to incredible soul-family of fellow practitioners
  • WhatApp support for 60 days following program completion

This is a Facilitator training in which by the end you will feel confident in sharing readings with others as an Akashic Practitioner, and you may even feel called to teach others this work.

Really this is a life changing gift that keeps on giving. You will receive a certification upon completing all elements of this study program that affirms and celebrates your commitment to being an Akashic Practitioner.

Energy Exchange + Logistics

The investment for this entire program is $2,000.00 USD for the 9-week program plus 60 days of support after program completion. You can make a $444 or $888 deposit to begin and then make 6 payments of $260 or $186 over the 9 week period (depending on your deposit amount).

As soon as you apply, upon acceptance you can begin with your program study and exploration of curated materials, meditations and energetic practices in addition to your 1:1 attunement and reading with Sydney.

Learn more here


Feeling into May

Big energy all week, sometimes pulsing thru as heart blasts and bursts of the most incredible light and expansion I’ve ever consciously felt. Massive clarity is available for pivots, realignments and seeing your reality from a right-sized perspective. Seeing and feeling and being more in your truth.

Are you feeling nourished? This is up for me big time as I know it is for many of us. What is actual rest and what do these evolving bodies require to feel truly deeply restored and rejuvenated?


Preparing for the month ahead…

May is inviting us into an even deeper introspection, a period I’ve seen will initiate even more transmutation of the shadow unconscious – fear, manipulation, competition, separation, victim consciousness – we’ve already moved mountains in clearing over this last month.

While social media can feel like one of the only spaces we have left for connection and for feeling a semblance of normalcy amidst so much of our world being shut down and seemingly cut off, its actually encoded in many ways to function with a high degree of surveillance, behavioral targeting and consciousness conditioning and other mechanisms that are in direct opposition to effectively reinforcing unity, happiness, wholeness and presence (our divine nature).

Having worked in advertising for many years and even in the realm of psychographic targeting I’ve witnessed first hand how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to manipulation of consciousness for the sole aim of selling a product and conditioning people en mass to believe particular agendas that ensure their loyal consumerism. I am more sensitive to this agenda now and as such must listen to the calling to detach and practice being removed from all the conditionings herein which want us to believe that we can’t do without it, all the meanwhile reinforcing immense codependency, addiction and disempowerment on a massive level.

I notice my own addictive tendencies play out quite easily on these channels especially when it comes to external validation seeking and validation of my existence altogether. Its a deep muscle – response thats been formulated over the years that I am now called to re-train in a major way since my path going forward cannot hold unfold simultaneously with this distortion continually looming.

So with that I’ll be offline all social media starting now and through May, possibly longer.

Detaching from this powerful matrix.

What is life like when truly lived in the present without a digital footprint to manage or maintain?

What is it like when psychic energy is removed from these portals through which so much healing and support is typically channeled without a second thought?

This is my practice: giving this energy back to myself and to those with whom I am in conscious agreement to co-creating with. The time ahead is calling forth great intimacy, and operation in councils and small pods in which powerful frequencies and vision can be completely anchored.

Quality vs. quantity is one way to think of it. I will be prioritizing intimate connections and focusing in on deep 1:1 connection and co-creative evolution with my soul family, client collaborators and students.

I’ll be relaunching the Visionary Souls Podcast with a new bi-weekly series of episodes starting 5/5. Subscribe to stay updated. And email me here if you’d like to be a guest or have a suggestion for someone who would be aligned with our ethos: visionary pioneers, creatives and entrepreneurs trudging paths to authenticity and divinity embodiment against all odds.

Already we have incredible beings reaching out to be included and I am excited to re-start with a more clear, authentic vision that feels more magnetic than ever.

We will be launching particularly with conversations highlighting distortions within the coaching industry and what some of my former clients and I have learned in the process of playing out shadow patterns and co-dependency and various traumas that have resulted in a series of awakenings into greater authenticity and so much more.

Creating the new template for sacred business and co-creative leadership.

My latest book “The Consciousness Code: 8 Steps to Awakening Your Higher Self” is almost completed and soon to be in final review – it’ll be released December 2020. You’ll hear more about this via this newsletter channel in the weeks and months to come. The journey in writing this and bringing it home to completion has been quite an initiation – embodying what I am sharing fully…being brought through the same program I was initially inspired to offer..practicing it myself first in order to share it effectively.

Our 9-week Akashic Facilitator training kicks off soon – supporting 10 courageous leaders in deepening their intuitive mastery, refining their facilitation offerings/style and amplifying their confidence in sharing their unique healing gifts beginning 4/30 through July and of course onwards as this is a lifelong journey.

This is the greatest joy I could possibly imagine sharing at this perfect moment with such divine beings, humbled and honored for the opportunity to play and learn alongside these super humans!

We gather Friday for the Akashic Awakening retreat if you’d like to join us there.

Earlier today I shared a live Akashic transmission on Facebook which you can check out – it’ll be on YouTube soon.

I’m available for 1:1 intuitive healing sessions and mentorship containers with those seeking elevation and reflection in defining their vision and purpose and embodying their authentic truth and power. All bookings are via my website.

During this time and beyond I am committing to:

1. More daily meditation, anchoring self + planetary healing in addition to other devotional practices
2. Writing – maybe a new book, maybe just for myself to enjoy. Rewiring my creative channeling for self-enjoyment without an audience or without immediate feedback or attention generation.
3. Continued nervous system recalibration and optimization
4. Redefining vision and fundraising for Odyssey: coherence consultancy, venture capital fund and New Earth Council and convergences therein
5. Producing activations/visionary video content that inspires mass inquiry and awakening into the questions confronting our consciousness expansion
6. Connecting in intimate councils and co-creative partnerships with allies and fellow New Earth architects anchoring and embodying the energies we are called to work with at this auspicious time.

So today marks my last interaction on social media maybe for a long time, maybe forever in this way.

There is a new platform emerging, it might even simply be an energetic one – and it feels much more like home and it is free of distorted power dynamics and vampiric sub-personality games and conditioned ecosystems and frames of consciousness therein.

Timing is always uncertain as we enter into true timelessness but I do know I must anchor in new templates for myself and the collective to communicate and co-create in a unified field of harmony and coherence.

Again, the channels in which we can connect are as follows..

– The Visionary Souls Podcast: subscribe on whatever podcast platform you prefer to receive the latest episodes starting 5/5

– I’ll be sending out only 2 emails per month from now on here – sharing updates and reflections more intimately plus new podcasts and event co-creation announcements

– Lots of ways to play 1:1, in courses and mentorship

– You can become a Patron supporter and when I receive 33 patrons at any level I will explore sharing monthly calls and meditations to cultivate our community budding here. There’s also a fun way to play with 1:1 and group chats on Discord available at the 2 higher tiers.

This feels so fun to play in – I am loving connecting with my soul fam on WhatsApp for the time being and really called to explore more intimate connection in spaces like this.

How do we utilize technology as a way to empower the advanced technology we already carry within – our tele-empathy, our psychic super powers, our pure presence?

We must become truly independent and sovereign within ourselves in order to embody interdependence and unity with all.

Looking incredible forward to what this potent period is inviting – and going IN perhaps in a way I never have before to emerge even more clearly as an authentic expression of this divine being I feel within that’s still learning how to be here in all moments, all the way.

The Golden Age is here indeed.
The forces of light are rising, Heaven is here – our remembrance and divine alignment are inevitable.

Let us prepare ourselves to fully receive that which has always been meant for us to completely enjoy and celebrate.

Here and now.

Loving and being this light..

xx Syd



Awaken the Potential Within Online Summit

Join us for a day-long FREE retreat online with some of my favorite humans!!

Here’s our flow…(all times in EST)

8am – Introduction
8:25 – Ben Azadi; Keto Kamp
8:50 – Sandro Moto; Trauma Exposure Reframed
9:15 – Daniel De Luis; Hacking the Brain for Happiness
9:40 – Break/discussion
10:05 – Nathan Akpan; Freeing the Shackles of the Mind
10:30 – Jonathan Barry; Tuning Your Body As An Instrument
10:55 – Break
11:20 – Matt Belair; Soul Compass-Live from the Heart
11:45 – Zark Fatah; Raise Your Vibration
12:10 – Giovanni Bartolomeo; Social Wellness
12:35 – Andrea Belen; Manifest w Conscious Communication
13:00 – Dan Mangena; Alchemic Guide to Abundant Health
13:25 – Jeremy Hoffmann; Love, Light, Abundance, Activation
13:50 – Yerlin Ramirez; The Science Behind Manifesting
14:15 – Tatiana Vilarea; Expanded States of Consciousness
14:40 – Sydney Compos; Awakening into Authenticity
15:05 – Nadav Wilf; Love Yourself to Impact the World
15:30 – Eve Soboleva; Monadic Awareness
15:55 – Fernmarie Santiago; Intentional Evolution

Sign up to join us + learn more about the co-creators here: www.https://lee-davy.com/awaken-the-potential-within-summit/