Ep. 88: Tim Shields | A Curious Moment in Consciousness

Tim Shields is the author of A Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiment. After a decade of sick and dying parents, when Tim’s mother passed away—without a plan, a clue, a Lonely Planet guidebook, and only enough money to travel for 3-4 months—he purchased a one-way ticket to India. This decision to leap into the unknown would take him all over Southeast Asia, thus heralding a year-long experiment in possibilities when consciousness is directed by gratitude, intention, surrender, and trust.

Since then he has edited or helped ghostwrite the works of two New York Times bestselling authors, both of whom write about consciousness, quantum physics, healing, transformation, and human potential.

Whether playing in a band, taking improv and acting classes, volunteering at an orphanage in Tanzania, buying one-way tickets to India and Mexico, or attempting to create his own travel show in Europe, his interests can be found at the intersection of creativity, expression, travel, and expansion. For the past two years he has been living between Seattle, Washington and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

“An honest, vulnerable, transformational travel odyssey into the heart and soul of a man using the power of gratitude and intention. No matter where the reader is in their life, A Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiment is a story about the magic that occurs in awakening to the unlimited potential of your life’s journey.” ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

In this super conscious episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • How his life moves in traumatic expansions  and equally traumatic contractions
  • How he has been in contraction since he got back to Seattle and how it is one of the darkest times of his life
  • How he felt he was a deeper thinker than the people around him and how he would go to his notebooks to write and scribble; lead him to write about consciousness
  • How he got into ghost writing and how it has been a pretty amazing and wild ride
  • How hard it is for him to bring back himself to continue writing the essay he started because he has to go really deep in this one which will be called “A Crisis of Faith”
  • How he didn’t want to self-publish and how people were pushing him to self-publish
  • How he got to India to write which he didn’t prepare for and he ended up volunteering for a guy who is India’s most important environmental lawyer
  • How he is listening to his intuition, trusting the call and responding intelligently and how he is supported  in his journey
  • How he supports and helps himself to feel supported in this WTF moment of his life
  • How it’s in the creative process that he discovers truths about himself

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Tim:

IG: @therealtimshields
FB: @acuriousyear
Ghostwriting: https://www.inkandedit.com/ghostwritingediting
Writing Coach: https://www.inkandedit.com/writing-coaching
The Being Experiment: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1590550911040468/
Essays: https://www.acuriousyear.com/blog/
The Gratitude/Intention Experiment: https://www.facebook.com/groups/353924911975992/

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

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Pioneering the New Value Exchange, Let’s Play

I’ve created a Patreon as an avenue to share my soul service with dedicated co-creators + patrons. I’m excited to channel my energy into more of a singular portal where all I create can be contained and perhaps more fully received or actioned upon.

I am a multidimensional channel, energy healer, consciousness activator and oracle specializing in life purpose, destiny alignment and New Earth Architecture.
I can see the big plans of whats to come and often I even see the pathway (and visionaries and companies required therein) for how to actualize the systems and structures we require in the waking world craving to play in more regenerative, genius, creative ways.
I teach the Akashic Records, and I advise visionary pioneers of the New Earth on mastering their energy, optimizing their frequency, self-actualizing their spiritual and creative genius, and coming into alignment with their inner most truth and embodying it fully.
Copy of Copy of Sydney Campos.png
I support pioneers on the edge of a quantum leap about to go off the deep end into new genius innovation and infinite possibility in feeling safe, affirmed and confident in their knowing that they are here in fact to trudge the path that no one before them has ever attempted to walk.
As I grow into a new expression of service within ascension, greater authenticity and the actualized intergalactic vision of Heaven on Earth I am called to move away from all old paradigm conditioned ways of doing business, sales and marketing and even charging for services.
I am in inquiry about how this will look and I sense its a continual unraveling and experiment I get to play in to see what feels best as I create something truly resonant with my being – perhaps setting into motion a new template others may also explore in creating their own better-feeling way.
I am already co-creating new ways of ideating the sacred containers in which I support fellow allies and partners 1:1 and it feels so much more true, energizing and expansive.
I am feeling old conditioning of “you need to figure out how to make money doing X and Y that’s familiar” fall away faster than I can keep track.
It’s never been about the money which is such a painful distortion to truly unravel.
Our soul service is priceless and putting a price to it or attempting to as though we could ever calculate such infinite value diminishes its power and felt impact.
And yet here we are on the bridge from old to new. Let us begin the new path, even if only through a series of experiments and exploration into new feeling states. That’s always what we’re after anyway, isn’t it?
I sense we will be letting go of the current iteration of our money system sooner than we can imagine.
We have the tech and infrastructure in place – that’s never been an issue. The challenge is our behavior and belief systems – fueled by an old consciousness rooted in colonialism and power distortion and namely separation from each one’s own soul.
As we collectively agree to decondition ourselves from all illusions of scarcity, competition and comparison – all of which are simply facets of separation, the ultimate hallucination, we will know (and really simply remember) the essence of abundance.
Saying yes to the bigger mission at hand, will you join me in this grand co-creative experiment?

Excited to play in this new way <3


x Syd

New mastery trainings + activations

New mastery trainings + activations now free on my YouTube, including:

– Energy Clearing + Chakra Balancing
– Inner Child Healing
– Ascended Abundance Masterclass
– Magnetic Marketing Masterclass
– Guided Visualization for Purpose Alignment
– Visionary Morning Practice (coming soon)
– Divinity Codes Course Trainings (coming soon)
– Metamorphosis Biz Accelerator Trainings (soon)
– Mastering Magnetism (coming Friday!)

Subscribe to receive more energetic upgrades + ascension assistance: youtube.com/c/sydneycampos

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Ep. 87: Sandra Bershad | Why Lightworkers Must Integrate the Shadow

Sandra Bershad is a visionary mentor and awakening catalyst deeply devoted to empowering people in becoming intimate with the resonance of their highest truth and inner guidance. She is on a mission to create spaces of radical permission that invite individuals to tap into the full spectrum of their inner knowing,  visions, gifts, and the specific genius they are meant to share.

As a truth resonator and amplifier, she strives to demystify the perception that we need something outside ourselves to connect with our intrinsic nature that is infinite, innately wise, and already whole. Her approach has been forged through rigorous study of the merging between mind, body, spirit, and hard science, a deep passion for healing and growth, and the clinical application of therapeutic modalities, healing arts, and spiritual traditions.

She has a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Somatic Psychology and Psychology of Health and Healing. Recognized for her intuitive gifts and psychic abilities, she has appeared on Anderson Cooper, Psychic Children: Their Sixth Sense, Good Morning America, and The Doctors.

In this super integrating episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • Where and how the Institute for Embodied Remembrance she’s bringing through all started
  • How rare it was for her to come across the holistic integration of authentically sharing to reach and be seen by an audience
  • What her thoughts are on the spiritual practices and ceremonies that add to the repression of lightworkers’ shadow
  • How we all have our own source and access to infinite energy
  • What alignment is and how integrity is a very important aspect of alignment
  • What is the way to make a beginning in the process of becoming aware of repression and energy drains so that we can take our power back
  • How we are wired to truth, wholeness, alignment and love

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Sandra:

Website: www.sandiebershad.com
Facebook: @SandieBershad8
Instagram: @thehighlysensitivesuperwoman

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

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Stepping into a new era of my service.

Who knows if I’ll create a course or program again, at this moment I’m not sure.
I definitely love teaching, writing and supporting visionaries in awakening to their true selves, living their calling and embodying their power aka my own best medicine.
We certainly teach what we are here to learn, indeed.
In the mean time it feels right to make all of my epic courses I’ve created over the years mostly free and super affordable for the more in-depth guidance and activations included.
So now all of my courses are only $111-$133 w/ live video trainings + in-depth guidance + activations sent each week via email.
The video-only content (not including guidance, additional support materials or assignments clearly outlined) will soon be on YouTube for free, including my Metamorphosis Business Accelerator, Alignment Activation + Divinity Codes trainings.
Lastly, Kevin Orosz + I’s Mastering Magnetism 4-week course on Sex, Money + Power will launch on Friday for $44 only as a special launch celebration gift for you! Stay tuned for our live stream soon sharing more about the journey.

Imagining the new sacred container

We lead with trust, deep intimacy, authenticity and mastery to allow for fluidity and ease to be our guiding lights in all we share and activate.

I’m complete with doing “contracts” in the old way, repeated from a corporate model rooted in fear, mis-trust and scarcity.

Why did it ever make sense to use contracts in our sacred co-creations that infuse our initial co-creation with worst case scenarios and liabilities and protection mechanisms for “just in case” someone (our sacred ally in this case, our soul family – formerly known as “clients”) turns on us?

At a certain point boundaries become less relevant or necessary once you are actually able to meet heart to heart and co-create a grounded field of trust and clear context.

There is no protection or prevention needed when there is instead implicit a deep devotion to presence and self-honoring. Self-mastery and attunement to subtle energy, however, are absolutely required, and at greater and greater depth as this process unfolds.

I was on a call with one of my soul sisters who came into my field as a client earlier this summer exploring what our new way will be, knowing we both crave to experience a new way of relating and amplifying eachother in an intentional field.

Like the other masterful advanced souls I am honored to support we know we are here to lead the co-creation of the new way – the new sacred agreements, the new ways of doing business, the new rules of engagement for playing the New Earth game.

It’s humbling to see the conditioning falling away as we attempt to have a conversation / shared channeling transmission about what the new (or rather the seemingly very old) way is wanting to be.

Parts of us remember playing in this way in all the other dimensions we’ve traveled in together, and parts of us, perhaps the human conditioned parts and wounded child parts and scarcity-driven parts and collective-consciousness connection points bring forth so many potentialities.

I’m loving our process, our experimentation, our surrender, and our willingness to listen to what new ways of being are wanting to naturally be embodied, now.

I love making the implicit explicit so we feel truly seen and honored in our unique mastery and keys.

I love honoring what’s truly happening and amplifying in our shared field of infinite possibility – instead of ever pretending again to fit into an understandable box of coach and a client or business advisor and entrepreneur.

I love in the same sentence sometimes how we move so fluidly between dimensions – sharing 3D strategy and business launch technicalities with 5D energy mastery and intuitive insight bringing through the ideal timeline and implementation plan clear as day.

I love honoring who we truly are – multidimensional masters and clear channels for pristine insight and support far beyond our rational minds’ comprehension to grasp yet infinitely accessible by our hearts especially when we are held with such presence and love.

Here’s to co-creating the New Earth agreements.
No more hiding or pretending to fit into boxes that never existed in the first place.
Time to completely shine and share your infinite genius.
And play in all the ways you’re designed to play, all in.

There’s no greater feeling than being completely used up.
In service to your own soul calling you forth into greatness.

xx Syd

Ep. 86: Dr. Amir A. Rashidian | Let’s Thrive, Here’s How

Holding Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Human Biology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic, Dr. Amir A. Rashidian is the founder of the Mid-Atlantic Chiropractic Center. Established in 2006 and serving over 18,000 patient visits annually, the Mid-Atlantic Chiropractic Center focuses on high-tech diagnostics to detect and correct disturbances in the nervous system. The doctors at the Mid- Atlantic Chiropractic Center, promoting drugless health solutions, work with patients to eliminate the causes of disease and not merely the suppression of symptoms.

As a consultant, Dr. Amir has worked with 18 chiropractic practices, 16 of which were startup businesses that all reached profitability within the first 3 months of business launch. Dr. Rashidian attributes his success in opening practices to an intensive systematized marketing plan implemented 3 months prior to business launch. He has personally opened two very successful chiropractic practices.

A very active speaker at corporate events, conventions, and churches, he is also frequently interviewed by the local TV, radio, and newspaper. Additionally, Dr. Amir serves on the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity and is a major financial supporter of their local building projects.

Furthermore, Dr. Amir also serves as the chairman of the Elder Leadership Team at Grace Community Church. He has won multiple honors and awards including Business Leader of the Year and Philanthropist of the Year. He is happily married to his wife of 14 years and together they have three sons.


In this super thriving episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • How it’s impossible to live a stress free life but instead a stress proof life is possible
  • The true definitions of stress, health and wellness and how he defines them
  • How he defines resilience as – when something that could hurt you actually helps you
  • How resilience is natural, it will happen automatically but we have to get out of its way and how we get out of its way
  • What his personal journey has been in alleviating stress or becoming resilient with stress
  • What is challenging him in his evolution and the growing edge he’s playing right now
  • How he supports himself through the process of discerning enough is enough

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Dr. Amir:

Website: www.MidAtlanticClinic.com
Facebook: @midatlanticclinic
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MACCHealth/playlists
Get his Book on Amazon: The StressProof Life: The Secret to Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

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The end of an era

What a powerful week it’s been..I’m noticing a deep desire for simplicity in all realms of life, do you feel me? As I write words mid-sentence I notice a tendency I have to be longwinded..especially when speaking. I feel sensitive to how much I think and talk about myself. I feel sensitive to how I interact and show up in conditioned behaviors. All of the above was amplified to an extreme during Odyssey. I suppose I created the perfect alchemical cauldron in which I could really see myself, outside of the echo chambers I can easily play in.


What I noticed most of all over the weekend..hosting my dream event, with my soul family, co-creating the new way of leading…receiving so many opportunities to shift, evolve, uplevel, heal..all the things. Saying YES to truth, authenticity, pivoting..awkwardness and confusion therein. What I noticed most was my tendency even still to be really hard on myself – and a really old pattern came up super loudly: I was talking to myself in a voice I hadn’t heard in what feels to be forever..the one thats abusive, mean, critical..always looking for evidence about whats wrong instead of celebrating whats great.

This happened particularly when I was under-resourced and my nervous system was feeling shot..especially after the event ended. I am so humbled to see how at this moment I am invited into true mastery – its easy to think you’re a master when you’re playing in hierarchy even unconsciously and surrounding yourself with people who put you on a pedestal and want to be like you.

When you step out of the coaching echo chamber and into true community with allies and equals wow do your blindspots become apparent to say the least. I am now more clear than ever on what this supposed new paradigm of leadership I’ve been speaking to for months and years actually entails and its not what you or I probably thought.

The new paradigm of embodied leadership rooted in coherence and mastery requires us to..

– Masterfully cultivate a physical body that can hold increasingly high frequencies
– Entrain our nervous systems to maintain a grounded sense of calm no matter what is going on
– Know our trauma and triggers inside and out so we operate as truly responsible leaders instead of ever operating out of reactionary survival mechanisms
– We must be ultra discerning of our energy now more than ever to be completely focused on answering our soul calling, no distractions, no trying to do it all, no over-extending ourselves

There’s more of course but these are the commitments I am clear on requiring of myself at this time.

There are so many other lessons to share. We’ll do a live stream on Weds at 6pm PST on it all..and I hope to be an example of transparency and vulnerable strength in sharing what we could have done differently knowing what we know now and being who we BE now.

The thing is – when you launch something so new and pioneering..not everyone will like it or get it and yeah its messy and chaotic and weird, and also divinely perfect in every way otherwise we wouldn’t be here, like this, now.

I’m really seeing how its impossible to please everyone.

That the most important thing ever is to please yourself.
To meet your own standards.
To honor your commitments to you.
To celebrate yourself to showing up perfectly imperfect.
To love yourself deeply no matter what.
To know you’re always growing and evolving.
To never give up.
To not stay in beat up/judgement/criticism for too long if at all.

This is something I am learning – the distinction between criticism and feedback especially when you are reflecting within on what you’d like to do differently.
Its so important to start with self-love, celebration and appreciation first and foremost.

More to come soon beloveds. In the mean time, I’m grateful to announce that soon all of my online courses and workshops will be free on YouTube, even the un-released Mastering Magnetism course I created last year with my brother Kevin Orosz. I feel like this marks the closure of an old way of doing things..like everyone else, like I was copying what other coaches and leaders do because that’s just the way it is.

Remember when I sent a newsletter out marketing my membership Academy? It never really landed or felt magnetic because I was doing something I thought I had to do – and had even talked about for years. But its not my style actually. And its okay because Im learning more about my true authentic style and sometimes we learn by trying what doesn’t feel good first so we can re-orient. There’s no such thing as a mistake. Hopefully as we grow we get to spend less time and money on learning the hard way because our barometer for good feelings and truth gets clearer and clearer as we practice.

What is aligned for me in my offerings as of now is to continue supporting visionaries 1:1 in Intuitive Soul Sessions which entail energetic upgrades and attunements, psychic guidance, soul-purpose alignment support and essentially a clear energetic container for you to explore your spiritual gifts and inquiry into your destiny manifesting at this time. I always share a comprehensive program following these sessions too such as prescriptive practices, course-work, meditations and more to support the ongoing integration of all that comes up – these are very rich experiences that I love co-creating with you! I have a few openings for this month and next if you’d love to receive support in this way.

Additionally I am excited to offer 1:1 immersions wherein we co-create a customized program for us to enjoy a 48 hour immersive retreat to support you in energetically up-grading and aligning with your purpose and genius gifts..to feel your best, to feel fully alive..to achieve whatever it is thats present on your heart to receive and embody. If you’re curious about organizing a 1:1 immersion that includes support before and after too please hit reply to discuss.

As for 1:1 mentoring containers..I won’t be conducting my offerings in any of the old ways I used to. In fact with my current co-creators (the term client no longer resonates), I am excited this week to explore the co-creation of new agreements and sacred contracts that more authentically represent the nature of what it is we’re called to pioneer together. There is so much implicit value offered when I am intentionally holding space for someone that I am called to support in this way and its important to acknowledge what’s actually occurring instead of continuing to pretend to be doing something in an old way that no longer feels true.

I am excited to support aligned visionary leaders who are also called to pioneer a new way of structuring our containers and offerings in ways that feel truly authentic to the highest level of soul service we are here to offer.

If this is you I’d love to explore supporting you, just reply and we can jam soon.

We’ve launched two offerings for continuing the beautiful co-creations in Odyssey – essentially the trainings I’ve always dreamed of participating in that don’t exist yet. When you really desire/crave something and it hasn’t come into being yet – that means you get to make it 🙂 That’s how Odyssey was born in the first place.

Check out Co.here if you’re curious about participating in our mastery + embodied leadership training programs – one is a 9 month council incubator and the other is a 12 month accelerator program for visionary leaders. Both start early 2020 and include deep transformational work with master trainers, core Odyssey alliance co-creators and New Earth Architects and Investors.

Remember to celebrate you in this moment my love.
You’re doing so good.
You’re doing you’re best.
And so is everyone else.
Can we trust that everything is unfolding for the highest good?
With or without us actually.
Our job is to feel good.
To choose positivity.
To Choose love.
A leader doesn’t have the luxury of being in a bad mood.
This is true mastery.

I love you <3


Ep. 85: Seth Leaf Pruzansky | I’m Awake, Now What?

Seth Leaf Pruzansky was born into this world with the ability to interpret deeply profound universal wisdom from his conscious awareness of reality. Throughout the course of his life he has learned how to masterfully articulate this knowledge in a way that benefits those who are desperately looking for real answers to the big questions in life. Seth has survived through things that most don’t make it through and yet he has emerged resilient and with a deep understanding of what it takes to not only survive but to truly thrive.

He is a father, and owner of two mission-driven businesses TourmalineSpring.com and LivingNutz.com, and he is the editor of two upcoming books.

His daily life consists of grounding the principles of natural laws, and higher awareness into small business structures.

In this super awakening episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • How we are at a point that everything’s shifting so fast
  • How as you continue to face your fear, you will reveal that it never actually was that scary or ugly thing to begin with but it’s really a beautiful and empowering thing that’s just trying for you to be aware of what was blocking your ability to see it
  • When all of your organs are synced up together, they begin to function in the way they were designed to
  • How “I’m Awake, What Now?” was designed to bring groups of people together to help them understand how easy it is for them to get to a space of heart-brain coherence
  • How he loves to play, express and receive love, share his energy and to express himself
  • Encouraging people who are in coherent state to become aware of their whole self and go forth in this world from that place, it’s leaders unleashing leaders
  • How our natural impulse as infinite souls in human bodies on Earth is to create, give a gift, to share and be of service
  • How there are people that identify with a certain parameter, a narrow lens of perspective, which creates its own field that is connected to all things, great and small, and they have accepted this narrow lens as real, normal and all there is

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Seth:

Website: www.amethystelixircompany.com/
Facebook: Seth Leaf Pruzansky
Instagram: @sethleafpruzansky

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

Listen to more episodes of Visionary Souls on all the channels, everywhere.


Odyssey || Visionary Souls embodying Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth is here..

When we choose to see. This is the essence of ODYSSEY: a four day multidimensional mind-body-spirit-soul activation for visionaries, leaders, heart-centered creators and healers creating Heaven on Earth in this now. It’s time to converge and write the new narrative for human-unity and liberation into power, purpose, pleasure and prosperity.

It’s time to embody our infinite potential and fully rise into our soul expression of divinity that we are. It’s time to align our minds to serve our souls and see everything as a gift as we re-orient our world to serve the highest good of all.

Let’s create the future, through imagination and aligned, committed action to usher into being the most beautiful world we all know in our hearts is possible. Beyond our wildest imaginations.

It’s time. Will you take the leap?

Your ODYSSEY journey entails…

Four Days of multidimensional soul-embodied programming in the premier zen center of the Santa Cruz mountains, in absolute Heaven on Earth paradise alongside 300+ of your global visionary soul family. Imagine yourself playing and expanding all day, feeling your absolute best, nourished mind-body-spirit-soul, completely inspired and supported by the most incredible light leader tribe fathomable – a SOUL’D out conference unlike anything ever created before, channeled straight from source.

Together we are dreaming awake Heaven on Earth, writing the new stories we crave to align with especially in the realms that tend to capture the biggest shadows and greatest wounds of all: power, pleasure, purpose and prosperity. How do we create the new narrative of human-unity we are called to usher in amidst the most potent energetic upheaval of ascension in human history?

What is the more equitable, joyful, loving world we are called to usher into being? What actions are required of us to allow this aligned embodiment to not simply exist but to completely thrive in all possible ways? What’s it like to imagine a new vision for our collective future devoid of conditioning, scarcity, separation or any other linear constructs that would try to deter us from embodying our truly infinite nature?

And most importantly, what’s your contribution? How do you fit into the future creation you’re called to activate and co-create? You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t hear the call likely quite a long time ago, right?

Here’s your invitation to rise.

It’s time to FLY.

The Venue


““We are all here to contribute our gifts toward something greater than ourselves, and will never be content unless we are.” ”

— Charles Eisenstein, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

ODYSSEY Convergence Flow


2PM-5PM: Settling in to 1440 Multiversity Campus
5:30-7PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Dinner
7:30-8:30PM: Opening Ceremony + Visionary Keynote Transmissions
8:30PM: Ecstatic Dance
10PM: Sound Healing Journey with Special Guests


7 – 9AM: Visionary Soul Family Style Breakfast
9-10AM: Morning Embodiment Practices with Special Guests
10 – 11AM: Intention Setting + Keynote Transmission
11 – 12PM: Breakout Sessions, Activations, Healing Sanctuary Opens
12-2PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Lunch
2:30 – 3:30PM: Intention Setting + Keynote Transmissions
4 – 5:30PM: Breakout Sessions, Activations, Healing Sanctuary
5:30-7:30PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Dinner
8PM: Evening Ceremony + Dance Experience
10PM: Sound Healing Journey with Special Guests


7 – 9AM: Visionary Soul Family Style Breakfast
9-10AM: Morning Embodiment Practices with Special Guests
10 – 11AM: Intention Setting + Keynote Transmission
11 – 12PM: Breakout Sessions, Activations, Healing Sanctuary Opens
12-2PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Lunch
2:30 – 3:30PM: Intention Setting + Keynote Transmissions
4 – 5:30PM: Breakout Sessions, Activations, Healing Sanctuary
5:30-7:30PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Dinner
8PM: Evening Ceremony + Dance Experience
10PM: Sound Healing Journey with Special Guests


7 – 9AM: Visionary Soul Family Style Breakfast
9-10AM: Morning Embodiment Practices with Special Guests
10 – 11AM: Intention Setting + Keynote Transmissions
11 – 12PM: Breakout Sessions, Activations, Healing Sanctuary
12-2PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Lunch
2:30 – 4PM: Intention Setting + Closing Keynote Transmissions


ODYSSEY Co-Creators

All who are called to attend ODYSSEY are invited and initiated into being valuable facilitators and vision holders within this space, in service to a truly collective mission at hand. Everyone is invited to give their sacred gifts as an infinitely potent activator of Heaven on Earth in this now.

Within this kind of earth-transforming, soul-awakening convergence, what’s it like when there are no spectators, and no preferential treatment or VIPS; when instead everyone is genuinely invited to share and be fully expressed in their uniquely valuable genius? Drop all conditioning as to how you’ve learned to operate within typical summits, convergences and masterminds – you’ve never experienced anything like this before.

The only transactions present throughout ODYSSEY will be in the form of sacred gifts (currency is included in each ticket investment so everyone has equal energetic exchange with which to play) in which each co-creator to award fellow co-creators, facilitators and space holders however feels best. Hence, we will all practice and embody the tenets of sacred gifting in which everyone is empowered to use currency as a representation of celebration, generosity, empowerment and unconditional love – rewriting paradigms of economy and money moment after moment, living it, together.

Imagine you have a highly activated group of 333+ of the world’s most luminous leaders, visionaries, heart-centered creators and soul-family who are fully committed to embodying Heaven on Earth in this now – what do you feel called to share with this extraordinary group to support their high vision and full alignment with their divine assignments? What gift will you give? If there was one or more sacred offering(s) you could contribute to this space to be in service to the healing, transformation, elevation and expansion anchoring fully for the entire planet, what would it be? There are numerous opportunities for speaking, leading a keynote session, guiding embodiment activations and morning practice, offering live art and music, teaching a breakout workshop, demonstrating new technology in our Healing Sanctuary and offering your healing gifts also in the Sanctuary throughout our convergence. Share your intentions below and let’s PLAY.

Ready to co-create and play? Let’s FLY.