The Empath Experience NYC Book Launch LIVE

It’s my absolute honor to invite you to join me in celebrating the release of my book, The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything which I launched officially in New York City on May 13th with an intimate group at The Assemblage.

For this wonderful occasion I led a powerful group meditation, shared activating practices I mention in my book for cultivating energetic and intuitive mastery and conducted a brief talk on my vision for the empath empowerment awakening (PLUS a live Q+A afterwards!).

I was also interviewed by my friend and fellow empath David Sauvage, creator of a EMPATH.

Tune in to listen to the live recording of this book event and feel what it feels like to be in our intimate group! I can’t wait to share this special experience with you. If you haven’t already, make sure to order your copy of The Empath Experience today:

Ep. 26: Sarah Chappell | Waking Up To Heal Yourself

“One day, I woke up, and 2 gin tonics in, I just decided I had to stop. I had no reason for it. I was just ready.”

– Sarah Chappell


Sarah M. Chappell is an intuitive counselor, herbalist, and teacher based in Asheville, North Carolina. Sarah’s experiences with alcoholism, depression, and anxiety have led her to specialize in addiction and mental health. She draws on her study of tarot, flower and stone essences, herbal medicine, spiritwork, and reiki to help clients unravel their stories, create lasting shifts, and heal themselves. Sarah is the host of the podcast So You Wanna Be A Witch where she invites soul-centered entrepreneurs to explore the intersection of spirituality and business. Her work has appeared on Brit & Co, Unwritten, Daydreaming Wolves, and The Art of Living, and she has collaborated with Maha Rose, Space by Mama Medicine, apexart, Villagers, East Fork Pottery, and Everyday Magic, amongst others.


On this episode, Sarah takes us back to the time when she was enslaved to alcohol. Unknowingly, she had been addicted and she felt helpless. Sarah also openly discusses how she ultimately decided to stop her bad habits and turn her life around. Today, Sarah continues to inspire others who are going through the same struggles she dealt with in the past – she helps them pick themselves up and become a better version of themselves.

Connect with Sarah on:
Facebook: Heal Yourself
Instagram: @sarahmchappell
Twitter: @sarahmchappell

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How To Be A Visionary

What does it feel like to no longer abandon yourself and your deepest desires solely to please other people?

To live life truly on your terms – despite any fear or doubt that people won’t understand.

How about dropping the idea that you ever need to be understood, now and forever?

To feel safe, to feel included, to feel loved, to feel deserving of support, to RECEIVE.

You are here to create the future, visionary.

No one very likely will understand immediately. That’s how you KNOW you’re on the right path – creating something truly NEW and innovative in a world that desperately needs more LEADERS, less followers.

Authenticity is a hot topic and GREAT buzz word but how often are you really feeling SOMEONE let alone yourself showing up ALL THE WAY in full authenticity – soul-baring realness that has such a magnetic effect you can hardly believe how powerful it feels once it hits you.

Suddenly it doesn’t matter what someone is even saying – the content is distracting – its the feeling that matters most, the feeling we all desperately seek through tireless scanning and scrolling yet have such a thirst for still because where is the REAL DEAL?

Until finally we have a taste and its finally like YES PLEASE my heart is full, I feel seen, I feel heard, I feel WITH YOU, never alone, never was alone, never will be. I have arrived. Take me with you.

How do we activate this inherent magnetism and receptivity we all have built within?

It’s simple but like all great paradoxical lessons its not necessarily easy.

Are you willing to face your truth? All the way, the most courageous undertaking of all in this entire lifetime? What is REALLY in your way of allowing yourself to BE and HAVE and DO precisely what you came here for? And how about NOW?

Be honest. You are the only thing in your way, aren’t you?

What a relief to know there are no victims, only creators of your own most divine reality that your genius soul has architected to teach you precisely what you’ve come to learn.

So tell me, what are you committed to creating NOW knowing that you have had the power all along?

xx Syd

Ep 25: Kundan Chhabra | Decolonize + Decentralize Yourself To Remember Who You Are

“Fulfilment comes when you co-create this world.”

-Kundan Chhabra

Kundan helps you simplify your business as a vehicle for creating that more beautiful free world that you had a glimpse of in your Awakening, mystical, psychedelic and flow experiences.

He does this by helping you discover your Greatest Gift (your Unique Super Power) and Deepest Why that had been created out of your Greatest Longing. Your Greatest Longing that had been born and grown out of your Greatest Struggle the way diamonds and pearls are created.

He then helps you embody your Remarkable Legacy in communion with exactly and only the people with whom you can create the optimum collaboration. Out of this service to the exact people whom you were born to serve, you experience the Deepest Spacious Fulfilling Intimacy with yourself, others and the world.


What you’ll learn:

* Alternative currency systems and new modalities of exchange

* Decolonizing language + privilege in personal development work

* Hegemony of language, deprogramming from unconscious stories

* Feeling it ALL to heal it ALL – true liberation

* Meeting and LOVING all parts of self to become the VISIONARY leader that you are

* The four stages of consciousness – moving from VICTIM to DIVINITY

* A new angle on repressed anger and Kundan’s various visionary frameworks for de-programming our limiting beliefs


On this episode, Kundan Chhabra talks about deprogramming ourselves of the thoughts that prevents us from the best. We all got swept off in a society that deprives us to experience the world we wanted for ourselves. The perception of other people of the perfect being hinders us to make up our own world. Remember, it is you who builds your own world, it is your emotional freedom, and it is up to you to create a world of your own. He also discussed the 4 stages of consciousness development and empowerment, realization of the system, the impact of the environment to individuals and our anger that we all have history with.

Connect with Kundan:




Ep 24: Naomi Ashcroft | Giving Yourself the Permission to Dream

“I came to the world to be great and to find that greatness in other people.”

-Naomi Ashcroft

Naomi is empowered by and loves the healing power of authentic storytelling. Beginning her journey as Founder of Noir Media an award-winning film + TV production and PR media company producing award-winning films, TV, sold out coffee table book – Celebrating Every Woman, and doing PR for one Emmy award TV series.

This grew into a global coaching practice that marries the interaction of business, freedom, wealth, and unleashing your unique superpower with a connection to a divine source.

After years of recovering from childhood trauma, and abusive relationships Naomi discovered sacred sexuality, connecting with the divine unstoppable untamed force that is within us all – unleashing our true power.

This has all led back to Naomi’s original calling activating and awakening the divine force within each of us through the healing power of storytelling with her new media company, combined with global business coaching.

Connect with Naomi:




The 5 Essential Steps You Need To Follow To Start Your Soul-Aligned Biz

Can’t wait to deliver this

LIVE FREE WEBINAR on 6/6 @ 6pm PST on

The 5 Essential Steps You Need To Follow To Start Your Soul-Aligned Biz!!

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What To Do When You Feel Everything: Empath Empowerment Intensive 5/14

In celebration of my new book The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything, I am delivering a SUPER-POWERED LIVE IMMERSION – a self-mastery training really – on all things empath empowerment, energetic intelligence and discernment and intuitive mastery.

This training is for visionaries, leaders, conscious creators and YOUNG PEOPLE who are ready to learn (and enact for the rest of your life) the most powerful tools and practices for living your most empowered, abundant, thriving life in which you ALWAYS feel your best no matter what’s happening around or outside of you.

Empath Empowerment.png

We will meet in ZOOM video conferencing – our own magic sacred space for our deep-dive transformative experience – on Monday, May 14th starting at 12:30pm PST until 2:30pm PST. 

Please come prepared to RECEIVE a massive action-packed immersive training that will radically empower you to feel your best despite anything going on outside of you so that you can become the super-charged empowered leader and creator of your most extraordinary life.

We will start right on time and the flow of our intensive will be as follows:

  1. Introduction / Context / Intention Setting

  2. Guided energetic mastery meditation

  3. Live Expert Training on energetic discernment, cultivating healthy boundaries, knowing whats yours and whats not, clearing your energy, staying grounded in yourself despite outside circumstances and chaos, healing worthiness and transcending shame (the ultimate inhibitor of RECEIVING).

  4. Guided embodiment practice for clearing your energy and activating your magnetism

  5. LIVE coaching (45 minutes) for those who would like to receive 1:1 support

As you can tell already, this will be a truly life-changing experience if you are willing to show up fully present to RECEIVE what’s on offer and commit to integrating and practicing what I’ll be guiding you through going forward.


Please share this message with anyone you feel could use this support + tag friends to join us!

I’m inviting you into a new paradigm of self-investment for this experience in which I offer a sliding scale energy exchange that FULLY empowers you to CHOOSE how you intentionally value your own time and receptivity within this transformative co-creation.

Visionaries under age 18 are welcome to participate for FREE.

If you can’t make the LIVE presentation, go through with the registration process, enact the energy exchange of your highest alignment and you’ll get the replay immediately following the live event. ​​The replay is available for FREE for young people (under age 18) who would like to activate these teachings to live their most empowered lives NOW. Simply register with that note in mind to receive the replay.

I’m excited to share with you. You can prepare even more fully for this experience by tuning into my latest book The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything.

In service to SOUL,

xx Syd

Intuitive Advisor | Author | Visionary Mentor

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 3.28.56 PM

Money Mindset Medicine


Your relationship with money is a mirror for your relationship with yourself.


Money is a tool for measuring your own inherent worthiness, sense of value and degree to which you are fully open to giving and receiving love, which is the ultimate currency.

How are you allowing your truth and genuine authentic expression to flow?

How are you sharing your gifts?

How are you at simply receiving just because you are LOVE?

How do you love YOU simply for being?

If you’re afraid of money, how are you afraid of the parts of you that are wanting to be loved?

If you feel scared that you’ll run out of money (not having enough), how are you feeling like you are not enough (not showing up fully, not being seen, not feeling heard, not feeling worthy of any of the above)?

If you are jealous of other people’s perceived abundance, how are you not allowing yourself to show up more powerfully in alignment with your purpose? Jealousy is simply masked admiration in witnessing a truth you too have within you finally being expressed. Where are you holding back and why?

If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others on the illusion of hierarchy in wealth accumulation and status, how else are you allowing comparison to get in the way of you living your life on your own terms? How else are you allowing everyone else to make your decisions for how to live, love, feel, think and self-express?

Whose life are you living?

When will NOW be a good time to start doing YOU?

Book a call with me to explore how I can support you in transcending all of the above.

❤️ Syd

Activation Accelerator

I have a special invitation for a SELECT FEW visionaries that are truly ready to GO ALL IN on their vision like never before and take RADICAL action to bring that vision into BEING now.

Note: This invitation isn’t for everyone. SO let’s not waste any of your precious time.

This IS NOT for you if you’re NOT ready to take radical action in crushing through your fears of being FULLY SEEN as you’re ACTIVATED into CONFIDENT razor-sharp focused strategic EXECUTION to bring your DREAM LIFE + biz into BEING. As soon as you say YES.


Can you imagine what life is like doing what you LOVE, thriving in all possible ways, bringing in total abundance, and most of all – sharing your GIFTS?!

How SOON do you want to be EMBODYING all of the above?

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 2.41.34 PM

DREAM BIG. Have you given yourself the TIME and SPACE and GUIDANCE to go all in on your vision? On PRESSING PLAY on ALL YOUR BRILLIANCE you’ve been keeping under wraps.

You KNOW you’re here for a reason. You likely already have the vision you’re here to EMBODY and share with the world, don’t you?

What if you were supported in creating a graceful transition plan to exit your job in not 2 years or even a year but a few MONTHS (or weeks) or less?


What if you had the support and expert STRATEGY required to start putting your business together and launching your first offer with an ultra-clear message and positioning ASAP?

What will it feel like to be supporting the people you’ve been desiring to work with since forever, and witnessing them creating EPIC transformation in their lives as a result of your divine guidance?

What would it be like to CHOOSE to be anywhere you want to be in the entire WORLD for as long as you want?

If you created your own TIME and schedule to utilize however feels BEST FOR YOU, being your own BOSS?


What would it be like to no longer let $ make any decisions for you, and to instead fully trust your intuition to guide you in everything you CREATE and choose to invest your priceless time and energy into?

Really tune into these questions. You know your truth.

And ask yourself if you’re ready to go all in with me on starting this June for the 8 week journey of a lifetime that will get you to where you want to BE sooner, more gracefully and more powerfully than you can imagine.

This program isn’t for the faint of heart.

Since I go ALL IN with you (it’s the only way I roll..let’s face it).. I’m only inviting visionaries who are LIKEWISE ALL IN and able to FULLY RECEIVE my life-changing guidance + activation.


with expert support and strategy to bring your BIG VISION TO LIFE (while creating ALIGNMENT in every other area of your life too..because you know:

The way you show up for ANYTHING is the way you show up for EVERYTHING)…


So here’s the deal….

  • 8 weeks, 8 fellow ALL IN visionaries doing this accelerated work alongside you, including your own accountability partner ($10K value)

  • We start 6/26 and end 8/24 (but really, the program and work never ends because you have lifetime access to the community and the priceless resources you’ll be offered)

  • 1:1 coaching with me before you start to get you set up for epic success plus two 1:1 support sessions throughout the program ($4K value)

  • One 90 minute group coaching call per week on zoom video ($5K value)

  • One 45 minute live training from me each week (with live Q+A) on a highly curated strategic topic to support you in carrying out SPECIFIC steps + radical actions towards achieving your goals ($8K value)

  • Weekly assignments curated within my systematized process designed for you to:
    • Create your 9-5 exit plan, your DREAM LIFE FREEDOM PLAN
    • Lay the foundation for your business vision – offer, value proposition, ideal clients, initial marketing strategies
    • Strategy for initial launch and client outreach
    • Be guided through specific processes that will activate your visibility, help you to share your VOICE, and to become 1000% confident in LEAPING into the unknown as you PUT YOUR NEW OFFER OUT IN THE WORLD (be SEEN and HEARD)
    • Create ULTRA CLEAR GOALS and be held accountable to achieving them with rapid, laser-focused momentum
    • Create your business plan so you know where you’re going and what you have to continue building on (you’re getting expert consulting + coaching all in one – 7+ years of expert marketing advising experience, leading top strategy teams for global brands, managing multi-million dollar advertising + PR spends…ALL YOURS)
    • Be ultra clear on your VALUE: who you work with and who you don’t work with no matter what
    • Understand your SOUL CLIENT / aligned target market + create EXPERT empathic marketing messaging so your ideal market can sense you from miles away
    • Increase your magnetism in all areas of life: especially in LOVE, $ and creativity

If you’re ready to collapse your 1-2 year timeline into a few months and start creating RESULTS from living the life you envision and fulfilling your purpose…

When will NOW be a good time to start? Let’s discuss your application.

Book a call with me to inquire.


 Author | Energy Expert | Intuitive Advisor | Visionary Mentor