📍NYC Familia – I’m hosting a special event next weekend at RA MA Institute New York Saturday, Sept 16th 6-8pm💖

Come join me for a nourishing evening of rejuvenation, visionary meditation, connection and play to deepen in your embodiment of purpose, power and authenticity. 

Here we explore the true nature of abundance.

💎➡️ “I’m Ascending, Now What?” Soul Spa Experience + Book Launch 📖

Explore what comes next on your personal ascension path. This unique event combines the tranquility of a spa experience with the excitement of a book launch, creating a one-of-a-kind opportunity for self-reflection and growth.

Throughout the evening, you will have the chance to participate in various soul-nourishing activities, including an opening cacao ceremony, visionary meditation, energy healing, breathwork and co-creative play. Immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere inviting self-care and self-discovery.

Flow of Experience ~

Saturday, September 16, 2023:

6:00pm | Cacao + Visionary Meditation

6:45pm | Embody Abundance Activation (Interactive)

7:30 – 8:00pm | Connection + Book Signing

Register to join:


Unity Consciousness Event

aloha love – this is going to be a special of my favorite co-creations ive ever experienced, honestly.

We are experiencing an accelerated, powerful shift within and on our planet!

 Are you feeling it?

Are you being called to know yourself more deeply, lead your life from your heart and soul to live in your abundant true essence?

Would you like to be able to go within, be deeply present with yourself and transform old patterns into pure love, your truth, and be in your power?

If so, you will want to listen to my conversation with Kristen Bielecki in The Unity Consciousness Event: Cultivating Deep Presence and Embodying Pure Love.

You are a brilliant light with unique gifts.

The more you connect with and embody your brilliance you uplift the collective creating a new way of life on this planet full of harmony and joy.

This is why I joined Kristen Bielecki in The Unity Consciousness Event.

We will create a powerful heart led conversation with intention, wisdom, tools and strategies to assist and empower you through this shift into deep presence and pure love. 

You will also hear from many other brilliant Souls that have created a deep present relationship with themselves and become heart centered in pure love who want to share with you how to do the same! 

Join me in this powerful event:

In this event you will enter into:  

A powerful field of intention where you will be invited to share your intentions to support you and create a foundational shift in the collective to become more awakened, free and conscious to create the New Earth.

You will Discover :

  • Information and tools to empower you as a Soul and Awaken in these times to who you truly are
  • Current planetary and internal shifts we are experiencing, what they mean and how to navigate them
  • The quantum physics of who we are as a unified field of life and how to work with the quantum field to make powerful transformation in your life
  • Deeper wisdom and practices for creating through intention
  • How to embody pure love to surrender, accept and allow deeper awareness and transformation for a joyful life
  • How to be in deep presence with yourself to create a strong foundation within to be able to navigate life with more ease

And much more!

I invite you into this powerful heart resonant and intentional space to discover the power of You, Awakened and consciously creating your reality!

The Unity Consciousness Event Is Online And FREE 

  • September 18th to 30th
  • 1 Amazing Transformational Speaker per day
  • Each Speaker conversation available for 48 hours
  • 3 day Replay of all Speakers at the end
  • And includes a special VIP Upgrade which will give you lifetime access to the content, allowing you to stay true to yourself and to continue your journey into deep presence and pure love

Join us today in this free online event so that you gain all the valuable wisdom and guidance to move forward in your awakening into harmonized heart and Soul led Unity Consciousness.

Reserve your seat in The Unity Consciousness Event::


Phenomenal Coach Summit

aloha dears – I was invited to be a part of this epic summit with some of my dear friends and even a former mentor of mine who helped me at the very beginning of my path!

Are you someone who is supporting women to step into their personal and professional power?

Do you desire to support women to experience and embody their power?

This is what I have committed my life to and maybe it is your desire or commitment too…

The divine feminine movement has been like a rising wave …but…where do you go once the wave meets the shore?

How do you expand this rising of the feminine into practical tools and actions that evolve the work of the divine feminine?

I have an answer for you…

I want to share with you my colleague Anahita Joon Tehrani and a powerful symposium that I have had the joy of taking part in…

Phenomenal COACH”

Cutting Edge Facilitation and Business Tools for Women Who Work With Women

*** Here are some of the titles of the live and & pre recorded sessions ***

  • How to Launch and Sell According to your Human Design (Business) 
  • How to Navigate Ascension Symptoms (Facilitation)
  • How to Create Authentic Content (Business) 
  • Using Divination for you and your Clients (Facilitation)
  • How to know when to Pivot (Business)
  • How to Be the Offer (Business)
  • How to Embody your wisdom and Be an “Edler”, Regardless Of age (Facilitation)
  • How Desire & Psycho Sexual Wellbeing inform the Client Journey (Facilitation)
  • Understanding Somatic Shamanic Work (Facilitation)
  • The Priestess Path as Vocation  (Facilitation & Business)
  • And ….more….


Join us here:


The rising of the feminine energetic is seeking to become fully expressed through being implemented in business, cutting edge facilitation and coaching.

In order to ground and move this new energy it will require those who work and support women (or desire to) to continually evolve their arsenal of tools and facilitations.

Join us for this amazing event “The Phenomenal Coach”  which has a rooster of incredibly potent female coaches, entrepreneurs and experts that will support you to rise and evolve your existing practice or inspire you how to become a “Phenomenal Coach”

Female leaders that possess cutting edge facilitation skills and business tools have the opportunity to “ground” the rising deep into the Earth where it will sustain and expand your business and your personal leadership.

See you here <3

Akashic Facilitator Training (Live Online Immersion)

Nice to see you again, love.

That’s usually what it feels like when we play. It is an honor to share this moment with you. The Akashic Records and all the multidimensional explorations therein have been life-altering for me in infinite ways over the years..truly a portal into our soul’s greatest wisdom, healing, gifts and capacities. It is the highest privilege imaginable to share this path with you. Especially with the blessing for you to share with many others.

Since recalling my gifts of working in the Records in 2015, I’ve guided almost 100 facilitators in stepping into their calling as multidimensional healers and wisdom keepers. Supporting visionaries all over the world with 1:1 guidance sessions and reflections to assist them in ascension, embodiment and soul-purpose alignment is one of my favorite ways to play. I have left every 1:1 session and mentoring container forever transformed as a clearer, more present, more loving version of myself.

I wish the same for you a million times over: it is the greatest gift you can possibly ever hope to receive.

Now is the time to awaken your gifts and remember your innate abilities to facilitate life-changing healing and transformation. Together we will co-create an amplified field of coherence, magnetic manifestation potential and absolute quantum leaps into expanded consciousness and liberation into our true selves.

What a divinely timed moment to meet again, of course. I am infinitely grateful for our resonance, for your trust in your calling and for the incredible potential we weave together in paving the way for a new era of embodied presence, possibility and power in soul-service to Heaven on Earth in this now.

Our only live training of 2023 starts October 9th journeying through December 11th in an intimate, attuned group field.

Register to join us here.

~ Sydney

In our journey into the Akashic Records we receive…

  • Guidance on our purpose, path and divine assignment

  • Clarity on any looming questions or concerns present in living the life we truly desire

  • Affirmation of truth we already sense within

  • Soul strategy for our current path, business, vision, relationships, karmic patterns, past lives, ancestors, etc.

  • Strengthened connection and affirmation of intuitive abilities and spirit guide awareness

  • High frequency energy transmissions to clear our fields, heal core wounds, amplify magnetism, enhance our gifts, and more

This program is a Facilitator Training and Certification program initiating you into depth, presence and devotion to your spiritual growth, expansion and embodied leadership.

You are invited to commit to a daily energetic practice, energetic mastery protocols, meditation, sacred study and rituals to support your refined discernment, clarity and leadership.

Register to join us here.

Attuned Abundance Lion’s Gate Experience

You’re invited to join us for a powerful multi-dimensional healing immersion to:

  • attune to new dimensions of abundance, prosperity, ease and flow
  • crystallize your visions, dreams and intentions 
  • expand receptivity and capacity to anchor and sustain desires 
  • cleanse stagnant old energies as you ignite stronger magnetism and radiance 
  • connect with soul family to share prayers and visions for the world we wish existed
  • receive guidance and healing to assist in your embodied ascension journey

Register to join us:

The Diamond Code: Awaken Your Feminine Magic, Step Into Your Power, And Create the life of Your Dreams

Are you a dreamer who is ready to take your next steps in creating the life you dream of? If so,I have something incredible I’d like to share with you! I’ve been invited to be a speaker in an upcoming Live event. 

The event is called The Diamond Code: Awaken Your Feminine Magic, Step Into Your Power, And Create the life of Your Dreams!  


This once in a lifetime 1-day event is live on August 8th! I would love for you to be my special guest!


Sign up here —>>

Bringing Magic Down To Earth Summit

beloved visionary:

Are you ready to open up to your limitless potential? We are thrilled to invite you to a brand-new event designed to transform your spiritual journey, empower your inner mystic, and make magic an attainable reality.

Introducing Bringing Magic Down to Earth: Practical Wisdom for Making Spiritual Gifts Attainable – an online summit crafted exclusively for seekers like you. Join us for inspiring discussions where spiritual teachings merge with practical guidance, opening doors to a world where magic becomes accessible and transformative.

We have gathered renowned experts, thought leaders, and powerful practitioners who will share unique perspectives and experiences that will help you unlock and cultivate your innate spiritual abilities. We explore ancient wisdom, practical techniques, and profound insights to support your path to realizing your true potential and embracing your personal brand of magic.

Here are just a handful of the topics we’ll be covering:

Increasing Intuition
Angelic Support
Human Design
Medical Intuitive Healing
Releasing Fear
The Importance of the Nervous System
Galactic Guidance
Eliminating Wealth & Money Blocks
Manifesting Your Dream Life
Communicating with Animals and Nature
Embodied Ascension

Don’t miss this opportunity to step out of fear and limiting beliefs and claim your seat at the spiritual world table. It’s time to acknowledge your personal gifts and give them room to expand and evolve.

This summit is 100% free. As a participant, you’ll be able to access all sessions and get a taste of the speakers’ offerings through their generous bonus gifts. Stop waiting for Magic to find you – register now, and invite Magic in!


Looking forward to seeing you at the summit!


Expand ++ Receive Online Challenge | Aug 1-8

Do you know your true purpose? 

When you know it and live it – this is true abundance in all ways, always.

If you don’t know your purpose… or you feel like it’s been shifting (as it can throughout life), and you feel unclear or burned out….
I have something super potent to invite you to, to reinvigorate your relationship to your purpose, power and receptivity.
The Expand and Receive Challenge is an 8 day virtual online journey designed to help you deepen in clarity of your calling by meeting your current edges and powerfully stand for what you are here to serve.
I will be sharing my story before entrepreneurship- in fact, I went through  “a dark night of the soul”- a phrase that represents a spiritual purification process leading to an awakening.
I’ve had quite a few actually – including getting sober at age 24 after ten years of escaping my reality through dangerous near death encounters, forays into escorting and stripping, and even reaching success in a company I helped build that should have been everything I wanted but wasn’t my soul calling.
Amidst many life changing moments and wake up calls I continue to alchemize my core challenges of shame, imposter syndrome and unworthiness into embodied wisdom and now I am a powerful stand and example for true presence, visionary authenticity and radically embodied purpose and power.
I am so passionate about supporting visionaries to embody their truth, share their genius and serve their soul mission that it became the basis of my business and the foundation of how I express my soul purpose in the world.
I continue to more fully understand: “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”
What you love is what the world needs – trust you are meant to share precisely this. I want you to feel this fulfillment.
Join the challenge with me, our host Allie McFee and learn from 21 other experts in spiritual entrepreneurship with daily receiving rituals and opportunities to clarify your purpose.

VITALIZE Masterclass | Activate Authenticity, Own Your Power, Embody Abundance

It’s time to come fully alive.


Activate Authenticity, Own Your Power, Embody Abundance


Your wake up call for soul alignment, potent visionary leadership, expansive abundance and embodiment is here. 

Time to activate, receive, radiate and expand.

Join us:

Friday June 23, 2023

430pm – 6pm CST

In this 90 minute free masterclass you will –>>>

⚡️Understand why cultivating life force, authenticity and presence are the single most important things you could be doing right now to elevate every aspect of your reality

⚡️Learn the most potent ways you can activate + stabilize in enhanced life force, radiance, prosperity and power

⚡️ Alchemize the key challenges in embodying your vision for every area of your life and how to overcome them —> your authentic soul purpose is designed to transmute all obstacles

⚡️ Understand why recalibrating your nervous system for emotional mastery, stability + clarity is required to become the powerful leader you’re destined to be

⚡️ Learn specific ways to align with soul purpose + authentic expression to amplify abundance + prosperity now

⚡️ Receive guidance in how to alchemize with sexual energy to transmute traumas into gifts that rejuvenate + enhance magnetism

⚡️ Receive multidimensional energy healing to support actualization and embodiment of your desired intentions + goals

>>>>> Register to join us LIVE 6/23:

>>>>> Portal open for VITALIZE –> 9 week embodied ascension accelerator with deep practice, attunement, group training, 1:1 support, encoded energetic practice, quantum transmissions + 5D visionary mentorship..f e e l into the resonance field forming.

⚡️Starts 7.11.23, journeying through 9.11.23.

Dear visionary leaders of the world we wish existed…

Maybe like you I am a unique bridge between worlds of business, transformation, embodiment and all things energy. 

My favorite question: “when do you feel most alive?”

Tell me. I’d love to know. 

My super powers are…

1)) profound capacity to create safety, depth and connection pretty instantaneously

2)) high level empathy and intuition with deeply attuned listening wherein people feel seen and known with permission to be completely themselves 

3)) genius innovation and intuitive insight into strategic architecture, vision and practical application for future technologies, systems and structures required for a thriving planet and awakened humanity 

4)) translating higher dimensional guidance and healing into words, inquiries and experiences – including mentorship, retreats, courses/training, books and podcasts 

5)) getting the dance party started in any given moment where you didn’t even know you wished a dance party was happening

I got sober from a ten year foray into near death experiences, alcohol and drugs, and things you’d never believe in 2011 which was the start of my awakening. 

At the same time I started my career in advertising and marketing first as a strategist and campaign manager then eventually as senior producer and ops director of a global PR agency I helped grow from 9 to 60 employees in 2 years. I exited in 2016 after helping prep the $20M sale to a notable holding company. 

I started consulting with startups and coaching visionaries on holistic entrepreneurship always fusing in energy healing, intuitive advising/channeling, embodied leadership, nervous system recalibration and psychic development. 

I’ve always been drawn to visionaries and them to me. We are the ones who see the world we wish existed and know we are the ones we’ve been waiting for who are here to build it. 

We do so by first building ourselves. We embody our visions and desires, we lead in absolute authenticity and integrity, and we set the foremost examples of emotional, energetic and intuitive mastery required by a thriving world that works for all. 

This has been the basis of my work, my personal path and soul service for nearly 10 years and I’m honored to support those called to do the deep work to pioneer the worlds we wish existed. 

We see it as we become it. 

Let’s play 💖


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