Episode 13: Jessica Reid | Soul Consciousness Embodiment + New Paradigm Play

“Fear is a liar.”

– Jessica Reid

Jessica is a Global Clairvoyant, Channel & Purpose Fulfilment Coach. Jessica connects and communicates with her spirit guides and many other light beings within her services to bring through enlightenment, guidance, insight, information and empowerment from the higher dimensions to the human consciousness – on a personal and collective level

Jessica loves sharing her light, purpose, gifts and message’s with the world through her online purposeful business.

On this episode, she tells us about her upcoming journey to the other side of the world (from her, that is) – to California! Jessica tells us about the beauty, as well as the challenges, of writing a book. She is a big believer in connecting with our inner spirit and that there is a better way to do it – if we really want to.

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Instagram: @jessicareid333


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Trust Life. Trust YOU.

I love that I can guide my clients in such a way that I always empower them to find their own answers.

I seek to always send you back to yourself.
You are your own ultimate authority.
I see your higher self, your soul, and remind you to tune back into YOU. Your essence.
That’s how this works.
There’s nothing to be afraid of.
No one else has the distinct answer you’re seeking.
Which isn’t an answer at all but actually a feeling.
The feeling of finally trusting yourself.
And honoring your soul voice within.
No matter what.
You are so infinitely powerful.
You have your own divine map for your most extraordinary life.
Perfectly imprinted within your soul consciousness.
You’re simply remembering to listen.
And that yes it can be that easy.
Do you believe it’s meant to be precisely that?
That perhaps that’s why we are here in the first place.
You are re-learning how to be honest.
And courageously vulnerable.
Remembering that all of the above are your superpowers.
Being the connected heart-centered being that you are.
Here to experience, embody and express such expansive love.
It’s so fun being F R E E.
It’s so beautiful being fully expressed.
Powerful beyond measure.
Infinitely creating your dream life, awake.
Finally honoring yourself as the brilliant radiant being you TRULY are.
Remembering and embodying who you are WIRED to be.
Ready to R E C E I V E.
Trusting life.
I see you x

Episode 12: Sydney Campos | Secrets to Mastering Money, Power, Pleasure and Love

“That’s why I exist – to experience the fullness of abundance of love that is available.”

-Sydney Campos

For years, I woke up with fear that I didn’t have enough money or that I would run out. I mean, I did have a job and was living well on my own – but that anxiety of always feeling that I am not taken care of consumed me. It took me quite some time to transform my mindset, and now I am able to speak my truth and enjoy the abundance of what life has to offer me.

“What I’m really here for is to be visible, to be seen on a massive level – yet one of my challenges has been this underlying lack of self-love.”

I did an interview with Malaine Lea for her mastermind about money mindset and wealth creation. This is one of the most powerful interviews I have ever done.

On this episode, I share my thoughts about money, power, pleasure, and love – especially self-love. I have been focusing on discerning my own independence and being radically grounded with all things that are for me. Hear me speak about how you can you be in your own innovative uniqueness.


Money is simply an energetic expression of love and creativity.
It is neutral material. It doesn’t actually mean anything unless we assign meaning to it, especially if we make it mean something about us.
Allowing the amount that we have mean something about our inherent value as a human being.
Or using it to separate ourselves from one another – determining our sense of power, creative potential, freedom.
Money stops having power over us as soon as we decide to take our power back and realize that money is what we make out of it. We create it. We agree to make it meaning whatever best serves our current reality. What are we collectively agreeing to?
The status quo around money can feel confusing, absolutely. I’ve been there. I used to wake up in dreaded anxiety worried about not having enough – equating my sense of security and freedom to enjoy my life with the number in my bank account. An arbitrary number at that – even when it was a higher number there would still sometimes be a looming anxiety that it would run out or that it would magically disappear.
Your anxiety, your lack, scarcity, worries, feelings of stagnation and paralysis.
It’s never really about the money.
Even if every cell in your body keeps believing it is.
Money is a tool for discerning in the material plane what’s happening within our emotional and spiritual existence.
Would we feel motivated to transmute and transcend unworthiness, shame, guilt, separation and dishonesty or push into the next level of our creative potential if we didn’t feel stagnated by the very thing that we assign so much meaning to when it comes to our capacity to create.
Would simply feeling lack be enough to catalyze the deep work of transformation to be free?
Or is feeling a genuine terror of not being supported or secure in life what it takes to light the fire and commence the alchemical shadow-diving process towards liberation?
I love how your relationship with money tells me so much about your soul and what you’re truly desiring to transcend in this life – what you’re here to alchemize and ultimately embody.
I love how money is the perfect conduit through which we can collectively identify our shadows to arrive back to our universal truth.
I love how money can guide us back to our remembrance. Our divinity.
What’s your relationship with money?
What are your shadows regarding abundance?
How’s your worthiness?
How’s your relationship with yourself when it comes to valuing yourself accurately and feeling confident sharing your beyond powerful gifts with the world – no hiding, full transparency?
How’s your intimacy with yourself and loved ones?
How easy is it for you to tell the truth?
How’s your sex life?
How’s your ability to receive pleasure and enjoy the ecstasy available to us in every moment in this divine life?
Do you love yourself? As you are in this moment, regardless of anything you “do.” Just because you ARE.
Or are you still wondering what the secret formula is to take your business to the next level with a strategy, funnel or sales guru script?
A quick fix. Short cut to the finish line.
As though there is one.
When you get “there” maybe you’ll finally believe you’re worth it.
Money Power Pleasure Love

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Magnetic Marketing Masterclass 3/3

Become The Most Magnetic Person You Know


Master the Energetics of Marketing, Unlock Your Intuitive Genius and Become a Magnet for Soul-Aligned Sales

Presented LIVE on

Saturday, March 3, 2018

11am PST / 2pm EST – 1pm PST / 5pm EST


Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 7.16.51 PM

View More: http://brookeandwilhelm.pass.us/sydneyinnica

In this LIVE masterclass, Marketing Expert and Intuitive Advisor Sydney Campos will guide you to:

  • Masterfully own your marketing and clearly communicate your message with potent confidence, magnetism and the utmost clarity.

  • Unlock your intuitive genius to stop hustling and tap into infinite flow, ease and quantum leaps.

  • Re-align your focus to leverage your gifts doing what you do best, following your highest excitement.

  • Master sales as a high expression of soul-aligned service.

  • Activate your soul-alignment, self-trust and self-worth to power your next-level business vision.

  • Deeply understand the energetics of marketing, product positioning and sales to effortlessly attract new clients and aligned opportunities.

  • Identify common mass-marketing mishaps (and the reasons behind them) to consciously avert pitfalls and energy drains.

  • Become an expert receiver and embody the sales magician that you’re designed to be.


Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 7.16.51 PM


Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 7.26.55 PM.png














What It’s Like To Be Truly Seen

ALOHA cosmic super star.

Wow what a wild ride this LIFE is indeed, are you feeling the massive inundation of LIGHT coming through to the planet these days? Have you been feeling tired at all, more intense emotionally and spiritually as you get used to some epic energetic upgrades? I certainly have – we’re also in a potent time yet again when it comes to our friends the sun and moon – solar eclipse coming up on 2/15. Time to clear out the old for good, in with the NEW and what’s TRUE.

Alignment baby. That’s what life is all about.

And TRUSTING the great unfolding of the divine plan at hand that you’re certainly designed to enjoy and LOVE. Can you imagine that life is meant to be beautifully easy and fun? Yes there are lessons and growth and transformation and feeling all sorts of pain to get back to pleasure – yes all of it – but how beautiful to know that we chose it all? I love to think of it like this…

My soul, ancient AF probably like you too if you’re reading this, chose this life so perfectly, including all my relationships, my parents, my soul contracts, my lessons – all of it, to help me become more fully embodied in transcending all that I’ve come to earth to fully heal and transform. Why? So I can simply learn and grow in all the ways I as a soul have always desired to learn and grow. Because otherwise how much fun is floating around in the ether all day in light and love – continuously expanding into the infinite, not even knowing how good it really is, this whole LOVE IS ALL vibe.

You see, duality is the nature of earth school. Catch my drift? What a beautiful experience I’ve chosen – as have you – to come and learn how to be a warrior of light amidst all the chaos and confusion and unconsciousness there is on the planet. Without it, would I know what love truly is? Would I value freedom as much as I do now? Would I understand how crucial it is to be a conscious, embodied being fully sovereign in my own energy, creating my life in alignment with my desires? You tell me. Do you resonate?

I love the awakening happening across the planet. It’s beautiful. It’s certainly why I chose to be here at this time. It’s time to get to WORK. Which also really means simply shining your light as bright as ever, telling YOUR truth only like you can. No one else can shine like you can – and did you know that infinite beings are waiting to hear FROM YOU and only you? They only resonate with your light, you matter SO much to the whole unfolding for the collective destiny. How beautiful.

My lesson this eclipse is about fully letting go of any lower-level vibrational behaviors that entail comparison or judgement of self or other. As long as I am following my divine inspiration and allowing that to be completely expressed, I am always taken care of. I am here to inspire and share my absolute truth, the rest is completely handled by the divine. Sounds easy but I know in practice it takes commitment and dedication to really align to this axiom, fully integrated within all areas of my life. There’s no one to compare to when you are shining in your fullest uniqueness – there’s no lack, there’s no scarcity – there’s enough LIGHT to go around INFINITELY and infinite SOULS are waiting to be activated by your powerful message, presence and contribution – however those take shape. 

I am so passionate about activating visionaries to their fullest expression of power, light and POSSIBILITY. It’s my mission on this planet in this lifetime to do exactly that first and foremost by living my own most extraordinary life – sharing the examples of how its possible for all beings to be FREE – and also by intentionally inviting people to join me in spectacular transformative experiences that I facilitate and curate.

I’ve felt so strongly since hosting my retreat in Bali and after doing 1:1 client VIP day intensives the powerful invitation to host more in-person events and experiences because SO MUCH depth of healing and radical transformation is possible in-person over just a few days compared to working together digitally over many months. There’s also something special about group dynamics and how in groups we are able to grow and heal even more deeply and quickly too – we are such beautiful mirrors for one another.

This is precisely why I am SO STOKED about my Los Angeles Remember Who You Are Retreat coming up April 26-29. I will be sharing my most powerful tools and guidance on radically transforming your life to embody your visionary soul in all aspects of your experience, align to your desires, heal core wounds, release somatic memory that’s storing trauma and old programs that are ready to go, and so much more. I’ll be facilitating my inner child healing curriculum, visionary soul activation training, intuitive mastery, somatic healing and all my favorite multi-sensory activations like breath-work, dance, cacao ceremony, sound healing and more. Of course – DREAM LIFE!

This experience is designed for 8 visionary souls and is hosted in a luxury mansion in the Hollywood Hills. I’d love to invite you to join if you are ready to go DEEP in transformation with me and your new visionary family that’s assembling for this experience.

You will never be the same – in fact, you’ll be more YOU than ever before.

You’ll know what you’re here for and who you really are – you’ll feel more clear than ever on your gifts, how to share them, your power and how to express it more fully.

Most of all you’ll feel WORTHY of deserving your deepest desires and surely soon you will start living life in greater alignment with your absolute truth and JOY – unlocking an incredible flow and sense of well-being, ease and grace unlike you’ve ever experienced.

Deepened intimacy with yourself and others.

Strengthened intuition. Heightened creativity.

Activated sense of pleasure and activated ability to RECEIVE.

I’d love to have you with us if you’re ready to go ALL IN and transform big time to live the most beautiful life you can possibly imagine living. I am here to support you! Plus if you sign on to the retreat, you also receive 2 45-minute coaching sessions to bolster your prep and integration periods before and after the immersion – so fun!

Early enrollment ends 2/15. Depending on your room choice the investment for the entire program (all activities, materials, accommodations and meals provided by our own gourmet private chef) is $2.5K to $3.2K. Pricing is slightly lower for couples sharing a bed as well. After 2/15 pricing goes up. Payment plans are available to support you with an $800 deposit required to hold your space. 

E-mail me if you’d like to come and we can hop on the phone to JAM out about how this experience can amplify YOU in all the ways you desire. 

I love you SOUL MUCH!
Sending epic blessings from my beach pad in Venice Beach xx

The Empath Experience: Cultivate Your Energy + Strong Boundaries

I’m releasing a super special playlist on The Empath Experience, with a new video out each week. In this week’s I share insight on how you can:

* Cultivate your energy

* Create strong boundaries

* Start discerning between what’s yours and what’s not

* Perception + energy mastery

New Ways To Play

Aligning with even more FLOW, grace and ease in my life and business to offer my gifts in ways that feel expansive and nourishing – in service to ME and the souls I am uniquely meant to serve…I am restructuring my offerings.



In addition to offering my signature 6 month multi-dimensional alignment-focused mentoring program (biz, life, love, spirituality, money, intuition, health alignment activation), I am also now offering one-off mentoring sessions as well as a whole new package.

Currently I offer two options for one-off sessions, which I absolutely love to share: Akashic Record Readings (75 minute Intuitive Soul Session Reading) and VIP Deep Dive Intensives (2.5 hours including an intensive on-boarding preparation process).

If you’ve wanted to work with me as a mentor but the 6 month program I offer isn’t a fit, or perhaps you feel drawn to seek my support in pure activating energetic, spiritual and emotional transformation and healing – I am now offering single 60-minute sessions as well as the option to invest in 5 sessions to be utilized over 3 months and 10 over 6 months.

To inquire about any of the above, fill out my application to schedule a call so we can JAM.

I love listening to my highest inspiration and creating structures that support me in feeling my best while sharing my gifts! YES YES YES more please 

What else? My Los Angeles transformative 4-day retreat is coming up in April – next-level SOUL ACTIVATION and multi-dimensional embodiment for visionaries on a MISSION!

Celebrating our infinite LIGHT x


Episode 11: Megan Zimring | Activating Cosmic Consciousness: Evolutionary Astrology + Ayahuasca

“It’s a powerful tool of transformation if it’s something you called to in your heart.”

– Megan Zimring

After eight years as a Marketing Executive in the world of professional sports, Megan Zimring decided to shift gears and commit to her passion for activating the highest states of human potential through Evolutionary Astrology and Soul Empowerment Coaching.

Once an Elite Athlete & Olympic hopeful who ultimately overcame a debilitating spinal fusion, Megan deeply understands how it feels to function at polarized ends of the spectrum; from the fiery passion at the pinnacle of success to the pain of having it all taken away and the transformative process that occurs in between.

Visionary Souls images (1).png

“We’re always changing and growing and evolving – and that’s the scary thing and the gift all at once.”

It is in using Astrological insight and intuitive healing to guide others through their own evolutionary process that Megan has found her greatest passion of all. Having studied martial arts and ancient wisdom traditions for over 14 years, Megan utilizes a variety of techniques in her work including sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls, Reiki energy healing, mindfulness training, Spiritual Psychology, eastern medicine, and metaphysical principles in order to maximize client experience.

On this episode, Megan talks about the struggles of not being able to pursue her passion and how she overcame her dependence to prescriptions – plus other challenges she faced and broke through.

A certified Evolutionary Astrologer, Megan helps clients optimize current planetary energies while positioning them to gain a profound level of self understanding using the wisdom of the stars.

Connect with Megan on:



Twitter: @MegZim

Instagram: @meganzimring

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Episode 10: Diana Rose Kottle | Architechting Consciousness, Empaths + Soul Yum

“I am a lighthouse that is shining light and will not collapse into other people’s stories.”

– Diana Rose Kottle

Diana Rose Kottle is a Creative Visionary + Consciousness Architect + Soul Alchemist + Soul Alignment Guide. She helps people get crystal clear on their soul aligned visions and bring them into form to make a powerful impact on humanity. Her writing, coaching, and consulting practice bridges depth psychology + embodied spirituality + consciousness technology.

She uses heart centered connection, authenticity, playfulness, and imagination as portals into awakening, expansion, and inviting in new possibilities.

“How can I just show up and be authentic in the moment?”

Her professional training includes a BA in Psychology, an MA in Counseling Psychology and a License in Marriage Family Therapy.

Diana is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Wake Up World, The Teen Mentor. She write a blog called “Truth Alchemist”: An Authentic Soul’s Journey of Awakening Consciousness. Real. Raw. Courageous. And Vulnerable AF.

On this episode, she shares about her journey from shying away and trying to fight her calling to embracing her authenticity and sharing this gift with the world. Diana is a truly inspiring individual who has so much heart and so much truth to share.

Connect with Diana on:


Facebook – Diana Rose Kottle

Twitter – @dianakottle

Read her articles on the Huffington Post here

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