it’s time to fly

welcome dear visionary. 

it’s time to anchor Heaven on Earth within, and all around.

you are here to live fully expressed in your desires, turned on by your purpose and radiantly inspired in your divine mission unfolding.

magnetism, abundance, confidence and trust are your destiny – it’s time to embody.

Since 2012 I have guided thousands of visionaries in awakening their true selves, expressing their soul purpose, attuning to their deepest desires, activating multidimensional gifts and pioneering earth shifting missions and visions.

Together we are architecting the world and all the ways of being in it we wish existed.

It is my highest honor to meet you in the depths of other-worldly quantum leaps.

Welcome into alllll the resource imaginable to support you in your path – right here.

Thank you for your presence on Earth at this time.

Your full presence, power and visionary brilliance is required.

Are you in?

xx Sydney


Favorite Ways to Play…

>> Akashic Facilitator Training

>> 5D Visionary Business Training

>> Self-Mastery + Embodiment Courses

>> Visionary Mentorship

>> Embodied Ascension Academy

>> Soul Sourcing Sessions

>> Coherence Consulting

“Sydney Campos is the expert guide and thoughtful companion you want with you on the path to self-discovery. For anyone ready to live authentically and connect with their true self, this is the book for you. Highly recommend!”

― Gay Hendricks, Best-Selling Author, Psychologist, Teacher


“In ‘I’m Ascending, Now What?’ Sydney Campos guides you on a multidimensional journey into releasing all that no longer serves so you can come home to your true self and live a radiant, powerful and authentic life. If you’re ready to start truly living, loving and trusting your connection to source no matter what, I highly recommend tuning into Sydney’s guidance and support.”

― Shaman Durek, Bestselling Author of Spirit Hacking, activist, and thought leader


“Ascending means to move from fear and limitation to love and possibilities. In this powerful book, Sydney Campos guides us step-by-step in creating an authentic life. Highly recommended!”

Jack Canfield, Bestselling Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles


“In I’m Ascending, Now What? Sydney guides us in how we can be ourselves, stand in our power and live the kinds of lives we truly desire. For anyone earnestly seeking to awaken to what’s possible in creating their reality, I highly recommend this book as a starting point. Enjoy your journey!”
― Laurie Handlers, author Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy, speaker, facilitator.

“A beautiful guide to freedom, living authentically and understanding the purpose of your human experience. In simple language, Sydney Campos shares her life experiences and wisdom to help you awaken your soul.”

Kute Blackson. Transformational Teacher and Bestselling author of The Magic of Surrender


“What does it take to dissolve the chains of lack and limitation that hold us in captivity? Here Sydney is revealing a revaluation process that invites in the perfect answers to every life situation that presents itself. The expansive exercises at the end of each chapter are priceless. Sydney has compiled an array of teachings that help you to connect with answers to every life situation.”

Leisa Peterson, Author of The Mindful Millionaire, CFP, money coach, business consultant and spiritual teacher


“A deeply healing and heart-opening work. Sydney’s authentic style shares core steps and foundational skills which support the vibrational shift needed to Ascend.”

Sandra Walter, Ascension Guide





“Sydney is a beautiful soul sister from the highest frequencies whose wisdom and compassion reach beyond the dimensions of time and space. Assisting in activating and guiding humanity to its clearest blueprint available. It is an honor to love her and watch her magic come to fruition. And a true gift to walk the path with her in this beautiful adventurous life. “ ~ Trina Gadsden, Intuitive Healer & Coach, Former Non-Profit Executive Director, Akashic Facilitator Grad


“I’ve experienced the work of Ecker Peak Performance and Neogenesis NLP training among others things yet since attending Sydney’s retreat I feel more open hearted, more in flow, more peaceful and observant and I am clear on my new entrepreneurial direction. I now understand how my core wounds are my window into how I can best help others. I now desire fun and play and I see how I deserve these gifts!” David S., Business Executive, NJ-Based


“I felt like I received a psychic, energetic download that just comes through Sydney that I can hear. Through interacting with her I’ve gotten immensely clear on my blocks, what they are and how I can move through them with grace.” ~ Kelly, CEO and Organizational Consultant


“As I continue to sharpen my intuition, discernment, and desire to be in the world, Sydney continues to be someone I entrust with my worries, desires, and growth curve. I feel embraced within the vision of integrity, play, and evolution Sydney sees. Thank you for helping me return to myself time and time again. I love remembering and shedding layers of non-self with you. ” ~ Natalie Johnson, Photographer, Artist, Embodied Movement Guide


“Since working with Sydney, my biggest breakthroughs are having more trust in myself and the universe and living in a state of flow. I’ve found a community of deep soul family connections, deepened soul connections with people I have known for decades, have become more open and honest which has resulted in a total life upgrade, meaning: feeling the way I have wanted to feel about my life for decades, allowing people to see me for me and love me for me.” ~ Stephanie C., Metaphysical Mentor, Energy Healer


“The greatest benefit I received from my experience working with Sydney is that I now speak my truth no matter what. My boundaries are clear and my energy has never felt more focused. I trust myself and own my value. I share more authentically than ever, especially on social media, and I just FEEL GOOD. I am completely me. I am no longer seeking validation from how much money I make, people in my life or material things. I am free.” ~ Margie Pargie, Aerial Yoga Goddess, Social Strategy Expert + Agency Founder


“I would describe the Akashic Facilitator Training as the only thing you need to take complete authority and responsibility over your vibration, perception, and direction in life. It’s a safe place to come face to face with some of the more uncomfortable aspects of your unconscious mind, but the unconditional love and light that’s upheld by Sydney makes the shadow work really juicy and rewarding. If you have been doing “shadow work” for a long time, but you continue to find yourself in the same emotional loops, playing out the same karmic stories, this is the course for you. You will learn how to shift into completely new realities and open your heart as far as it can possibly open..” ~ Rachel G., Visionary Entrepreneur, Akashic Facilitator Grad