it’s time to fly

welcome dear visionary. 

in our ever evolving world oversaturated with data, noise and distraction – your presence and extraordinary vision have never been more important.

your vision, leadership and powerful capacity are the medicine required to shift the paradigms we know are inevitably soon coming to an end.

will you say yes to your calling?

all in.

embody your true self, step powerfully into your purpose and mission, authentically express your truth and activate new depths of abundance in all areas of life.

create the world and all the news ways of being in it you wish existed.

I am here to guide you all the way.

~ Sydney


Favorite Ways to Play…

>> Akashic Facilitator Training

>> 5D Visionary Business Training

>> Visionary Mentorship

>> Embodied Ascension Academy

>> Soul Sourcing Sessions

>> Coherence Consulting








“I’ve experienced the work of Ecker Peak Performance and Neogenesis NLP training among others things yet since attending Sydney’s retreat I feel more open hearted, more in flow, more peaceful and observant and I am clear on my new entrepreneurial direction. I now understand how my core wounds are my window into how I can best help others. I now desire fun and play and I see how I deserve these gifts!” David S., Business Executive, NJ-Based


“I felt like I received a psychic, energetic download that just comes through Sydney that I can hear. Through interacting with her I’ve gotten immensely clear on my blocks, what they are and how I can move through them with grace.” ~ Kelly, CEO and Organizational Consultant


“Since working with Sydney, my biggest breakthroughs are having more trust in myself and the universe and living in a state of flow. I feel the way I have wanted to feel about my life for decades, allowing people to see me for me and love me for me.” ~ Stephanie C., Metaphysical Mentor, Energy Healer


“The Akashic Facilitator Training is the only thing you need to take complete authority and responsibility over your vibration, perception, and direction in life. If you have been doing “shadow work” for a long time, but you continue to find yourself in the same emotional loops, playing out the same karmic stories, this is the course for you.” ~ Rachel G., Visionary Entrepreneur, Akashic Facilitator Grad