Let’s FLY. I’ll show you how.

You already know all the answers you’re seeking. In fact, you know the truth better than anyone else. Can you trust yourself to really listen?

That’s where I come in.

I’m Sydney, it’s my utmost honor to connect with you.

I’m here to guide you back to you. You have the answers that you truly seek within, after all. You have the map and the keys.


Together we create entirely new paradigms in service to your soul. We alchemize and transmute your beautiful shadows into pure light. We activate your intuitive wisdom and energetic mastery to align your life according to flow, good feelings and pure fun.

Grab my new book: The Empath ExperienceEmpath Experience Cover

I support visionary leaders in embodying their soul purpose, cultivating authenticity and deep intimacy, and launching and scaling soul-aligned businesses while activating their highest levels of power, pleasure and prosperity.

I am an alchemist, an alignment specialist, and an intuitive guide who brings years of expert business strategy experience to the table as well, encompassing truly multi-dimensional support in all of my offerings.

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If you’re ready to embody your highest self, take aligned action to bring your biggest dreams into life, speak your authentic truth, experience deeply meaningful relationships, tap into your expansive creativity and thriving abundance…

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