Aloha my love.

Tell me: What does it mean to be truly alive? 

The way we be every moment answering this prayer.

Reminds me of – love is the answer.

What was the question? ❤️ 

Remember we are already love. 

Here to create, express and experience beauty. 

Here to create the world and all the ways of being in it we wish existed. 

Perhaps for no other reason than to enjoy it all. To relish in the delight of the processes we undergo on the way to our intention that are always inevitably designed to remind us even more – of ourselves, of god. Of the miracles we are and the miracle it is, to be. 

When do you feel most alive?

When do you allow yourself to feel most sensitized to the miracle of purely being?

When do your senses and perceptual abilities feel most activated and attuned? 

How are you being when time ceases to exist? 

How does it feel to dissolve beyond story and perceived rules or identities, to allow something far more radiant and wise to move and guide the flow of life? 

and with all that held in your heart…

…what are you here to create, experience and enjoy?

Here we are invited to VITALIZE: a 5 month journey of ascension, alchemy, attunement + embodiment 😇

An invitation to turn on, tune in, awaken fully into who you are here to BE ✨ 🌹

Please share your intentions for joining our field. It’s an honor to receive you. 

xx Syd


09.19.22 – 01.19.23

SEPT – awaken

OCT – alchemize

NOV – attune

DEC – ascend

JAN – actualize 

Receive + enjoy:: 

🔑Two 45 min 1:1 visionary vortex sessions (intuitive healing, guidance, strategy) each month 

🔑Three 60-min 1:1 soul sourcing sessions over the course of VITALIZE

🔑 Ten bi-monthly group council calls for attunement, witnessing + co-creative play

🔑quantum healing transmissions / attunements to support desired intentions and embodied ways of being 

🔑 Curated energetic practices and resources to assist in actualizing group intentions and desires

🔑 Option to engage with expert guest mentors for desired support – place an order for specific way you’d most love to receive 

🔑 Private group portal on Telegram for continuous energetic upliftment and attunement, support, witnessing, celebration and resource sharing 

🔑 CommUNITY of soul family allies devoted to personal evolution, authenticity and embodiment

Expansive resources, support and guidance to VITALIZE ((empower expansion and aliveness in)) all aspects of life, including:

✨health, wealth, career + purpose, relationships, creativity, play and all other dimensions of consciousness you are curious to explore and deepen into within our amplified intentional field 

Choose your own adventure::

energy exchange is based on what feels most true and balanced for you, within a recommended range of $888 – $2,222 per month or $4K – $11K if balanced in full at the start. ❤️

I promise to be 1000% present with you on the journey of a lifetime into connecting with your true self and integrating your soul and higher self aspects while receiving the vision and direction meant for you at the time on your unique path. I promise to be an infinite well and resource of loving reflection and attunement in any and all ways I can possibly be of service to the unfoldment of our highest timelines in all moments. 

Most of all, I promise to be real, true and the most myself I’m capable of being, always, in all ways. Here we can meet in true presence, allowing for something completely new and maybe even extraordinarily miraculous, to happen before our eyes, maybe even within our beings. 

Thank you for considering the call. I am honored to explore this potential with those resonant to imagine – what may be possible beyond the known and experienced. With those called to truly play and remember, simply being is all that’s required. 

Shall we dance?  Please share your intentions to join us here.

😘 Syd 

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