Make Only Magic Podcast Episode #1: Justine Luzzi

Meet Justine Luzzi! She’s an Intuitive Coach and Modern Spirituality Mentor. She helps highly sensitive people and empaths heal by empowering their intuition and utilizing modern spirituality tools.

In our Make Only Magic interview we discuss all sorts of beautiful magic, including::

** How being an empath is a super power
** Stepping up and helping to heal the collective consciousness
** What it’s like to FINALLY have a vocabulary to explain how you’ve felt your entire life
** Delving into what it means to have a spiritual awakening
** WTF is Collective Consciousness
** Being influenced by Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” – fave quote: “The only real evil in this world is unconsciousness.”
** Influence from the text: “A Course in Miracles”
**Facing fears and resistances as a spiritual entrepreneur

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Great apps for meditation: Headspace and Insight Timer

Make Only Magic Podcast Episode #2: Julie Zuzek

Tune in for an inspiring interview with the founder of the The Corporate Yogi, Julie Zuzek who shares about her journey, how she faces fear and how she’s changing the future of business from the inside out.

In this episode you’ll learn how:
** Listening at supersonic levels to hear limiting beliefs is a super power
** Personal growth is an essential part of the entrepreneur journey
** Being bored in a job can push you out of your comfort zone to seek new opportunities
** Coaches are learning and growing too – don’t put us on a pedestal!
** There’s a difference between your purpose, elevator pitch and vision statement
** The future of business has to be conscious
** Your business can’t grow until you do
Best known for her edgy podcast, Conscious Business with The Corporate Yogi, Julie Zuzek is a highly sought-after business coach and works with top entrepreneurs around the world. Recognizing her own entrepreneurial journey was an intense form of personal development; Julie helps entrepreneurs conquer their fear and limiting beliefs to remove the barriers in the way of success.

Your business won’t grow until you do.

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