The Consciousness Course

The consciousness Course

Week 1: Consciousness

Week 2: Transmutation

Week 3; Forgiveness

Week 4: Presence

Week 5: Desire

Week 6: Power

Week 7: Trust

Week 8: Divinity

Guiding Inquiry..

  • What is consciousness and how do we awaken it?
  • What are shame, guilt, regret and fear and how do we transmute these energies?
  • How does trauma transform into our greatest gifts?
  • How can one cultivate radical self-compassion and authentic presence?
  • What is a light body and how do we activate it?
  • What is desire and how can we fearlessly expand into it?
  • What is power and how do we embody it?
  • How do we cultivate and embody radical trust?
  • What is the quantum field and how do we play in 5D?

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  • The Mother Wound, Father Wound, God Wound
  • Illuminating and integrating the shadow
  • The Different Shades of Shame
  • Transmute Trauma into your Greatest Gifts
  • Forgiveness is a Revolutionary Act
  • Cultivating Radical Self-Compassion
  • The Healing Power of Presence
  • Attuning the Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Become Intimate with All of Life
  • Light Body Activation
  • Authentic Presence
  • Fearlessly Own Your Desires
  • Magnetic Manifestation
  • Mindful Communication
  • Quantum Co-Creation
  • Intuitive Mastery


Comprised of..

  • A 90-min call each week (8) on Mondays (beginning June 22) at 3:30pm – 5pm PST
  • Curated assignments + self-discovery activations
  • Accountability partners + small group work
  • Quantum energy healing transmissions
  • Private Group WhatsApp portal

Energy Exchange

  • $720.00USD or 4 payments of $180.00 every other week

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