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Quantum Leap Summit | Into Soul Success + Divine Wealth

Honored to be in this beautiful co-creative field anchoring consciousness + embodiment support for quantum leaps..

in living into + receiving more of our hearts desires.

in embodying divine authenticity + potency we are designed for.

in sharing our greatest gifts + soul essence..

to receiving, emanating + expanding into more love, power + purpose.

I had SO much fun in this exchange..and happened to channel in from Sedona, of course where I had hosted a Quantum Leap Your Life Retreat 4 years synchronistically aligned. And my transmission comes out on the 3.21 equinox - even better!

More than anything..meeting Sigrid Van Heerwaarden felt like reuniting with an ancient Lemurian - Lyran soul sister who really touched my feeling how she channels insight and information..very similar to the way I access the quantum field + higher realms.

You'll love the energy we explored + templated here..don't miss it!

We will be live March 20 - April 9..portal open!

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