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Activating Purpose: Money, Sex, Power (LA Retreat)

June 20 @ 7:00 pm - June 23 @ 8:00 pm

Power, Purpose, Sex & Money
“Life will never be the same”

Is there anything more meaningful, more fun, more juicy than these subjects?
All complications, all celebrations are based on the misuse and the effective mastery of these concepts?
Have you always secretly desired to understand the intrinsic connection between your performance in the bedroom and your performance as a money maker?
Would you like to uncover your life purpose and manifest the power to make it come alive?
Come for a deep dive weekend immersion that experientially uncovers the link between all of them.

Break through your sexual shames and own your desires so you can become a true money magnet!
Discover your soul’s purpose and have a whole lot of fun for the rest of your life.
When these links are made, your life will never be the same.
Be prepared to completely surrender
Be prepared to completely alter your life.
Be prepared to laugh and play as you reinstate your blissful inner child.

Join Aaron Kleinerman and Sydney Campos as they masterfully deliver the weekend workshop that will change your entire existence.


What does purpose mean in today’s world?

Often you hear the question “what is your purpose?”
Are you living your life filled with purpose?
There is a strong distinction between the purpose of the personality and the purpose of the soul.
Personality takes form into this human incarnation that our soul lives inside of.
For many humans on earth, there is a direct connection between purpose personality and “what they do in the world.” Slowly, more individuals are discovering their soul’s purpose and directly linking it to “what they do.”


Where does Power Arise from? Why are we, as humans, so passionate and powerful about some areas of life, and don’t seem to care about others?

Are you consciously, or unconsciously giving your power away to another?

Inside of relationships such as romantic, business, Social and familial there is a common tendency to give away power to another to whom we idolize, or we feel they know more than us.
To truly take one’s power back can be a tough journey and it involves deeply looking at where power has been lost.


This is the word, the feeling, the distinction that can create such intense feelings in the body. Whether its sexual abuse, or sexual activity, or just wild, raw sex, every human has a particular feeling in the body and mind when it comes to the word sex. Often there are many projections, judgements and strong feelings associated around sexuality. However, in truth, our sexual energy is the most potent energy on earth: it’s what put you here, reading these words. When harnessed and utilized effectively, sexual energy can have a massive impact both negatively and positively in the world.
It’s time to master your sexual energy!


Much of our life is spent worrying about money. Do I have enough? I need to save more.
Can I pay the bills this month? Will I get a raise? Will my children have enough for their education?
The list goes on and on. There is such a strong collective worry, shame and fear around making money, spending money and loosing money. Most humans spend their entire lives inside the trauma, and pain inflicted by this paper and electronic currency. She is a beautiful Goddess, money, and the more she is celebrated and allowed to flow freely, money has a great way of moving towards the energy of greater love.

So, how do these four areas all line up together?
You may intuitively know the answer, but your life is not indicating a strong understanding of these subjects. If you are reading this far, you are probably struggling in one of these areas.
It’s ok. You are human and so is everyone else on the planet.
However, its possible to learn how to more effectively awaken to your soul’s purpose, apply your intuitive and natural power, harness the sexual capacity of your being and make a lot of money in this lifetime.
If you want to know more,
If you are inspired to deepen in your soul’s journey.

Sign up: www.purposepowersexandmoney.com
Email: thesoulnavigator@gmail.com to confirm your spot.

About Aaron Kleinerman:
Aaron Kleinerman is a Transformational Sex and Relationship Coach & Facilitator. He came from a childhood of complete chaos, dysfunction and at a young age completely lost faith in humanity. After attending the prestigious US Merchant Marine Academy, he found a great job, traveled the world and made tons of money, but realized he wanted more. His soul journey brought him close to death numerous times on both the high seas and his travels to remotes places across the globe.

Through these experiences he realized that life is not about personal achievements and egotistic desires, but rather about deep soul remembrance and fulfilling one’s dharma. He has learned from the great masters in the field of sexuality and transformation, including earning a master’s degree in spiritual psychology. Now he helps his clients remember who they truly are in order to awaken their inner erotic wisdom.

Aaron went from being a licensed captain navigating ships to a sexual behavior and movement specialist navigating souls. His workshops, retreats, sessions and speeches help humans integrate body movement, psychology, sexuality and spirituality. He speaks and shares honestly and transparently so that others can unlock the real reason for their human existence. Aaron is now fulfilling his own dharma and has dedicated his life to helping humanity wake up and remember their soul’s unique gift. www.AaronKleinerman.com

About Sydney:
Sydney Campos is a Visionary Mentor, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. Sydney guides visionary leaders to live in alignment with their soul purpose while embodying next-level power, pleasure and prosperity.

In addition to being a seasoned Business Strategy Advisor and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sydney is also a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Energy Healer, and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. Sydney shares her multifaceted inspiration through 1:1 visionary mentoring, self-mastery courses, transformational retreats, intuitive readings and her Visionary Souls Podcast.

An avid adventurer, Sydney is likely to be found in Bali, Venice Beach, San Francisco or anywhere in Mediterranean Europe. Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine.

Kevin Orosz is a (r)Evolutionary Coach, Freestyle MC, Transformational Facilitator, and Yoga Teacher. After forgoing a PhD in Psychology, he quit corporate America and backpacked through Thailand, India, and Nepal on a quest to understand Eastern & Western mysticism as it related to his personal myth. Kevin is a student of modern psychology and ancient philosophy, utilizing the yogic science of mind and a “weaponized” intuition with his clients to facilitate transformation. His thinking is largely informed by the archetypal understanding of human psyche, as well as the primordial pattern of The Hero’s Journey as it drives evolutionary engines in sexuality, tribe-building, & life purpose. Major areas of inquiry for him: How can we navigate the increasingly volatile separations in gender, race, & class using “ancient future” technologies such as meditation, breathwork, plant medicine, ritual, ceremony, and sacred sexuality?


June 20 @ 7:00 pm
June 23 @ 8:00 pm


Sydney Campos

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